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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Anil Kumar Bhargav

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Anil Kumar Bhargav

Drama Others

When Will I Buy Enfield?

When Will I Buy Enfield?

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It’s just another day where I was riding my bike in Ladakh with my brother from another mother and we came here to forget our past but he always say “ past is something which we can’t forget but have to carry it with us till the rest”. And yet we are trying to forget so we have been trying for this ride from ages and now it was possible. Wow, Ladakh is beautiful just feels like my dream come true.

(alarm) : beep beep beep beep beep :

Oh no, it’s still a dream. By the way hi I’m Ruhi. Ya ya I am a girl and I know what you are thinking how can a girl ride a bike, why shouldn’t we women ride a bike what’s wrong in it. By the way I’m a Mechanical Engineer, and I work as supervisor in Royal Enfield service centre. And my dream is to buy a bullet, just like the one my dad used to have, I fell in love with it since I was a kid. I always wanted to have my own enfield since then. And coming to the guy I said brother from another mother is my best friend and my idiot and our story is interesting let me tell you about it.

Those were my B.Tech days and we were at a campaign and I was wondering when the hell will I finish my graduation and when will I get a job and when will I buy my love (RE). And all of a sudden out of nowhere this idiot appeared in front of me, first time I looked at him I felt like I have seen someone of my family whom I haven't met in ages but he was a total stranger. The next day I was in a team for hiking and for a surprise even he was in my team. And we started our hike after a few hours we had a small break I sat on a rock and lifted my head up he was walking towards me and I was blank. He came to me and said can I have some water I drank mine all the way up, I gave my bottle with a smile and he drank and said “when people smile at each other it’s common but your smile towards me it’s different. Do I look that funny “, listening to that I didn’t know what to answer I’m usually such a girl who talks a lot but I couldn’t answer him on that day don’t know why? Then he laughed and said “ haha, don’t worry I’m just messing with you, by the way thank you. I’m Arjun and I’m not so good talking to girls as I’m a mechanical engineer”. I smiled and said “don’t worry even I’m a mechanical engineer”, listening to those words he had a million dollar smile and his eyes were as if they were glowing.

And I said “ my name is…” before I finish the sentence, he said “big brother”, don’t know why but I felt as if someone understood me at that moment. For the first time I thought that apart my own brother someone saw me as I wanted to be seen my whole life. That’s where our friendship journey began. We restarted our hike but now I had Arjun with me by my side and trust me I spoke were less with him and he was like a machine gun talked non stop, I was wondering how he didn’t get tired of talking but I still like his way of talking because first thing general we talk about ourselves but he talked mostly about his parents and most of them he talked about his mother, from his words I felt as if I know his mother too, he was describing about her so much that I never thought that a guy could describe about a mother and mother nature, I know that how guys can talk continuously about a girl but less about mother but he was different from the rest of the world. And we reached our destination and I didn’t even observe how much we walked because I was talking with him, I mean mostly he was talking with me. We had our tents and we were planning to head back the other day.

And we sat for supper and he was asked me every time I look at him why do I smile so much, I replied “ looking at you I felt as if I know you from many generations”, after saying that usually, everyone thinks you are mad but Arjun smiled and said I know that’s why I called you brother. And he suddenly held my hand and said see how common we are and showed his hand, we were wearing same model watches and I smiled. And the next day were went back while going we talked about our colleges and how rowdy I was, he said seems you are like a brother I ever wanted. Because in we mechanical engineers has a bonding which others don’t have, whenever there is a quarrel in the college I roll my shirt sleeves and carry a hockey stick with my friends and admit people in hospital. I always wanted to be like “ Kiran Bedi”, she is a true inspiration. And we reached back and the campaign was about to finish the other day and this was the only time I spent with him and he was the first person who became my bestie in such short time more that bestie I prefer to say, brother. It was morning and we were about to leave we never said bye or goodbye, I thought he would have at least gave me a hug but he said keep in touch and just left didn’t even turn around, but I was staring at him.

After sometime I left and when I was going back home I got a text “where are you, have you started the journey”. That’s him and we started texting and I said “ I thought you would at least see me once while you were going”, he said “ if I would have I would have hugged you and it may be like a brother relation for us but your still a girl and you know how the society starts thinking about girls, this society is good at thinking negative things more than taking things the good way, even if a brother and sister walks together this society starts creating meaningless relations even about them.” And even I agree with him.

So that’s how I got my idiot in life now coming back to present I wanted to buy the bike on my own so I have been working so hard even Arjun in working so hard for the same reason that he wants to buy RE his parents can get him just like mine but he also wants to buy it with his own earning he work for an automobile company in the R&D department. I just wanted to buy the bike but I had a breakup so badly that I was depressed and admitted in the hospital. He was someone who was with me from my childhood but betrayed me when it came to marriage so I couldn’t handle myself, but I’m not a fool to commit suicide because I know he doesn’t deserve it but I was depressed after recovering from depression I really needed a long drive , so I got busy in work after few months I got a call from Arjun saying that his girlfriend died in an accident, and I was in shock because he had only few months relation with her but he takes everything to heart just like me so I got scared and tried to calm him everyday he never cried for her but her death broke his heart so badly which I never expected, he is a stubborn guy but her death made him more angry and violent that one day I said him to plan a trip or else he would go out of his mind and even I was searching for a change so he said “Ladakh”, that’s why I had a dream and even he started working extra time. Love is such a thing that either make you or break you but there is family what about their love and he was normal after few days thanks to his parents. I know because when I was depressed my parents were there to support me.

One day Arjun came to meet me and I was shocked because we didn’t see each other in years but our bond was much more stronger, he came to me and said “bro, I think we will get Enfield “, I said but with our money, we can’t buy the model we want, he said who is saying about buying . I was shocked for a moment and asked him “if we are not going to buy what are we going to steal it? “. He laughed and said no bro I heard there is an open challenge where you will be assigned to the most difficult tasks and who ever wins third will get Royal Enfield. I asked what about the first two prizes he said “ trust me you will know when we go there”.

We went for the contest and there were many people attending that contest just to get RE that I never expected because I never thought that most of the girls want to ride bike but who ever came there was trying to win the bike and then I came to know about the rest of the two prizes and I pitted that they kept RE the third because the first was a world tour and the second was national tour, I thought if you have RE you can have the tour yourself isn’t it. So we both were planning to get RE so we making strategies on how to end up in the third place. So the contest began and the rules were in all the levels we need to end in the same position. So the first we somehow managed to end in third position and the second was difficult because we were ending in the first place but somehow we managed to end in the third place again but third was quiz and I’m a state level champion in it I was answering mostly all the questions so he was marking at what point we need to stop so that we will end in the third position and trust me he wanted to become a civil servant and by any chance if he becomes one he will be one of the best to solve many cases easily. So at one point I got involved in quiz so bad that I wasn’t even listening to him and he was trying to stop me because we may end in first place. But somehow at last he stopped me and we were hoping we end in third place and we were waiting for results eagerly and we ended in third place and I was happy that we finally got enfield and I was ready to go for Ladakh but Arjun just smiled but didn’t look pleased I asked him what happened he said “ bro, I know you must be happy but I want to say you something which may disappoint you”.

In that happy moment I didn’t thought he would say such thing, he said “ if you don’t accept the bike they will pay you money instead and he said he wants that money”. I was angry I started yelling at him are you mad this is what we have been trying to get from long time and now when we have the chance you are saying that you need money instead, why? Why ???

He just said me something that changed my mind he said “ bro have you heard about how many deaths all over the world happens due to lack of food and mineral deficiency “ , I said “ no “ , he said “ poverty, illiteracy weigh aside and deaths by hunger weigh aside and I have been working with world food program (WFP) for some time, so I thought of giving the money to that cause” but at the same time I don’t want to do it without your concern because I know you love this ride but we can earn and at some point we can ride but this money we just earned it with less effort, so what do you say. I asked if you would have won the first we would have more money then he said “ I’m happy that you agreed and those first two prizes can’t be exchanged for money so I planned that we ended in third”, and we donated that money for that food program because it may not fill the stomach of all the people around the world but at least it will fill a few stomachs.

And I was happy and we were back in our lives working and one day he asked me “I still don’t understand how did you agree that easily”, I replied, “ I belong to a farmers family and farmers know the hunger so they cultivate to feed everyone and if it comes to hunger we would give anything happily to feed everyone “. He said “ I now understood why you like Enfield the most because it says EN-FIELD enjoy the field, seems you have the Enfield in your blood”, and I smile and I was very happy but I got a thought in my mind “WHEN WILL I BUY ENFIELD?”.

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