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The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

The Dead, The Doctor And Ghost

3 mins 300 3 mins 300



(A Scientific, Horror, Thriller, Death, Rebirth, Ghosts, Aghoras and Entertaining Story)

Dismantling of dilapidated bungalow at Graveyard.

In due course of time, the old building owners wanted to dismantle their building which was adjacent to this graveyard, as they wanted to construct new building. On one fine day, they dismantled the old building. The building was razed to the ground. The ghosts and devils which stayed in this old building shifted their base to an unknown place. From then on wards, there were no ghosts and devils used to attempt the dead bodies alive, in spite of the Scientist and the Doctor making effort for the “alive dead bodies”.

Local people were happy to note about the disappearance of the ghosts and devils from this graveyard.

In due course of some years, due to the cities developmental activities, this graveyard was shifted to another far away place. Many new buildings were constructed in this old graveyard place. Many people have purchased the land in this graveyard and constructed their own houses in this graveyard. In view of this area became very costly and center to the heart of the city.

Finally, there seemed to be no ghosts or devils in any graveyard in the city, as observed by many people.



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