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Aanya Chand

Horror Action Thriller


Aanya Chand

Horror Action Thriller

Cindy's Midnight Strides

Cindy's Midnight Strides

3 mins

Cindy’s green eyes gazed at the swift movement of the fan. Her room was silent, yet the city’s chaos remained uproarious fighting against the windows, delivering piercing sounds to her ears. The floor mirrored the bright moon, absorbing Cindy in muse, unable to sleep, her serene eyes stared into space. Deafening blares of sirens, shrill screams from the upstairs neighbors watching a horror movie, the leaves rustling by the stiff breeze, and the resounding chimes of the clock added to the earsplitting yet mundane bustle lulling Cindy to sleep.

Awoken by the clock’s chime from her already broken sleep, she got up. Her parents, on the contrary, lay bewitched by deep slumber. Cindy relied on her hands to guide her to the kitchen as she strode along while her almond, heavy eyes which tussled to open.

Repenting the whole ordeal, she returned to her room and dropped on the bed, face down. Her left leg lay hanging from the warm comforter she hadn’t exactly managed to cover herself with. Exactly three minutes later, she woke up again and wandered aimlessly around the house like a pet cat who had forgotten her way home. The sleepless shenanigans went on an entire night as she remained wide awake, with her eyes glued to the walls, till dusk.

The next morning, while eating her breakfast, her eyes resisted the bright sun, and she yawned ceaselessly. Her mom, who had her gaze fixed on Cindy, pondered what was bothering her little girl, for her behavior was oddly discolored and bland. 

Every night, for three weeks, Cindy woke up every five minutes from her bed and ended up stupefied in the daytime. Her dad was privy to this too by now. Are both parents worried about what had happened; was she upset or was this a trailer of the popular teenager syndrome? 

The following night, Cindy woke up again and meandered as she did in the past few days. This time though, she opened the door of her room, stepped into the dreadfully hushed lobby, and made her way down the stairs. The night had a ghastly gloom shadowing it. Meanwhile, her parents were alarmed as they heard a clanging noise of the door which had hit against the wind hitting metal and they followed her, silently, in search of an answer.

Cindy turned around, slowly, her green eyes now glowing, an enchantment had taken over her and turned her red with anger. Her nails grew larger and her head now stuck into the sky. She cackled in a baleful manner and her eyes reflected calamity. Her parents wore dread and stared at what came of their beautiful girl. An unsettling melody played in their minds for what unfurled in front of their eyes only belonged in the movies. She rose into the stormy clouds and raised the evil spirits. Her maniacal laughter grew louder and louder, strident and clamorous, sonorous and deep..until a stentorian blare sounded its way, interrupted her vicious voice and silenced the others, a chime…

Cindy pressed her palms to her ears, 

shrunk in size, 

sunk into a dark black sea...

“Wake up! You’re gonna be late for school!! 

Wake up, wake up, switch off your alarm clock” Cindy’s mom called out, as she walked into her room. 

“Ahhhhh” Cindy screamed as she woke with her face red. 

Cindy looked at her mother and was jolted back to reality. She ran to the mirror and checked and screamed again, this time happily, she was as normal as a thirteen-year-old could be!

It was indeed all a dream 

A dream that made her scream 

With her eyes glowing and enchantment on the side 

Yawns and yawns and midnight stride 

But the alarm clock saved her from going evil this time 

Who knows though? What’ll happen by tonight’s bedtime?

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