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© Sharmistha Chatterjee

Children Stories Action

Small boy who is a cobbler is faced with many difficulties at the same time and how read more

6     118    5    5405

Home Alone

Children Stories Action

Four children manage to help catch a thief when they are home read more

2     367    6    10294

All Of Me
© Sejal Abhangrao

Children Stories Drama +1

The story of a woman who has multiple personality disorder triggered by a freaky read more

12     154    8    488

The Haunted Mines With TADS
© Gaurav Kansal

Children Stories Action

Once upon a time there lived 4 friends called Tanmay, Arav, Dhruv, and read more

4     344    31    3691

The New Hero
© The Undertale

Children Stories Action +1

Donatus gets drawn into a video game - he has to save the world from the read more

4     306    9    7460

Think, Act And React
© pallavi padalkar

Children Stories Drama +1

The people around appreciated me and the police thanked me for my presence of mind read more

1     216    47    8931

The Three Champions
© Jatin Navin Chheda

Children Stories Action +1

Once, there was a couple that gave birth to 3 children and named them Jason, Peter, read more

5     334    55    1901

Earth Warriors!
© Areehah Mitra

Children Stories Action +1

“Do you really think the story Lanny narrated is true?” she asked her read more

27     481    17    1210

A Dusty Book
© Nishita .

Children Stories Action +1

Nidhi, as usual, was in the school, when the bell rang and the science period read more

4     268    7    4235

Terror In The Hospital
© Parshva Dalal

Children Stories Action +1

I went to visit my uncle in City read more

1     305    42    11324

The Devengers

Children Stories Action +1

Our dream was to save the world from various problems like alien read more

2     24    1    5632

The Dragon Slayer
© Smyan Kaushal

Children Stories Action +1

This is a story about a boy, who wanted to slay a dragon, save his beloved Kingdom read more

3     352    6    1992

She was blindfolded and was taken to an old warehouse. She was sedated with read more

2     391    37    561

The Midnight Intrusion
© Brita Roy

Children Stories Action +1

The Darjeeling Express clanged into the platform and there was a mad read more

6     22    2    979

A boy was just landed on earth in the hidden spot of Kyoto with his pet dog Kibo read more

3     66    4    4260

The Unforgettable Incident

Children Stories Drama +1

Once there was a boy named Ravi and he was travelling by read more

2     180    8    1990

Once there was an archeologist. His grandpa went to a mysterious temple to find read more

3     262    42    4331

The Brave Girls
© sowmya patil

Children Stories Action +1

As soon as the ghost came he fell because of the ropes and some girls came with the read more

1     217    46    7536

Snatch Theft
© Diya sashini

Children Stories Drama +1

My neighbor aunt Jill went shopping at the read more

1     3    1    5630

War of Wizardry
© Ahaan Mittal

Children Stories Action +1

Once, in a faraway land called Anatrichiastikí Gi lived Circe and Felixa, two very read more

12     212    5    966

God Of Fear Vs. Hood Of Gotham
© Swayam Chauhan

Children Stories Action +1

The clown, a deranged villain, set a nuclear warhead in Metropolis and connected the read more

11     20    1    4275

Wonders of God
© manisha sanghavi

Children Stories Action +1

Once upon a time, a merchant was walking through a thick dense read more

1     343    34    7559

Sagacious Sleuths Save Aliza
© Harshith Nair

Children Stories Action +1

What had happened to Aliza? Where could the child have read more

5     150    43    550

A Lonely Girl
© Mahee mehta .

Children Stories Action +1

Ria got scared but she showed her read more

1     0    0    8890

The Jungle Adventure
© shwetha ak

Children Stories Comedy +1

I was running behind him as fast as I could. Oh, why, why, why did I get myself into read more

8     50    2    977

We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

11     29.6K    681    19

Her Alluring Eyes
© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy +1

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t read more

20     671    42    26

A Dark And Stormy Night...
© Aarohee Patel

Action Children Stories

Exams are over; the family goes to a music show at the mall to have fun. But then read more

6     1.5K    43    44

A different type of Super hero, one who is one because he wants to complete his read more

33     266    28    80

The Doors Of Doom
© Kanav Bhasin

Action Children +1

Suddenly Tom stumbled and fell. Then something happened and Tom went to read more

9     5.7K    82    172