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We can stop killing each other in the name of cast and religion. We can feed the read more

11     29.6K    682    20

Her Alluring Eyes
© Mangesh Shirke

Action Fantasy +1

The aliens knew the presence of some other power beside them, but they couldn’t read more

20     848    43    30

The sight in front of us took some time to sink in as we had never seen something read more

4     553    31    34

A Dark And Stormy Night...
© Aarohee Patel

Action Children Stories

Exams are over; the family goes to a music show at the mall to have fun. But then read more

6     1.5K    43    50

A different type of Super hero, one who is one because he wants to complete his read more

33     333    31    59

Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Man
© Manish Barua

Children Stories Drama +1

After all, it does not matter as long as they remain read more

16     156    4    105

I was slapped very hard, I could not understand what was going on with me as I was read more

11     432    32    113

The Unfinished Game
© Avishi Singh

Abstract Action +1

The best king this kingdom has ever had the pleasure of having. Make sure that you read more

5     1.6K    122    141

Let's set the clock back to 1942! It was the time when people had no dime. read more

3     119    1    194

The Doors Of Doom
© Kanav Bhasin

Action Children +1

Suddenly Tom stumbled and fell. Then something happened and Tom went to read more

9     5.7K    82    228

I stand up and square my shoulders. It doesn’t do for the Queen of Jardin to be read more

37     486    19    250

The chronicles of The read more

38     17.8K    218    271

A fast-paced story of a little boy trapped in the kingdom of walrus and how he read more

4     18.6K    208    272

She was blindfolded and was taken to an old warehouse. She was sedated with read more

2     417    38    285

Digital read more

5     345    28    289

A fascinating story of twin sisters with special powers who are separated, only to read more

42     17.5K    211    311

Her hands were bound behind her back and there was a red bandana tied around her read more

11     113    6    360

The Gods were furious at pitiful condition of earth. They were angry at never ending read more

27     2.2K    163    379

© Vyomesh .

Drama Action +1

Two murders in a single month. Both billionaires, heavily engaged in the black read more

4     537    53    397

They captured people who did good to others, beheaded them and turned them into read more

7     355    48    403

© Rajiv Soni

Action Inspirational +1

Seher makes India proud being the first woman read more

22     278    9    472

When they entered, they could not go inside the portal thing, it was jammed. The read more

4     62    0    495

The ball is on the lawns of the Princess Academy. One day is left for the ball as read more

7     28    0    497

Devil Eagle
© abhijit bhosale

Tragedy Action +1

He sat there remembering his first visit to the forest 15 years ago after listening read more

3     18    0    497

A story of a boy who bravely fights to save his community who live in the city of read more

17     13.3K    169    501

Kylie, an orphan girl looking for a new chance at life, ends up running a lot read more

7     82    4    558

The king gave a cue to his courtiers to accept him as their read more

7     1.5K    61    585

All Of Me
© Sejal Abhangrao

Children Stories Drama +1

The story of a woman who has multiple personality disorder triggered by a freaky read more

12     161    8    611

Slowly their debate and battle of wits became folklore and curious people gathered read more

4     23    1    626

Sagacious Sleuths Save Aliza
© Harshith Nair

Children Stories Action +1

What had happened to Aliza? Where could the child have read more

5     154    43    675