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Robin And His Adventures - 4

Robin And His Adventures - 4

4 mins

The Suspect :

While Robin got his memory back, Robert was in his ship.. They haven’t got up still.. A terrible voice woke Robert. He woke up everybody in the ship. He got up, startling and breathing for life. A worst nightmare; courtesy. Robert weirdly felt that he was getting back what he had given. Robert started running to save his life from ghosts. 

Robert likes disturbing and harming others, but when it comes to him; he does not care about anything. He only needs to be alive. He would sell thousands of carcasses in return of his life with an offer. He is a selfish person. Such a selfish person; do you think Robert is a person who thinks like that? Could he let go his opponent so easily. He a local criminal. He would go to any extent to save him and if needed, kill everyone. After all, who is he; the murderer and assassinator of his parents, the late king and queen; Rodrigues and Rosaline? Soon after all these thoughts clang him, he started screaming and ruthlessly threw all the things in the ship deck. 

All of Robert’s henchmen woke up with a shock and amazement and shouted: Boss” What are you doing? You are a sea pirate king and…..Robert started beating one of his own henchmen. Everyone were startled and looked surprised. Then came Durcole. He understood his master’s situation. He started to tell Robert’s henchmen why Robert was behaving like this. 

Everyone understood Robert’s situation and also pacified him and screamed “Whoever that monger is, we will find him wherever he is hiding in this earth inside this big world and kill him right front of your highness, majesty”. (Oops! Very sad. They did not know that Robert’s nightmare was a vampire.) This continued for several days and months. Robert got fed up. He got ill and sick. He got a severe headache and was at bedrest. The doctor had told him he must be at bedrest for 6 months. 

Robert’s best and loyal henchman, even more deeply his commander – in – chief; Durcole was true to his service, stayed loyally beside his master, Robert for the 6 months without eating or drinking anything. He forgot what is happening and only focused on curing his master. He forgot family, friends, brothers all people and even his vampire duties as a king of vampires in the remembrance of the illness of whom gave him that food, water, clothes and all the things he is having now and who made him proud as the current and great commander – in chief of Scotland kingdom; that is Robert, the current king of Scotland. 

 Meanwhile, Coleman was finding ways to arrest Robert as per justice and government. Coleman, as inspector arranged all police officers for this Swedish case. Coleman was working on many points and more evidences to arrest Robert. There were 100 police officers underneath Coleman wishing to go to an upper berth that straight meant they wanted places reserved to work on the Swedish case. 

Coleman started working on his computer on various points for arresting Robert. 

Meanwhile, Robin was debating upon himself on “if Robert killed our parents, what would have happened to my dear Caroline”. Robin was very depressed and devastated on what has happened in the scene over there when he was a teenager. Robin was a very little boy at that time. He loved Caroline, but he was a small boy according to his parents.

[5/30, 7:35 AM] Anand Appa: There were all the hints noted by inspector Coleman off all the doubts of Robin on this great Swedish case. These points were valuable to the great Swedish case as this investigation was special as it was a table turning a lot of good points to argue on in this great Swedish case. These points are a good resource as it had turned the criminal table towards Robert, as per Robin’s  perception. Robin thought that Robert had killed Caroline; as per his thinking in the points. Then, Coleman went back to his police station and then asked a few offices to guard Robin’s house to protect him from enemies; as it is always very dangerous to be alone in the house. A great case was building from these investigations and points. Inspector Coleman took this case very serious because of two main reasons; one- Rodrigues and Rosaline were involved in this case, two- This kind of cases are rare and very interesting to handle. He arranged all officers to this case and he did not allow any other cases in his bench, as he was fully concentrating on this case. So much was his interest and concentration towards the great Swedish case which was moving forward to find the correct criminal and hang him as per the Swedish law. 

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