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Naila Hina

Romance Action Fantasy


Naila Hina

Romance Action Fantasy

A Sword, A Sabre!

A Sword, A Sabre!

6 mins 249 6 mins 249

" A sword is a catch-all term for a long bladed weapon. A sabre is the European term for a long, curved, slashing sword. .... A scimitar is a specific kind of long, curved, Middle Eastern slashing sword.

Sabre, also spelled saber, heavy military sword with a long cutting edge and, often, a curved blade. ... Most commonly a cavalry weapon, the sabre was derived from a Hungarian cavalry sword introduced from the Orient in the 18th century; also a light fencing weapon developed in Italy in the 19th century for duelling."

Uncle Vincent was lecturing in front of Charu, while expertly flying the ancient blue sapphire sword in the air like an old show off.

" The basic difference is that the sword is a double edged blade while a saber is a single edged curved bladed weapon! saber or sabre was originally cavalry sword, with a curved blade and a cutting edge. It is meant for use on horseback and is quite heavy for a one handed sword." He continued.

"Power is in the intellect, not in the sword!"_ Said Prithvi Raj Chauhan. 

It's in the right use in the right direction with right skills and mastery, the grip, the right movements and great courage, fast reflexes and experience that makes a sword worthy of honor!!"

It was no doubt a sword, mentioned in the photograph and captured away from the museum, with a beautiful blue-hued complexion that reminds of a cluster of stars in the universe, a million stars creating an aura of milky ways, lights reaching out from millions of years ago, ages passed during the process of evolution. The sapphire clutched on it, inside the pyramid shaped triangle, had also an unearthly aura around it, it could be from another star or another world, and definitely from another time and age!!

Egyptology is often related to Mars! It's also a concept and theory that we are not earth-borns originally! That human species is a migrant from Mars. Pyramids are still a deep mystery as well as the hieroglyphs: 

Egyptian hieroglyphs (/ˈhaɪrəɡlɪfs/) were the formal writing system used in Ancient Egypt. Hieroglyphs combined logographic, syllabic and alphabetic elements, with a total of some 1,000 distinct characters. Cursive hieroglyphs were used for religious literature on papyrus and wood.

We are still unable to solve and decode ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, but there are proofs of some mysterious paths inside the pyramids schemes. Egypt was the biggest known empire of the world very modern in knowledge, engineering and technology, medicines, and poisons. Astrology as well as astronomy. The very shape of pyramids is the best proof of the level of their great knowledge and scientific developments in the history of the world. No doubt they ruled for centuries. Earned and unmined so much gold and precious stones some part of their treasures assumed to belong to stars or planets other than Earth! Silver was the most precious currency then and both money exchange and barter systems was common. During the discovery and recovery of ancient pyramids, we have seen the treasures perfectly preserved with the mummified Coffins of pharaohs and the dignitaries.

Charu could hear ancient Egyptian music in the surroundings, making the scene more mystical and magical.

River Nile is a very ancient river which had changed its course through out history alongside the mountains earth and living things around it. It carries a deep historical knowledge within itself. Was the dark lake she had found herself submerged in the River Nile? Had she been traveling n another dimension while still standing in front of uncle Vincent, who had called herself "Sheryl"!! Is she a ghost of Sheryl or uncle Vincent was a character from a horror movie!

Mount Verghese was just a duplicate of the original Egyptian mountains leading to ancient pyramids and their secret. The secret passages to other horizons and new worlds!! 

Were the personals and staff of hotel Verghese also ghosts. It may be that they have come to life from another time and even from another world to rule mere mortals, us!

Oh! What am I thinking, is it logical or have I got insane. No it's completely logical and believable, although it's an incredible experience no doubt. What would be Yuvhan doing right now, Charu's mind was wondering if she could somehow be teleported back to the safety of her home sipping coffee with his childhood friend Yuvhan! Away from all this nonsense, but she still feel interest in all this. Solving the mysteries of ancient Egypt and it's secrets. 

While looking at the mysterious sword Charu felt mesmerized by it's charm and like ocean currents, some memories came alive in front of her mind's eyes: 

It was midnight and the chariot was moving smoothly on the mountainous region alongside the river. Suddenly the horses stopped with shreiking sounds of the chariot wheels turning abruptly as well as the swordfight. 

Charu was in ancient Egyptian outfit along with the servants, her beauty was mind blowing. Black henna on her beautiful hands enhanced both her color and fragrance. The gold embroidered yoked frock was typically like an Egyptian painting or on the ancient hieroglyphs.

Dark shiny skin and muscles of the people fighting around showed uncanny power and swordsmanship.

The sword and the brocade had a long term relationship! Sometimes silk is more powerful than the sword! Beauty is more powerful than the crude force! Cleopatra was the best example of what beauty can do and so was Nefertiti!

Charu stepped out of the chariot and then there was instant silence. Her strong and powerful presence completely mesmerized the great warriors there. Dustin was standing in front of them in ancient dress and outlook.

He took small graceful steps and came closer to her. Then he came down on knees and bowed her head to pay homage to her. The monogram on his military uniform was very familiar to Charu. It was same as on their swords , all blue hued and with blue sapphire clutched inside the pyramid carved upon the swords. She tipped her head slightly and he stood again, tall, around seven feet with magnificent six packs and well built body shape. 

But to Charu's surprise, he had resemblance with uncle Vincent as well. Charu felt instant fire and warmth in her heart and body and soul. Was it Love! Were they meant to meet each other! Was it fate's work and plan that she's still feeling hotness at the mere memory of the gentleman!

The flashes of memories got cleared from ancient times.

The whole romantic episodes of her passionate love affair with Dustin aka uncle Vincent while she was neither Charu nor Sheryl. She was some ancient diva overpowering a million battalions and vast areas of Egyptian kingdom. The vast deserts and the oasis like moments of love in the vast world of hatred and selfishness, political and sociocultural conflicts and so on.

 Were the pyramids pathways to heavens and other heavenly bodies around the universe.

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