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Hemant Sangoi



Hemant Sangoi


Healing Touch

Healing Touch

5 mins 206 5 mins 206

"Welcome Mr. Das. I assumed you won't turn up aa it's raining so heavily" Prachi, secretary to adv. Sanyal, said as Jatin entered adv. Sanyal's office.

"I don't wish to postpone today's meeting any further. I want to end this once for all. Is Mr. Sanyal in his cabin?" Jatin asked in a doubtful tone.

"Sir has not come yet. He has asked you to wait. The roads near his residence are water logged, so it's a bit difficult for him but he will come. Would like to have some coffee?" Prachi did the formality.

"No, thanks. What about her lawyer~ What's his name?"

"Adv. Kotian" 

"Ah..Yes. is he coming over? Any message from him?"

"No sir. Not not today but he had confirmed yesterday....... Mrs. Das is here. Hello Madam" Prachi welcomed Sujata, Jatin's wife.

"Sorry, I am late" Sujata apologised.

"No problem madam. Only you and Mr. Das are here, both lawyers are yet to come. Have a seat. Would you like to have coffee or tea?" Prachi is good at hospitality.

"Sure. sugar just half teaspoon." Sujat replied with a smile

"Okay." and Prachi went to the next room where coffee machine was, leaving just Jatin and Sujata in the room.

Both were seated in adjacent chairs, pretending to ingore each other by looking in the opposite directions. Still both could not keep themselves from checking out each other from the corner of eye. The two had come face to face after 22 months. 

"He has lost his paunch,seems he has been working out regularly. How much did I have push him to go to gym but the lazy guy never went to gym for more then 4 consecutive days, always ready with stupid excuses for not going to gym" Sujata was thinking and not just now, for last 22 months all Sujata did was thinking about him. This month of separation were been traumatic for her.

There used to fights between the two frequently but still if Jatin had not raised his hand on her, she would never have left the home. All the time she was confused whether her decision to leave Jatin when he was going through depression was right or wrong.

She understood that what happened to Jatin at his office would have pushed anyone into depression. He was compelled to resign from the job with a false allegation of leaking the tender quotations to the rival firm. Jatin had been the victim of office politics and he couldn't think of any way to prove his innocence. This had come after 8 years of loyalty and dedication towards growth of the firm he was working for.

But was it right to vent all his frustration on her? Was she the cause of what happened at his office? She had taken up a job to meet the financial needs of the family. She never nagged Jatin to find another job. She knew Jatin required time for his wounds to heal and she was willing to give him time. She was there beside him, supporting him to come out of all this but Jatin had made it very difficult for her. He even suspected her of having an affair with her office colleague, who used to drop her home in his car sometimes. Jatin was not even willing to consult a psychiatrist. If he had not been so stubborn, they would not be here today at a lawyer's office, for getting divorced.

"Aaa choo..........!!!"

Sujata's flashback was disturbed by a loud sneeze of Jatin.

Sujata looked at Jatin. His eyes had become red and from expressions on Jatin's face, Sujata knew that he was having a severe headache. This happened everytime Jatin had got wet in rains.

"Madam, your coffee." Prachi said putting the cup of steaming hot coffee on the teapoy infront of Sujata.


Sujata was looking at Jatin who was trying to avoid eye contact with her.

"Jatin !! Have coffee" these were first words Sujata had said to Jatin after 22 months. Ever since Sujata had left home, Sujata's father had not allowed them to talk to each other or maintain any contact through phone calls or even messages. Sujata's father had worsen the situation.

"I have quit coffee" Jatin replied without looking at her.

"That's good but right now you need it. You are having that severe cold attack.

Your head must be aching badly. Only coffee can give you relief. You know that"

"No need for you to bother about my health. I can take care of myself" all that had accumulated in Jatin's heart was oozing out.

"Please don't be so rude. You have grudge against me bit why are you torturing yourself for that?"

No response from Jatin.

Sujata finally took hold of his shoulder turned him towards her firmly and with other hand raised the cup to his mouth.

"You will have to have coffee!!" Sujata said with a commanding voice.

Jatin succumbed to this, he took cup in his hand and started sipping coffee.

Sujata was looking for something in her purse and finally found it. A pain balm.

She dipped two fingers in balm and gently applied it on Jatin's forehead, who was still looking in opposite direction. 

This loving and caring touch did the magic. "She still carries this bottle of balm in her purse as she used to," thought Jatin.

 Only this particular balm could relieve Jatin of his headache.

Tears rolled from Jatin's eyes and from Sujata's eyes too.

Words could never have healed the wounds on both hearts but that 'Touch' did it.

Prachi, the witness of all this understood that her boss has lost a client. And she was so happy to know this..


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