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தீரா தீ



தீரா தீ




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The fire engulfed the building slowly emitted enough amount of smoke fogging her eyes.

The shattering noises of glasses echoed all over the void. She ran through the stairs stumbling over her own feet at the end.

She nervously looked back glancing at the fire spreading all over the place. She felt as it was the end,as the flame got higher the building blasted right infront of her eyes.

The bright light of sun shone on his closed eyelids, causing him to stir awake. His beautiful plumb lips stretched to a thin line while his sparkling eyes flutter open only to be met with a cute sight of his lover sleeping peacefully on his chest.

The one and only most perfect model for the world, and the entire moon to his world of a lover. He, Jin also known as Alazbian Will.

" Jagi-ah, Wake up~ " He sang into her ear with his deep raspy morning voice. The soul of his heart, kept stirring in her sleep snuggling further into him.

" A little more ~ " She sang back almost inaudibly. He chuckled at her sleepy voice and stroked her chocolate brown hair softly kissing her forehead.

Alazbian, 27 years old. Working as a model for Gucci and also works as an actor in the name of Jin. He's a well-known model worldwide. His hard work and his most perfect face held him still on the peak of the modelling industry. Though he's luxury and live an expensive life, He's in love with an ordinary girl who's an University student with a part time job at a café.

Alazbian has no parents except his one and only grand mother who's in abroad looking after her late son's desire of building a flower shop. He's well mannered and kind-hearted and love's his girlfriend as his everything.

Alazbian, laid still looking at her elegant beauty before slowly getting up from the bed trying not to disturb her beautiful sleep. Being the heavy plus light sleeper she's, she just rose her head a little and rolled over to the other side of the bed hugging a pillow.

Alazbian quickly wandered to the washroom, to do his morning routine. The sleeping beauty , on the bed kept rolling here and there for a solid minute before instantly waking up.

Her messy hair braid and still closed eyelids represent, that she had a very good sleep over night. 24 years old university student and a part time job worker. A sensitive hearted fluffly girl with a loving heart. She, Nephele.

When Nephele finally decided to open her eyes, Alazbian came out of the washroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He grabbed a small towel by the hanger and started to dry his hair.

" Aissh, I've told you many times to dressup inside the washroom and what for the sake is there a walker closet in our room by the way?? " Nephele squeaked closing her eyes again. Alazbian chuckled grabbing his sweatpants from one of the cupboards.

He dressed within a minute and continued to dry his hair.

" I thought, You were asleep. Whom told you to get up this soon when I just left to take a bath ?" He fought back coming near her.

" You're always stubborn. I'm ain't in a mood to argue with you today " Nephele grumpily scoffed folding her hands. Alazbian swiftly lifted her in his arms, causing her to squeal.

Nephele's hands automatically made it's way around Alazbian's neck grasping him tightly for a grip. Alazbian giggled seeing her shake.

" I think, I'm in a mood to argue, Jagi "

Nephele gave him a glare with her kitty eyes trying to intimate him. But alas, Alazbian found it adorable as always as he pinched her nose before lightly bopping it.

" You're cute as always, My love "

" Stop !! What's the cheesy things at the morning. Don't you want to go somewhere else today? " Nephele hit his chest hiding his pink tinted cheeks.

" Actually, I really have to go by now. But something's bothering me. Do I really wanna go babe? " Alazbian gave her a loving look with a pout. She smiled shaking her head.

" Just don't play your tricks on me. Ofcourse you've to go and I need to go to the café. So stop with your acting and go "

Alazbian pouted hearing her. But nevertheless he kept her on her feet before wrapping his hands around her waist.

" Okay , My love. What about a date tonight in the Hamu tower? " He cheekily called getting a giggle as a reply.

" Ofcourse, I'm in Mr Handsome. But before that, I've to go. Bye and have a safe journey out. Love you " Nephele swiftly pushed him to the door side softly running away to the washroom.

Alazbian laughed loudly running behind her. But before he could make it to the door, she shut it on his face.

" It's not fair. " Alazbian whined banging his fist on the door.

" Ofcourse, it is. Now get going. I've plenty of things to do after you leave. Bye see ya " Nephele trailed out before brushing her teeth.

" Okay fine. I'm leaving " She heard him groan from the other side of the door hearing some footsteps along with the sound of the door getting closed.

Nephele , bit her lower lip a little as she expected a goodbye kiss on her forehead or atleast a love you.

She slowly peaked her head out seeing their room empty. When she placed her foot on the floor, she was immediately lifted in thin air by his muscular arms.

This time, Nephele didn't squeal in horror but giggled. Alazbian kissed her forehead lovingly before leaving her on her feet.

" Bye my love. Love you too " He bid her goodbye with a smile and walked out of the room. Nephele smiled seeing his figure disappear from her sight.

To be continued

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