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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

தீரா தீ

Romance Crime Fantasy


தீரா தீ

Romance Crime Fantasy

Chapter - 3

Chapter - 3

6 mins 239 6 mins 239

Reena's POV

It's a normal Tuesday where I'm alone in my house. Natasha went to her college and Mr Dark to his office.

I'm happy that after a huge loss in my life, I gained a good family again. A cruel fire accident took away my mom and dad from me. I was all alone for the past ten months until I sniffed a scent in my college library.

Move back in time

Two months before

That was also a bad day for Reena. She now hates to come out of her house. But now she has no options other than her final exams. Usually, Reena will shut herself alone. She tried to overcome her loss. But her loneliness and stress just increased even more.

While she was trying to focus on the book her eyes were just tearing up. she even had no tears. Her heart cried out to help her, But no one came.

' There's no purpose of living. you're just useless. Better finish yourself rather than bearing this pain. ' she heard a voice from inside.

Reena wiped her tears and tilted her head. Her eyes landed on the library balcony which was wide open for fresh air.

Reena went directly to the balcony and let out a deep breath. The balcony was on the fifth floor of her college. So even if she jumped down, There's no chance for her to survive.

When Reena took a step over to the border of the balcony her nose sniffed a scent. Suddenly Reena was frozen and without her consciousness, her eyes glowed blue. Reena was an omega. The last type of wolf.

The scent was something that made her lose her consciousness. Reena was stunned and mesmerised.

' Follow the scent. Quick! ' she heard the same voice again, the same one which told her to end her life a minute before. It was her wolf.

Without any hesitation, Reena moved back to the library and ran out. She could surely tell that the scent which makes her clueless but warm and secure is from her mate who's born for her.

She went down to the ground floor and looked around to find her mate. The ground was filled with students, parents and guardians who came up for the new academic year's admission.

Suddenly her mate's scent was stronger than before. She could clearly say that her mate was behind her.

At the same time before turning back Reena was stunned by a raspy and shallow voice that said more like a whisper.

" Mate, "

That voice made her chill and her wolf jump. She quickly turned back and met with a pair of rare emerald eyes of a 5/9 feet taller young man.

Both of their eyes met each other's and that taller man made his step forward but suddenly stopped on his path.

His eyes turned back to normal brown and looked around his surroundings and he was nervous. Reena frowned a little on why her mate suddenly stopped on taking his steps towards her all of a sudden and then she saw a small pretty girl who called him from behind and explained to him something by seeing a paper form, without noticing that his eyes were on Reena.

" -need to sign here. Hey Dan, what's wrong? " She asked focusing on the guy who was still clueless. He couldn't answer. He seemed to be searching for help.

_Are they friends? or something else? Whatever I need to help my mate_ Reena thought to herself and went near them.

Seeing her near, the tall man got more nervous. She could clearly figure it out. But Reena didn't make anything that would trigger her mate to burst out.

" Hey, I'm Reena Peterson. May I help you with the form?? " she asked politely and the pretty girl looked at the tall man for permission and he nodded.

" Hi, I'm Natasha Dark. He is my brother Daniel Dark and thanks for your help. " With that said, she gave the form to Reena. Reena filled her form and gave it back to Natasha with a smile.

" Thanks again! "

" You're most welcome. "

" C'mon, Dan! We are getting late. See you later, Reena! " Natasha said, dragging her brother to the principal's office. Reena stood there with a smile when she noticed that her mate turned and took a glance at her while his sister dragged him out.

Reena now had a reason to live and a mate to love and be loved. That reason itself made her happy that she didn't even have a thought of wiping her happy tears.

After that, on the way home Reena found her new neighbours. To her surprise, her mate was before her house knocking at the locked door to get himself introduced to their new neighbours without knowing that it was his own mate.

There they met again. But Daniel looked like he was trying to control himself when his sister came in front.

Natasha greeted Reena and Reena was sure now that they both were her neighbours.

Thus she met her love of life who is still not firm enough to explain his true feelings. Whatever happens, no one can separate the chosen ones, right?

" Waiting for the precious moments with my mate. " Reena said to herself looking at the silver pendant which was gifted by Daniel.

Author's POV

Natasha was in her history class and the students were eyeing her like she was a new biological being of the world. Yeah, that's actually true. Natasha was not like them. She is a human where the others were werewolves.

Natasha's POV

Aish!! Why are these students always eyeing me like a new species? I'm done with them, god! How cruel is this college to me? I'm just bored. what If I was also a werewolf-like them and would they treat me like a human? I think I'm slowly drifting to my dream world. Oh, Natasha, No, you should focus on the book!

But I knew for sure. I'm not the only human in this whole college. But I'm also sure that the other humans are professors. I'm the one and only human student here. Because this is a college where werewolves and humans have been behaved and respected equally. If werewolves or humans got affected by any other, the suspected one will surely get punished whether he/she is a werewolf or a human. Rule is Rule. But most of the Human parents are usually afraid about this college, so the human students were always lacking here. I even noticed some normal human beings here. These students were seeing them as they were also in their pack. But why not me? Maybe, Students rather think of me like I'll harm them or suspect me as a threat? As I'm the only human here.

I sighed loudly and suddenly the whole class looked out hearing a loud thud. I too came back to my senses by the thud.

Our classroom's door was surrounded by some senior boys and I could surely tell that it was one of the ragging groups of Milton Greek. One of the finest and most powerful wolves of our college. No one would stand against him. As he was so powerful and also the one and only son of this territory's Alpha.

For that reason, Even the humans who are in great power would hesitate to stand in front of him.

I rolled my eyes and it automatically landed on the person who was on the floor. My whole class just watched that scene as it was just a normal one. But my eyes widened as I recognised a human other than myself here who was unknown to me.

And thus when everything changed in my happy, peaceful and innocent life.

To be continued

Word count: 1301

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