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Sweety Harry

Drama Romance


Sweety Harry

Drama Romance



5 mins 161 5 mins 161

Tom is a young teen boy. He loves travelling places and taking photography of the nature. His father " Dave Martin" is a lecturer at township university ( medical collage ) in England. His mother "Elsa" is a Marketing manager of a company. She hardly gets time to spend time with her husband and son. 

Days passed.....✍

Mr.Dave taught of starting a wholesale business with his wife and resigned from his university. Elsa resigned too and joined her husband for the business. They started supplying cotton bags and large wood pieces at market level rate to various international countries. They became rich with just this business. Tom was very happy and enjoying a luxurious life with his family. Life was going on peacefully. 

Years passed on......then....exactly after 5years......

Tom is now 24 years old and he completed his university and started to go for a job. 

Suddenly he get a feeling that , going for a job is not right for him and he went in search of his passion. At last...he got his way...that he loves going on a voyage and exploring new things. As he discussed further about it with his parents , his parents asked him to carry on and find his new life. He was filled with joy and happiness. He got a feeling that he was at the top of a mountain , he scream with happiness and gave a huge hug to his parents. 

4days later.....

Tom waved hands to his parents left England. The ship departed and he got his dairy with him to Express his travel experience in it. He was having a map with him , his father gave him when he was 4yrs old. It was his grandfather's map. He was bringing back the stories told by Mr.Dave about it and bringing back the old golden memories.  

People in the ship started talking with him and he too made new friends there. He even started his youtube channel on travel vlogs! And earned fans. 

He received a call from his mother , it was all about Tom's general well being. He was happy to hear his mom's voice after a day. 

During the lunch time , everyone on the cabin will have a meet up on the dinning hall and have dances and play games like basket ball , ludo and flying kites. It's actually a fun time for Tom. During his lunch time , he met a girl named Siyona and fell in love with her at the first sight. 

It was his first love. Siyona and Tom became very good friends and days passed on like that. Every lunch time they use to meet up and talk about their favourite food , movies and hobbies. 

Something stopped tom from expressing his love towards her. 

Siyona felt that Tom is not just her friend but something special. She too fell in love with Tom and doesn't know how to Express her lover towards him. She felt that something is stopping her from expressing it. 

Sunday afternoon was lunch time and this time tom is ready with his letter of love expressed in it and a bunch of Roses. He planned to Express his love today at 2:00pm in the dinning hall and planned to give her a ring. He is dressed up in such a manner that Siyona would love it. Siyona planned to express her love towards him at the same time. 

Both of them running in hurry towards the dinning hall to confess each other's love. 

Siyona planned giving a black ring with red diamond placed on top. 

Both of them ran with happiness and met exactly at the middle of the hall at 2:00pm. 

The clock struck 2 and Tom kneels down in front of Siyona....and she is wondered and clueless too... he expresses his love immediately and gave his gifts to her. At the same time Siyona expressed her love towards him and gave him her gifts. 

Tom hugged her and siyona started to cry out with happiness.  

.....Days passed and the ship reached its destination. Both of them landed on Maldives islands. They had a wonderful time together there. 

Tom said that , " why dont we inform this tom our parents and they would definitely feel happy ". 

Siyona kept quiet for a min and her eyes were watery. Tom asked her the reason for

Keeping quiet.  

Siyona said.....that she lost her parents 8years ago in Tsunami , in her hometown and now she is being alone with her sister 

Lisa in Finland. She even said that Lisa is doing her final hear university in Finaland and she came for a voyage to Maldives for exploring and spending her vacation here. 

Siyona is 22years old and she is a photographer. 

Days passed on.....

Tom decided to take Siyona to his hometown ( England) and Siyona accepted it. Tom said that she needs to meet up his parents. Lisa completed her final year university and started to work in England. 

Siyona was excited to see Tom's parents. 

Both of them went back to England after having their vacation in Maldives.  

Siyona met Ms.Elsa and Mr.Dave. Tom's parents were extremely happy to know that they love each other. Mr.Dave arranged their wedding in los Angeles. Lisa accompanied them there directly. The whole family were invited for their wedding. 

Siyona's teacher and friends were also invited. Everybody was so happy to see Tom and Siyona getting married. Lisa said that they are cute couples .....Both of them got married and lived happily ever after. 

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