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Kamesh Mahendrawada

Drama Romance Others


Kamesh Mahendrawada

Drama Romance Others

Everything For Him - Part 26

Everything For Him - Part 26

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Monday was the best and worst day of the week. Best' because it meant that after a weekend, it was finally going to start up again. Worst because I have a series of bulk meetings scheduled one after the other.

I sat through endless meetings - intern contracts, publicity revamps, beta research, et cetera, et cetera. I didn't bother taking a lunch break because two clients requested me at the last minute to help with their pitches.

When my last meeting was over, I was completely slammed. I tried drinking a few cups of coffee to perk myself up, but there was no effect whatsoever.

It wasn't until a little after seven in the evening things didn't settle. Finally, all the items on my list have been completed. I was feeling extremely hungry. 

Sandhya on the other hand was frequently making excuses and went to the washroom. Her face looked pale. 

This time I followed her to the washroom. 

'Sandhya, are you alright? You have been looking dull since evening?'

She couldn't speak as she was vomiting. After she threw up what little was left in her stomach, she leaned against the sink, weak and shaking. Her face radiated with a distinctive glow. 

No more speculation about it. She was going to have a baby. 

'Sandhya! Shall we go to a doctor?'

'I already informed my husband. He said he will pick me up.'

'I am sure. Good news is coming your way. A new member will be adding up to your family. This 2020 your family will become three.'

'We can't come to any conclusion now,' she spoke in a weak tone.

Her mobile started vibrating. Her husband arrived to pick her up. I followed Sandhya until she got into the car and then I returned to my desk.

Jayanth didn't come to the office today. I didn't get any call or message from him. Maybe he is spending time with his parents. 

Anyways, all my tasks have been finished. I submitted all the proposals and we are just awaiting confirmation. I packed my bag and reached home. 

No energy was left inside me. I simply changed my dress and fell asleep on my bed. I felt like calling Jayanth for a second but again I dropped the idea. 

I just consumed lemon juice. Thirty minutes later Sandhya called me.

'Sandhya how are you feeling now?'

'Ananya, your guess was correct. I am going to have a baby.'

'This is indeed a great piece of news! Congratulations!'

'You are the first one to be informed.'

'After a long time, I got to hear the good news.'

'I have decided to quit my job. I just want to spend my entire time with my family.'

'I suggest you better drop the resignation and take care of yourself and your baby.'

'Absolutely and tomorrow my parents are coming. But the problem is do I need to serve for three months notice period? You know very well about our HR.'

'Don't worry about it. I will discuss it with Jayanth. If he accepts then there is no need to bother about that HR.'

'Then I will talk to him tomorrow.'

'I am not sure whether he will be coming to the office tomorrow.'

It was well past midnight, but I couldn't sleep. After tossing for a while, I gave up and got out of bed to find something to eat and contemplate. My stomach was growling. 

I turned on the light and looked around for something to eat. A bunch of bananas lay on a shelf. I picked up one from the bunch and devoured it in a minute. 

I discarded the peel in the wastebasket and quietly slipped into the bedroom balcony to catch some fresh air. 

My eyes took a moment to adjust to the dark outside. I settled on the rectangular teakwood swing and swung it into motion. The chains were rusty and creaked a little, but its gentle rhythmic motion was soothing and reminded me of my growing years.

The street sounds were almost non-existent at this late hour. An occasional car passed by without honking, but mostly all I could hear was the muffled rumble of traffic from a highway about half a mile away. 

The fog was out there too: grey, stealthy, damp, and encircling the house like a serpent. This was blissfully peaceful. I closed my eyes and absorbed the stillness and savored the cool air settling over my skin. The temperature was almost chilly and a perfect moment to make a romantic episode. 

I then took out the mobile from my pocket. I opened my WhatsApp and happened to see the status posted by Jayanth - 'Sometimes I just want to disappear and see if anyone would miss me.'

'Why did he post like that? Is he feeling lonely?' I asked myself.

I immediately replied to that status with a message - 'Is everything okay?'

Even in yesterday's phone call, he sounded unhappy about his parents' visit.

My phone buzzed. A reply from him.

Jayanth: I posted it because I mean it.

Me: What happened?

Jayanth: Another fight with my parents today.

Me: About marriage?

Jayanth: Yes. The same old fight. I am fed up with my life.

Me: Don't talk like that. Everything will be fine.

What he is typing? He has been typing something for one minute.

Jayanth: Seriously I have to tell you one thing. Thank you so much for the concern. I have more than two hundred contacts on my mobile. Everyone has seen the status. But none of them replied.

Me: I can understand the pain of loneliness.

Jayanth: I am really so thankful to God for sending a bestie like you. 

Me: Are you coming to the office tomorrow?

Jayanth: Ya I will. I can at least have some peace there instead of here.

Me: And also any update from our clients. Are they happy with our proposal?

Jayanth: We will get to know soon.

Me: K. See you tomorrow. Go to sleep. Bye Jay.

Jayanth: Good night Ana :)

For a mind in turmoil and my identity shaken after divorce, the friendship with Jayanth brought the promise of a new dawn in my life.

To be continued...

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