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Kamesh Mahendrawada

Romance Classics Others


Kamesh Mahendrawada

Romance Classics Others

Everything For Him - Part 23

Everything For Him - Part 23

5 mins 171 5 mins 171

‘What happened and why are you getting so angry?’

‘Ananya. My parents did their Ph.D. from IIT. My brother and my sister are also from IIT. Naturally, my parents and relatives expected me to also join the same club. It’s no big deal if I made it because there would be nothing new. My entire childhood has been miserable. They joined me at an IIT training institute in Delhi when I was studying the sixth standard. I studied there until my twelfth standard. The timings were from 09:00 AM to 07:30 PM. My parents come to see me once every three months.'

‘Oh my God! Are you serious?’

‘I am damn serious! I can’t say how many times I felt the temptation to commit suicide,’ he said banging his fist tightly on the table. Everyone around stared at us.

‘Sir, please do control yourself. Everyone is staring at us,’ I said in a low whispering tone.

‘I am so sorry. I have been suppressing all these emotions for quite a long time. I don’t even have good friends to hang out with. I have sacrificed a lot of things for my parents. But one thing I want to do as per my wish and is my marriage. Now they want their daughter-in-law also to be from an IIT.’

I felt a thrust in my heart but still, I behaved as if it didn't make any sense to me. 

‘Your parents found a match for you?’

‘Yes! I already had a big harangue with them. I clearly told them that I am not going to marry and they are not happy with my decision. I wanted to marry the girl of my dreams. Someone who will understand me, who will support me. I am not going to compromise on the matters of my soulmate.’

‘Truly I agree with you. One should be very careful in finding a soulmate. Did you love anyone?’

‘No! So far no one. I didn’t enjoy my life as I wanted it to be. I wished to do a lot of crazy things like bunking college and what not!’

‘Well, if you want to enjoy your life you can still do it. Who is going to stop you?’

‘Where can I find a crazy partner?’

‘Shall I be your crazy partner?’ It came out of my mouth abruptly. I bit my tongue.

‘Will you be my crazy partner?’ He asked, leaning forward.

‘I am sorry-’

‘Come on! I desperately need someone to hang out with. The reason I shared all these things with you is that you are also a lonely person like me. A lonely person can understand the problems of another lonely person. You had already gone through a lot of struggles and I know pulling your life as a single woman is not an easy task. There will be a lot of challenges. You and I are on the same page. The only difference is despite having a family I feel a sense of loneliness. But emotionally women are stronger than men. So I am ready to do the crazy stuff that I missed. Shall we be friends from today?’ He extended his hand forward.

‘Yes, I am ready. But we have an age gap of ten years.’

‘So what? I am least bothered about it and moreover, friendship has no age limit. Please don’t think more.’

I extended my hand forward for a handshake.

‘From today we are friends!’ he said and I could see the happiness shining through his eyes. I still can’t believe how amazing this experience was.

‘Shall we do something crazy today?’ Jayanth asked.

‘What kind of crazy things can we do?’


‘Well, we can do one thing.’

‘What is that?’

‘Just let me drive the car. I will tell you.’

‘Sure Comrade!’ he said.

We then chit-chatted for another fifteen minutes and when I tried to pay the bill Jayanth stopped me and he paid the bill. Then we reached the parking lot and he handed over the car keys to me. The weather became cloudy and the lightning in the sky was intense. Perfect weather for a romantic date.

‘Where are we heading towards?’ Jayanth asked as I started the engine.

‘Just wait and see,’ I turned on the music and made a move. In thirty minutes we reached the Nehru outer ring road and it started drizzling.

‘Ananya why did you bring me here?’

‘Jayanth do what I say. Open the roof, look out, stretch your arms and close your eyes,’ I replied.

‘But why?’

‘Just do it and find the answer for yourself.’

‘Ok!’ he said and opened the roof and popped his head outside. He stretched his arms one to the left and another to the right. I couldn’t see whether he had closed his eyes or not as I was concentrating on driving.

‘Woohoo! This is really amazing Anaya!’ Jayanth shouted. It was a dark night and there weren’t many vehicles on the express road. The rain picked up its momentum and I had to turn on the wiper and the water drops started falling into the car through the roof.

‘Jayanth come down! It’s raining! You will get wet!’

‘No Ananya! I love it! Please don’t stop,’ He replied.

‘Your car will get spoiled.’

‘I am least bothered about. I am in love with myself at this moment. Please don’t stop it!’

For fifteen minutes he stood up in the position and the rain abated. He then got down and sat on his seat.

‘Ananya! It was an amazing experience. For a moment I felt as if I were flying in the air. The cold air, the splash of raindrops, and what not! I truly loved it. Thank you! Thank you so much for this wonderful memory. This will remain memorable in my life forever,’ Jayanth said as he wiped his face with a handkerchief.

‘You have become completely wet!’

‘Let it be! I really enjoyed it a lot.’

We got down the expressway and we once again entered the city.

‘Ananya! I want many more memories like these.’

‘This is just the beginning.’

‘I am really lucky to have met you. Promise me that you will give me many more crazy experiences like these!’

‘I promise!’ I said.

To be continued...

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