Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Moon Line Falls On His Hands

Moon Line Falls On His Hands

9 mins

Ajay Mohapatra at last could find some hope in his life as he discovered the ladder of success in front of him, that is the beautiful lady Akanksya pattnaik, Ajaya’s boss commissioner Abhaya pattnaik’ s wife and the main creator of his official carrier. This is called the technique and tricks people must learn in their lifes to achieve success, he possess those attributes like soberness, decency and feeling of frankness, frankness as if no self ego or self respect he has with him, no ego problems in his life, this is called as surrender to the elders completely with all his self respect, oher sense, he surrenders to his boss in his official career. Ajaya tried his best to please madam ‘Akankhsya’ how far, how best could he be able to serve. He was very attentive, punctual in attending Akankhsya’s needs and calls. He was at her service always.

Akankhsya memsahib likes party, gatherings so, she used to invite her friends official, non official to her house, guests are also from reputed jobs, established business men, from business lines. So she totally depended on Ajay for the supervision of the party, yes Ajay proved himself very efficient in arranging the party. He orders everything efficiently. So that Abhaya Pattnaik will be extremely happy with his work. Yes party becomes grand success with Ajaya’s supervision. If guests would get a chance to stay over there ,they would like to stay there at night, but some how they take leave saying goodnight, sweet dreams, sweet ,lovely dinner etc. Now it is Ajaya’s turn to speak his gratitude towards his madam, he bids ‘goodnight, good luck, good party, excellent arrangement madam, thanks a lot’. While returning home Ajaya feels embarrassing ,helpless and in secured inside as he had to ride his old motor bike where as, others were driving cars, maruti, santro, esteem, etc, but his eyes became red with foreign wine, or the wine he intoxicated through the glance, of his boss’s wife Akankhsya Pattnaik. That could not be traced out properly.

Akankshya asked the as usual question to Ajay ‘say, do you believe in infants feeding is it good or bad? Now a day’s mothers hesitate to feed their children due to shape consciousness. Do you think it is correct attitude of mothers?’ Yes, Ajay was excited listening such type of question. May be he was waiting for such question. He looked at Akanksya’s eyes. Concentrating for some time, he was intoxicated within her inquisitive eyes. He just merged with her sensual attraction, intoxication, forgot himself, his eyes stopped blinking, then he started giving his sexy comments. ‘Yes, yes,,,, I agree with your point fully, because women are now a days more concerned about their boobs and figure. No, never, they hate and hesitate for breast feeding’. Akanksya had worn a beautiful blue chiffon saree her fair belly was exposed, with deep cut blouse, her back, upper part of boobs were visible clearly. Ajay could not resist his sexual urge, he came near to Akanksya, said with heavy voice looking at her eyes, holding her palms, tightly, ‘ohh, please madam, tell me ,am I true or not? Did you like my comments or not?’

‘Ahh , leave me, please’! She could not blink. Just she stared at him anxiously ,deeply, as if she merged in his passion of love, solemn romantic feelings prevailed in the silence. Both were intoxicated in each other’s love, her dry lips was more dry. She was licking and little biting, hands were trembling in suspicion and some internal fear. She was not able to express her inconvenience but, both were alert of the consequence,then feeling weak and helpless inside as if they could not say many words. Sexual desire, remained inside searching the way to express themselves, their unsatisfied needs. Suddenly Ajay wanted to show his manly feelings by forcibly pulling Akankshya towards him, he hugged her tightly within his strong arms. Akankshya was feeling very weak sexually feeble, as if getting tired of this love game. She had lost control from her mind, just wanted to surrender herself to a strong manly masculine more energetic power. But she felt shy to speak anything taking initiative from her side, her eyes spoke her mind which, Ajay could read out. They were just intoxicated through their stare or glance, forgetting their entire present situation also, Ajay little bend towards her face to kiss her. She felt shy looked down.

Ajay could feel the restless breathing, long breaths of her beloved madam, boss wife is in his arms, as if moon is falling in his hand slowly, slowly he is catching his luck, Ajay could not resist any more, he kissed her lips passionately again and again, sucking each other’smental as well as physical pain, now they needed each other more. Akankhsya forgot her shyness, she clasped him tightly kissed his lips again and again passionately ,never ending desire burning within their stimulation, they were stimulated, tempted so seriously, deeply involved in their sexual love, then Ajay was searching something from her delicate but beautiful fair, slim body, they were so much stimulated and inspired that both were inviting for a physical relation climax of this secret love story slowly, unwillingly Akankshya escaped from Ajay’s embrace to resolve the situation as both could understand the present situation of that existing time. They had abundant faith in their minds for a never ending beautiful sexual relation which has been strongly deep rooted in their lifes. They fixed their date for another convenient time. Ajay begged immediate leave , he said, ‘madam I want to take leave now if any work is there for me ,do not hesitate ,just call me I will come for your service’

Now days Ajay remains busy with his office work as many new officers have joined getting promotion and natural transfer order. They all have joined recently in Bangalore city, big metro city of India , so it is natural, Ajay became very busy in satisfying the demands, desires of his senior officer’s wife’s. Ajay was liked by all, all needed his help always. So Akankhsya was feeling neglected due to the lack of attention of her desired man Ajay Mohapatra. It was out of her tolerance she was angry then, just set out for a search of her lover’s house. She got Ajay’s individual bunglow. She rang the bell again and again suddenly, one woman opened the entrance door, Akankhsya gave her introduction who is she. Yes, the lady was conscious of her husband’s boss’s wife’s presence, it is equal like her boss’s presence, and how can she forget so. She invited her inside saying, ‘please, please come madam, sorry for my misconduct, please forgive me I could not recognize you. But madam, he never stays at home; he used to stay in office for a long time, every day he comes home late. If I ask, he says, I used to visit senior officers house. I do not know whether true or false but you believe me he never returns home in time. You can see my condition, my health is not good.’

Yes her belly came out showing her pregnancy, a very remarkable sign. Akankhsya enquired about her pregnancy as it was really noticed by all, giving the alarm of due date as earlier as possible. ‘Is it your first pregnancy?’ ‘No madam, this is my third pregnancy, as before I was carrying the girl child so, I did abortion. This time, I detected the boy child in my womb through sonography, sex determination so, I decided to carry it.’ Akankhsya was feeling restless because she was totally unaware of Ajay’s wife’s pregnancy when ever, she asks about his wife, he just avoids saying some thing lies ‘no madam, she is staying with her parents, she is not staying with me. I am staying alone. I am feeling very lonely madam’, like this so many stories he says. Akankhsya felt uneasy she left the place immediately.

After returning from Ajay’s house she went straight to her bed room, she closed the door inside then started crying loudly like a small child as if her tears broke out the hard emotion of her heart, it was hard, chocked in her respiration got melted in sad hot warm feelings, she was extremely sad why? Was she searching for some one’s love, passionate soothing loving words, soft caresses why? Why was she feeling so depressed? She could not know the reason of her weeping so loudly. Slowly, slowly she cooled down, calmed down. She went inside the bath room washed her face, wiped in towel, then started decorating her face, index of her mind’s beauty. She applied face powder, light make up, stroke of light lips stick on her lips, rubbed her lips with soft lipstick then licked her dry lips lightly, slowly combed the open brown hairs in mild strokes, removed her old saree, wore a new one, a light color pink chiffon saree, showing her fair stomach open back, deep cut neck designing of pink blouse, front neck is also little open showing the upper portion of tight boobs.

Suddenly calling bell was ringing. What did she expect? She ran like a mad woman to see through door’s eye glasses, yes, yes, her doubt is true. Ajay has come with Amar Pattnaik. Her heart is beating fast, she cannot resist her self, feeling restless, and she took a long breath then opened the door. Amar Pattnaik laughed loudly said, ‘see Akankhsya I brought Ajay for your service as you wanted him to attend at your service so, hope you are happy. Now you are happy, go and arrange tea for all’. ‘Yes, yes I will make. Please come, please come inside’. Amar Pattnaik went to his bed room to change his dress seeing this chance, Ajay held tightly Akankhsya’s palms begged excuse, please madam, please, pardon please, I am sorry, please, please, I neglected you as my wife is not well. She is pregnant, carrying my sign of love. My duty is more for her now. please, please excuse me, if you do not excuse then my career will be spoilt at my boss’s hands. Punish me as you like.’

‘Yes, yes I will punish you. I will punish you badly. You Say first what you want as your drink, wine, whisky, or plain tea. What you want to listen, song of your choice say, said Akankhshya’. ‘No madam, what you like, you play in your choice, what you like that I like, your choice is my choice, the song we like together’. Akankhsya played the song, their favourite hindi song ‘jaie ap kahan jayenge e nazar lotke pir ayegi dur tak ap ke pichhe pichhe mere awaz chalijaegi’. She was singing that rhythm , suddenly looked so deeply at Ajay’s eyes again that intoxication feelings of forgetfulness, just forgetting every thing in the intoxication of his eyes, will merge in his love in the passion of his love, ecstasy to clasp his body, the urge to kiss, smell his body, his romantic feelings, she was feeling very weak inside but, slowly slowly she reconciled with her surrounding, demand of the present situation because she knows Ajay cannot avoid his love for a long time. He was captured by his lust, sexual desire by himself as the moon he wants to catch yes; it is the time the moon has fallen in his palm, in his palm’s clear strong dark visible moon line, as he is a competent, capable, efficient junior officer of his boss Amar Pattnaik.

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