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Drama Tragedy Action


Indira Mishra

Drama Tragedy Action



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Yes, crimes are outcomes or consequences of family social upbringings, if we evaluate some aspects like rapes or murder or robbery, those incidents are preplanned, some are done according to situations, the rapists either single-handed or gang rape they find situation helplessness of the victim while riding alone in the lonely area in the day time or night time girls have to follow so many precautions, they should make aware of other that they are not helpless, some psychological situations make the criminals more tempted or motivated to do crimes easily, even rapes or murders are done at family atmosphere if we evaluate crimes situations. The relatives sometimes commit heinous crimes, this type of cases happen in various categories of family life middle class or lower middle class educated or uneducated, main features are off course immoral, unethical mental attitude, the sense of morality is lacking in family background, next come poverty un cultured uneducated lifestyle. 

Robbery is not always associated with murder but rape is always associated with murder, gang rape also, where never stands ethic, moralism socio-cultural background, the criminals do not scare laws, they have taken for granted the laws, they are conscious of consequences, they overlook or ignore the consequences, conviction or realization of crimes come if the criminals distinguish crimes as crimes or no crimes, they take it as precautions of their lives, they kill the victims. They can realize if their sister or mother are raped, a sense of guilt or helplessness, attachment can change their minds, death punishment cannot change them. 

Death punishment can create fear in other minds who are planning to commit crimes like rape or murder, some are serial killers who are seriously psychopathic, they have no conviction of their crimes, they feel the police are criminals lawbreakers, they feel rich people government are more privileged, they have snatched all privileges.

The ways of survival from their hands, they become revolutionary rebellious to kill rich people, we must analyse the minds of criminals, their socio-cultural backgrounds too, If we analyze the minds of criminals or the nature or motive of their crimes, then we can think of the consequences of death punishment, hanging in the public or in jail secretly or life imprisonment. Realization, rehabilitation, repentance take a long time, it comes through long penance and practices, when we start caring for other lives, dacoit Ratnakar became a great sage Balmiki who wrote the great epic Ramayana, nothing is impossible. The demon dies, the divinity awakens. We need to wait with patience on an experimental basis only, while it is important to give protection or security to save other helpless lives who need protection in this society. So it can be possible if terror or fear is created in criminal minds who witness terrific consequences of rape or murder cases, they may not be motivated or tempted for crimes.

If they can visualise the outcomes. That is very important. We need remedy precaution protection more for helpless girls than realization rehabilitation at this critical time, Realization and consequences come later part unless we know their motives. Psychopathic minds behind the rape cases.

 Murder, killing is not the state of criminal minds only, yes factors are behind them like fear of police, laws, imprisonment jail. The criminals are not aware of consequences, they are experienced killers or non-experienced, they were provoked or motivated by other criminals, it varies in nature. Some take crimes for granted as they are linked with many influential people, they know the depth of laws or punishment. Some youngsters more than 60% are jobless or in search of jobs every month, they lack experience, incentive and money. They need thousand rupees daily for their survival. How can they get? They try to get money through various sources, ways of crimes in an easy way can tempt or motivate them to commit crimes. Anyway, the public, media and police should be very alert, very strong if they want to stop rapes, murder and crimes.

Who is responsible? Why this thing happened? We cannot accuse or blame to the in laws or husband who commited crimes, yes frequently we see the crimes committed by in laws. Sometimes they provoke or persuade the husband to do crimes like physical assault or verbal abuses which are against the helpless wives or working women who come out for work out of their natives being separated from their families. 

It is not the case of Barsha or Ratikant but, it is the case of many working women, who work 

or struggle hard to earn money. 

It is the crisis of work management, stress problems, ego problems, here it is clearly visible that Barsha was in tremendous stress for house works as she was carrying a responsible job along with the up bringing of her small kid, it is really appreciable that she had to take care of her daughter as well as job. 

There were arguments for the cleaning of utensils, off course a great matter of stress , how can 

she do if she was carrying a responsible job as one executive of a company at her hands along with a small kid who needs love, care, affection of her mother, it is obviously the duty of the in laws to clean utensils or cooking or house works, obviously it is their duty if they were staying with her. 

In such case of domestic violence how silently the parents observe as silent spectators,  go to the hell, if they educated their daughters to such an extent. Then obviously they should 

interfere in their personal matters , self independence in household works, they should strongly decide the household works, provision of cooking , house works, domestic help or the wife should not work in stressful job. 

These are clear cut decisions,  how could the parents neglect it, they would seriously impose it on the son in law. If the parents of the girl were silent so, the in laws as well as husband of barsha took it as a negative spirit, they took it for granted,  

they dominated or captured her strongly as physical property . It is wrong. 

They took advantage of her helplessness,  how could he beat her or abuse her badly, then he hit her on the wall which created brain hammraege or blockage,  blood cutting even if they could have taken her to hospital she would have survived,  deliberately they did not take her to avoid the police case or investigation,  it is clear, then cunningly they rang to barsha's mother that she committed 


She closed door not opened even if barsha's mother requested repeatedly to break the door,  really this is disgusting, barsha's parents are also responsible for her tragic end, they could have saved her life, if they would have interfered before because she must have been illtreated, abused physically also beforehand, their silence or non interference aggravated this case badly. 

Who suffered more now? Those 

who did crimes they can escape giving false evidences, they can escape easily, violence is more increased in society because  we tolerate the violence more. If we strongly oppose the violence it will not increase, it can be the wrong attitude of the criminal, bad temperament which encourages or motivates him to do crimes like inferiority complex if wife is in good job then financial conflict, then wrong habbits, wrong brought up like boys donot cook, wash utensils, wash clothes, sweeping, mopping, cleaning dusting, boys donot do. 

Boys are never scolded abused or ordered for works, ego complex or ego hurt , theses wrong habits provoke or motivate the boys to do crimes, this can be handled if parents of the girl's remain very possessive supportive and strong in supporting the girls physically and mentally both because they have brought up their daughters so strongly highly educated also.

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