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Aryan P Srivastava



Aryan P Srivastava


Th Old Watch: Sorry, Grandpa

Th Old Watch: Sorry, Grandpa

6 mins

Characters: John(Grandpa), Peter(Grandson), Mrs. Jenny(Grandma), Tom(Peter’s friend), Emma(Tom’s mother), Mrs. Alyn (Teacher) and the Shopkeeper


(John, Peter and Grandma are discovered)

Peter: Grandpa, you aren’t serious, are you?

John: Yes, my son, I am gonna follow my life’s traditions and values. I think you too must follow it!!

Peter: What nonsense are you talking? Today’s generation has changed, What am I going to do by wearing your old watch?

John: So, you want to wear a brand-new watch?

Peter: Of course, Edifice is my passion! I love it and will never change my mind.

Jenny: Peter, if your grandpa wants you to follow his culture, what is the problem?

Peter: You won’t understand Grandma! It is of no use to explain it to you now.


(Peter departs from the location)

Jenny: I never thought that Peter would talk to us like that!!

John: Don’t worry Jenny. One day, the Almighty, for sure, would make Peter understand the importance of my watch. My grandfather always used to wear this and never bought a new one. It’s a member of our family. I hope Peter understands this.

Jenny: How is he gonna buy a new watch? You aren’t buying for him, are you?

John :I don’t know how’s he gonna get? It would be pretty expensive. I would ask him whenever he gets it.


(Peter arrives at a watch shop; the reason known)

Peter: Excuse me, Could you show me a brand new watch of Edifice?

Shopkeeper: Alright, Sir. This is the latest model. Are you specific of any colour?

Peter: Yes, I want a black one.

Shopkeeper: Black is the perfect choice for you sir!, Here is a modern new- brand choice.


Peter: Wow!, What is the cost?

Shopkeeper: Sir, neither much nor less. The price is $100.

Peter: There you go.

Shopkeeper: Thank you, please visit us again.


(Peter is at school with his friends)

Peter: tom, look at my new brand watch, just $100.

Tom: wow!, dude you are very lucky to have the most famous watch.

Peter: that’s right, but what about you?

Tom: my mom is gonna buy me tomorrow. She has promised me and can’t break it.

Peter: Good, good.

Tom: yeah, but I don’t know why today some people insist on wearing even old watches. Those are boring, aren’t they?

Peter: yes, even my grandpa advises me to wear watches that he loves. What kind of a generation was that?

Tom: modern watches are fun, cool, dashing, capable of proving others jealous and showing off.

Peter: I completely agree with you.


(The teacher, Mrs. Allyn enters the class)

Mrs . Allyn: Class, today our topic of discussion is time, watches. Peter, get up and throw light on what you think about watches and importance of time?

Peter: ma’am, I think that watches are necessary for man in today’s life. It is impossible for men to live without them. Time is now the only currency. Besides that, they are fit for showing off and proving others jealous. Forgetting the old generation’s watches, we must hunt for today’s watches.

(she laughs and says)

what bad thoughts you have for watches, I am disappointed. Class, ensure that you don’t think like them.

Peter: ma’am, you can’t say like that, please don’t criticise us on the topic of watches.

(Mrs. Allyn leaves)

Tom: I am feeling bored with this ‘Edifice’. Come on, let’s buy a FITBIT!!, a watch with lot of characteristics.

Peter: Good idea, but it’s pretty expensive. I have an idea, only to sell this edifice and my grandfather’s ‘old watch’!

Tom: alright, I will ask my mother to buy for me- she would have to accept it.


(Peter, at his home, steals the old watch; his grandpa notices it)

John: Peter!, stop there, right now. What are you doing???

Peter: Grandpa, please excuse me, I am gonna sell your old watch to buy a Fitbit.

John: you can’t do that, I let you buy new watches against my wish, but I am not gonna allow you to sell it. He is my brother.

Peter: your brother? Ha, don’t get emotional.

Grandpa, say goodbye to your watch.

John: OK, you do whatever you want, you won’t be happy with this.

Peter: bye, I shall take your leave.


(Peter arrives at the watch shop to buy the ‘FITBIT’ with the old watch)

Peter: Uncle, would you give me a Fitbit in exchange for this Edifice and old watch??

Shopkeeper: Alright, here you go with a Fitbit!!

Peter: Thanks a lot. Goodbye.


(Tom’s mother Emma talks to Mrs. Allyn after he asks her to buy him a fitbit)

Emma: Hello, Am I talking to Mrs Allyn?

Mrs. Allyn: Yes, whom am I speaking to?

Emma: Ma’am, this is Emma, your student, Tom’s mother.

Mrs. Allyn: Oh, Good evening ma’am, how could I help you?

Emma: Ma’am, today after coming back from school, Tom asked me to buy him a Fitbit. I refused him not because it is expensive, but he has forgotten the value of money and the collection of old watches his father has.

Mrs. Allyn: You are right. Tom and Peter, both together, buy new watches. Anyway, what you want me to do?

Emma: I want you to explain Tom and peter, the reasons why I refused to buy him fitbit, and the values of money and old watches. I hope you could do that for me, because right now Tom is angry at me and not ready to listen to me.

Mrs: Allyn: Okay ma’am, I would explain this to them tomorrow in the class.

Emma: Thanks a lot ma’am. Hope you have a pleasant evening. Goodbye.

Mrs. Allyn: It’s Ok ma’am, Goodbye.


(Mrs. Allyn explains Tom and Peter about the old watches in the class)

Mrs. Allyn: Tom and Peter, please come here. (To the former) Yesterday, I received your mother’s call. Are you demanding a ‘Fitbit’?

Tom: Yes, ma’am.

Peter: I have already purchased one, ma’am!

Mrs. Allyn: Very disappointing. Anyway, I want to tell you both a story. I had a student named Tony. Though, he was slow in writing, he always secured the 1st rank in the class. During exams, he always used to wear an old- fashioned watch; he could manage his time properly and finish the paper. I agree with you both that people prefer new watches. But, still people today treat old watches as their family members, they have simplicity and stay happy in life. I just want to tell you both that please give importance to old watches as well. OK?

Boys: Thank you ma’am, we will remember this.


(Mrs Allyn leaves and both start talking to each other)

Peter: I feel that if a new watch is Lotus, an old watch is soil. The latter should be given more importance.

Tom: You are right, I should say sorry to my mother and return the new watch.

Peter: I should too apologise my grandpa and give back his precious old watch. He was right but I didn’t understand.

Tom: yes, you must go!!


(Peter, at the watch shop)

Peter: Uncle, I would like to return this Fitbit and Edifice. Please return my old watch.

Shopkeeper: Are you sure?

Peter: Yes, I am full sure.

(He takes the watches back and returns the old one.)

Shopkeeper: Here you go with your old watch.

(Peter rushes to home)

Peter: Grandpa?

John: Yes, peter?

Peter: Here you go with your old watch.

John: Excuse me??

(Peter gives the old watch to John)

Peter: Grandpa, I am sorry! I didn’t respect and understand your feelings. I used to love new watches, but now, I have realised the values and importance of old watches. I request you to forgive your grandson?

John: Of course, I knew that you would respect my feelings.

(Grandma enters the scene hearing everything)

Jenny: John, isn’t this a dream? Finally, the day, you wanted has arrived.

John: Yes, Jenny, I am very happy today.

Peter: Yes , Grandpa, even I am very happy today!!!

(John and Peter hug; Grandma starts crying and they live happily.)


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