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Amanpreet Singh



Amanpreet Singh


Who Can Be My Best Companion?

Who Can Be My Best Companion?

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I was a very unique person. For a stranger, I was a strange stranger. For myself, I was a man from another planet. Why? Because what I thought, what I felt was entirely different from others. I had many things to say, I had many things to ask, I had many things to find out. I wanted to live an uncertain life, unlike normal persons. Sometimes, I had thought explosions within my brain. At that moment, I was always in need of a companion with whom I could exchange some words. But who could be he? I also didn’t know at that time.

I had lost my dad at a very young age and I lived with my mom alone. As a son of my mom, I thought she could be the person with whom I could share everything under the sky. But I was wrong. Once thoughts bomb exploded in my brain and to vent out my surplus emotions, I started conversing with my mom.

“Mom, I have a good job, but I don’t want to continue with this for the whole of my life. I want to see something more in my life. I don’t want to follow the same monotonous routine every day. I am feeling like hell over here. Like I am lying in a graveyard. I want to do some other jobs. I want to see some other states or cities or countries. What I am to do with this silly nine to five job and sleep at home? Will this be only my life? The answer is definitely NO!”

“Aman, you are a big fool. You know why? Because the job you are in is the best job that one can ever get. Here in this job, you get a lot of time for relaxing yourself. And the income is also not less in this job. You are being paid a sufficient amount for the little bit of work you do in your office. You know what, people are dying for this job. All are toiling day and night for this job. And you fool, you are thinking of doing some other things. It is clear cut better for you to stay here and continue your job.”

“Mom, at least you could have listened to me.”

“I have listened to you very carefully Aman. If you go out of this job, you are going to repent over your foolish action for the rest of your life.”

“Mom, it is enough, I don’t want to talk to you. Please leave me alone.”

“Wow! You deserve clapping. The mother who gave you birth, now you want her to leave you alone. See your behaviour! It is me who is taking care of you. Otherwise, nobody cares for you.”

“Mom, I have had enough with you. I am done. Please stop speaking for some moments.”

My mom still continued muttering. I understood now, no power on the earth could stop her muttering. So I decided to leave the place for a few hours. I realized in no time, my mom was not the best companion for me to talk with. It was not so, that I didn’t love my mom. It was like, what I had special about me, my mom could not understand.

After a few days, I again had the thought explosion. I felt like going to someone. But this time, who could be my best companion. Except for my mom who could be? The thought of my best friend flashed before me. Immediately I took my bike and rode to my best friend’s house.

“Hi, Raman how are you?”

“Hey Aman, welcome. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, buddy, just felt like talking with you.”

“Great. So I think we should proceed.”

“Friend, I am fed up from my job. When I got this job, I thought I had achieved heaven. This job is great from every aspect except for job satisfaction. I don’t want to spend my whole being here doing nothing except the job.”

“Hmm, actually Aman, now you are in your weak moments or you can say you are in your weak phase. Just wait, the weak phase will go off soon, then again you will be happy with your job.”

“It’s not like that Raman. It is not a weak phase. I don’t feel bad, I know being here is bad for me.”

“I advise you to stick to your job. It is not that this sort of feeling only you have. I and my other friends sometimes have this feeling too.”

“Then what do you do?”

“Then we have a booze party for the whole night and the next morning everything comes to its place. We have refreshed again and we are happy again.”

“How frequently do you have your booze parties?”

“Weekly once or twice.”

“It means you make yourself unconscious at least once a week. In other words, you can’t even tolerate a week of your life. Very honestly, my life is much better than you. At least, I don’t make myself unconscious and face my life in the actuality.”

“You are wrong Aman. Once you join us and I assure you, you will not regret after that.”

“No, thanks.”

“Mind you, never follow your thoughts, you will definitely go to hell.”

“Thanks for the suggestion.” Having said, I left.

I had realized now even my best friend was not my best companion to converse with. At least, he could have listened to me. But now what? Who could be my best companion?

Again a day with thought explosion engulfed me. I had already been through my two experiences with my mom and my best friend. This time I was definitely going to do some other experiment. I chose my girlfriend to talk with. I gave a call to her and asked her to meet on a beach and hung up.

We both were sitting near a beach. A soft breeze was caressing our innocent faces. The scene of the rising sun had made my day.

I said to her in a very low voice with full emotions bursting out from my heart, “Rupali, I am an adventurous guy. I want to see and feel my life to the fullest. I don’t want to die with tears in my eyes that I felt nothing of this beautiful world. For that, I need to shun my present job and get out of all these monotonous stuff.”

Rupali got shocked and stunned. She spoke in desperation and somewhat rudeness, “I think you forgot, we both are going to get married soon. Do you think at such a moment, even a thought of leaving the job is worthy enough to think?”

“But Rupali, you are also earning. If in the event I fail to earn, we can easily manage with your salary.”

“But we can’t live a good life with my salary alone!”

“We can live a good life. Ohh, sorry, we can’t live a good life. Now I understood. You mean we can’t go to five stars resorts, we can’t buy expensive cars. A good life means all this to you, right?”

“Yeah, what is wrong in it? Every person of this planet wants all such facilities. There is nothing wrong with it.”

“Yeah, you are absolutely correct, there is nothing wrong in it. But now I understood I am definitely in the wrong for the whole of the world. I thought it is only the peace and happiness that a girl or a boy wants. But I was wrong. So, nice to talk to you. Bye.”

“Are you insane or what?”

“At least, you could have listened to me leaving your selfish interests behind.” I left without listening further, what she was trying to say.

I went to my home and sat on my terrace. The night had fallen. The moon was shining over my head. Its whitish light luring me to find a companion with whom I could share my heart. I wanted to talk to someone. My never-ending thirst had not ended yet. My eyes needed someone whose image they could absorb. There was no one with me. I was all alone. Suddenly out of nowhere, my lips smiled.

I ran down the stairs to pick a mirror. I again sat under the moonlight with a mirror in my hand. I could see a very pleasant face in the mirror. The face was looking so familiar and very close to my heart. Thank God, I was blessed with the moonlight, it was as if the moon was caressing my head and saying me, “He is the only best companion for you to talk with.”

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