The Beauty With Brains

The Beauty With Brains

9 mins

Revathi Sharma returned to India after completing a special project for her company in The USA. She was working as a general manager in Vibha International, an IT company in Bengaluru. The company's profits doubled up within two years of her employment. Her hard work, dedication and expertise in clinching important business deals were primarily responsible for the success of the company.

She was 26 years old and had done software engineering with MBA in international business. She was consulted on all the key decisions related to the business management. Though Revathi was very friendly with everyone, her male colleagues preferred to keep a safe distance from her as she was their boss and a close confidante of The Owner and Chairman of the company, Mr Vikas Kapoor. 

The company was running pretty well until the arrival of Lokesh Kumar, the son in law of the company owner. Mr Vikas Kapoor convened a meeting of all the employees. He addressed them and said," Hello, folks! I have a great news for you. Since I am nearing 60, I have decided to hand over the reins of my company to my son in law, Lokesh Kumar. I hope you will co-operate with him and help him in running the business."

There was a thunderous applause from the employees. They resumed their duties after the meeting and introduction to their new chief.

The company ran smoothly for the first six months earning substantial profits. Revathi continued doing a great job as an able administrator and brought more clients. Gradually, discrepancies started creeping up in the business. Revathi started receiving complaints from the clients stating that they were being charged heavily. She also noticed that the quality of the stationery was deteriorating. Moreover, she observed that there was a steady decline in the number of female employees for the past few months. She was worried about them. She decided to discuss these issues with the new chairman. She knocked on his cabin door and waited for his response. 

"Come in," Lokesh said in a nasal tone. She entered the cabin and greeted him warmly. She said, “Good morning, Sir. I hope I have not disturbed you.” “Don’t worry. I am always ready to help my staff. What can I do for you?" he asked her while fiddling with the paperweight on the table. She apprised him of the current situation. He merely nodded and assured her about taking corrective measures. 

The profitability of the company dipped further in the next couple of months. Revathi lost her patience. She called up her former boss and updated him on the financial status of the company. Mr. Vikas replied, " I know all about it, my dear. But I am helpless because he has kept my daughter under heavy sedation. He has threatened me that he would kill her if I didn't obey his orders. He pressurized me to give up my chairmanship in his favour. What can I do?"

She sympathized with him. She said, “ Don't worry, Sir. We will find out a way to tackle him. Why don't you come over to my house for lunch?” He accepted her invitation and disconnected the phone. Revathi went back to work, thinking about her plan of action. She wanted to get Lokesh's signature on an important document. She went near his cabin and overheard the heated conversation. There were two men in his cabin. One of the men spoke in a harsh voice, " I won't settle for anything less than a partnership in your company and fifty percent share in your profit."

Lokesh retorted, " I have already paid you well in advance. I am not going to pay anything further. As far as the partnership is concerned, I am not going to take rogues as partners." 

" Very well," said the guy who had demanded partnership, "I am going to call the old man and tell him that his daughter is now being held as a prisoner in the company guest house in Lal Bagh." " I was just joking," said Lokesh with a slight tremor in his voice. He added," Just give me two days. I will think over it and let you know." Another guy spoke up for the first time. He said," Don't you dare to double-cross us. We have evidence of your dirty deeds. We will be willingly handing them to the police." 

Since the cabin door was slightly ajar, she heard everything. Revathi ran away to her cabin. She gasped for breath. After regaining her composure, she contacted Mr. Vikas and told him about the turn of events. She got the address of the company's guest house. 

Then she called up her cousin Uday, who was a Police Inspector. She told him everything and requested him to rescue Nivedita, the daughter of her former employer from the guest house.She gave him the address. He promised to send his men immediately and personally supervise the rescue operation.

A couple of hours later, Revathi received a call from Uday. He said, " I have a good news for you. We have captured the goons who were guarding Nivedita and safely brought her out of the confinement. We are on the way to The JK Hospital near Bannerghatta road. You can bring her father along to visit her." 

Revathi was very happy. She conveyed this good news to her former boss, who had tears of joy in his eyes. She decided to leave early for the day citing her splitting headache as the reason. As she was about to approach Lokesh, she saw his personal secretary Sheela leaving the cabin with eyes sore from crying. Revathi asked her, " What happened Sheela? Why are you so upset?" Sheela made sure that her boss was not around before she could answer Revathi's question. She took her aside and said, " Our new chairman has asked me to come over to his house for a discussion on some confidential matter." Revathi was surprised because she was the general manager and had no knowledge of such an issue. She told Sheela," Look, there is no need to be upset. Maybe he really trusts you enough to discuss the confidential matter." " You don't understand," Sheela argued, " I am not the only person who was asked to meet him in his house. Gita, Maya, Priya, Vaishali and Madhu were also called summoned by him. In fact, they never returned home from the meeting. It has been three months since they were last seen. Their mobiles are not traceable. I am afraid that something might have happened to them. He has called me to visit him tonight. I don't know what to do." Revathi consoled her and said," You call him after going home and say that you won't be able to come tonight, as unexpected guests have turned up. Fix a date with him for tomorrow. Meanwhile, I will be planning how to rescue you from the clutches of that rascal and find out about the disappearance of our colleagues."

Revathi left for her home immediately. She made few quick calls to Mr.Vikas and Uday. They decided to meet a cafe to devise a plan. 

Revathi was the first one to reach the cafe. Vikas and Uday joined her shortly. They ordered coffees and started discussing their next move. It was decided that Revathi would follow Sheela in her car, accompanied by Uday and few constables. Sheela would keep him engaged in conversation, while Revathi would be recording the video through her smartphone. The rest of the plan was formulated. Revathi called Sheela and told her about the plan. She asked her to take any file at random for getting a signature so that Lokesh would not suspect her intention. 

The next day, Lokesh came late to the office. He was furious because of his wife who was missing from his captivity. He was also shocked to find that his guards too had vanished. Revathi was pleased to see him vexed.She kept her fingers crossed for his impending capture.

As per the plan, Sheela left for Lokesh's house, on the day finalized for their personal rendezvous. Revathi followed her in her car with Uday and his men. When they reached the destination, Revathi and others went around the house to take their respective position. Sheela rang the doorbell. Lokesh opened the door and ushered her in. Revathi hid behind the bushes and positioned her smartphone facing Sheela and Lokesh through the open window in the living room.She switched on her video recorder. " Welcome to my humble home," She heard him say. Sheela appeared to be nervous. She said," Good evening, Sir. Your house is very beautiful. How is your wife, Sir? I heard she was ill. Is she at home?"

Lokesh snapped at her saying, " I think you are asking too many questions that are none of your concern. Without wasting any further time, let us get down to our business straightaway." " You are right, sir. I am sorry if I offended you. Please take a look at this file." Sheela said. 

He let out a huge guffaw and said, "Are you insane? I have not called you to discuss the official matters or my personal problems. Come to me, my darling. I want to make you happy." He walked towards her with open arms. Sheela stumbled backwards, dropping the file that she was carrying. He reached for her waist and started kissing her. " Stop it. I don't like it. Please spare me." She pushed him away. He was enraged. He slapped her and said," I won't take no for an answer. Do you know what happens to the girls who defy me? I make them submit to my wishes and then relieve them of their pain and humiliation by sending them to heaven directly. Your friends were foolish to disobey me. Hence, they met their untimely demise. Your death will be less painful if you cooperate with me." Sheela was scared of this monster.

 Revathi had successfully recorded his confession. " So, this brute had raped and murdered five of our employees," she thought and sprang into action, signalling the cops to break open the door. Just as Lokesh had removed his shirt and about to approach Sheela, Uday and his men kicked the door open and pointed their guns at him. Uday thundered," You are under arrest." Lokesh replied," For what? I haven't done anything wrong. This is my girlfriend. We were just getting romantic.Why don't you tell them, Sheela?" Just then Revathi entered the room and played the video recording. Lokesh was taken aback. He was numb with fear. Uday handcuffed him and said," I hope you understand that crime never pays and the criminals don't enjoy their freedom." He was sent to police custody. Sheela looked relieved and thanked Revathi for saving her life.

Lokesh admitted to his criminal activities during the interrogation and described how he had murdered five of his employees after raping them. He gave the exact location where he had buried them. He also named his accomplices. The police nabbed them in a couple of days.

Nivedita recovered completely and joined the company as the new chairperson. She appreciated Revathi for her quick thinking which made the arrest of a deadly criminal possible. She made her one of the boards of directors with a hefty pay raise as a reward. Mr Vikas was grateful to her. He gave her a gold chain as a token of appreciation. Revathi made her parents 

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