And Then, Sometimes Its Good!

And Then, Sometimes Its Good!

6 mins


It's a 7 alphabet word, but the impact it has on others lives can be as good or may be the same bad! 

Naina, a 22 year old college going who had a very bad habit of revealing the right things at the wrong time! "Iske pet me kabhi kuch pachega!" was a line used by all her three brothers whenever she used to tell all the secrets to her dad. Yes, although her family consisted of 6 members including her but she was closest to her dad. She couldn't hide anything from him. This was a good, but sometimes a bad thing for the family too! Whenever they used to plan for something extraordinary, Naina was the first one to reveal it. And then, surprise went in vain! 

But as it is said, some habits shouldn't be changed and so did happen with Naina.

It was Mr. Desai's 56th birthday and apparently Naina's eldest brother's engagement too. Their family's happiness knew no bounds as it was a double occasion! 

All the arrangement for both the occasions were made. Everything was checked twice by Naina for it was her dad's birthday! (Yes, it was her brother's engagement too, but this wasn't that important for her as her love for her dad was the most) 

Just before the party began, Mr.Desai felt something strange in his body and left for the hospital. Since he couldn't find anyone around, he informed Naina about him visiting the doctor. Although he knew he had risked this as concealing a fact for Naina was as difficult as asking a kid not to cry when he sees a tiger in front of him! Seems impossible know? It looked the same for her dad but Mr. Desai had to tell else family would be worried. 

"I'll be back before 8 Naina, if anyone asks, tell them I've gone to plan a surprise for your brother and his bride, okay?"

"Sure Dad. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone!", Naina said and hugged her dad as he left. 

It was now 8 and apparently till now, no one had even wondered about where the birthday boy was! Some were busy in rehearsing for their dance performance, some in dressing up, some in attending the guest and some with the bride and the groom. 

It was 8:15 now when Mrs. Desai asked, 

"Have you seen your dad, Naina?"

"Yes Mom, he has gone to plan a surprise for Bhaiya and Bhabhi", she said and left quickly. 

Mrs. Desai called up her husband and he asked her to carry on with the function as he'll be late. He was busy with some really important stuff. 

"Don't worry, I'll be back soon. You ask them to exchange rings and continue with the function. I promise to be back by 12." Mr. Desai said and hung up the phone. 

Their conversation was overheard by Naina, which made her confused that how can a regular checkup take so much of time! 

She then called her dad to confirm who told her the truth. 

''Look beta, You know nothing for me is more important than you all. And today is your brother's engagement. I cannot spoil his special day by telling all of you that I've been diagnosed with a clot in brain and surgery needs to take place within a day or two, else I may die. I know this is something which the Family should know first but hadn't been it such an important day for Nihaal, I'd have disclosed the fact today! But please Nainu (as her father used to call her when upset), don't tell anyone please, I know it's very hard for you to hide but you have to do this for your brother for your father for your family. I love you beta." , Mr. Desai said and disconnected the call. 

Since Mrs. Desai had a misconception that her husband is planning a surprise, she made sure the function goes on smoothly. It was 9:30 now. All the dances and snacks were done. Nihaal and Nidhi, Naina's brother and sister in law, were about to exchange rings when Naina jumped in and said, "Bhaiya stop. Don't do this." Everyone was shocked as why Naina was saying so! She then went up to stage and revealed about her conversation with her dad to her family! For a few minutes, everyone was in shock! They couldn't believe what Naina said! For not once or twice, but her mom made her repeat the statement thrice just to be sure that Naina wasn't kidding! 

"Mom, Bhaiya, Bhabhi we all need to rush to the hospital right now. I can't leave dad alone. Although he told me not to tell but I couldn't stop myself. Please let's go!" 

"Yes, we all will go. Even I'll accompany you all to be with dad!" , Nidhi said as she and her would be husband shared a cute smile and left. 

All of them then left for hospital with Naina and her youngest brother in a separate car and her mom, Nihaal, Nidhi and 2nd brother in other. 

The second car reached hospital soon. They enquired about Mr. Desai and realised that he was already into operation theatre as his condition had worsened. Family was into grief. An hour later, Naina and Nishant (her 2nd brother) reached.

"How's dad?", was Naina's first question. 

"He's inside, he's being operated.", Nidhi replied. 

 A few minutes later, doctors came and said, 

"Anyone of you with AB+ BLOOD GROUP? We need it right now."

"Yes, you can take, I'm AB+", Nihaal replied.

Soon doctors took his blood, went back to operation theatre. 

It was 11:45 now. 

Everyone was worried as to what was happening inside. 

Doctors soon came. 

"Congratulations! Surgery was successful. Mr. Desai is out of danger. Special thanks to you Mr. Nihaal, your blood donation on time saved him.", doctor shaked hands with the two men and left. 

Everyone was elated. 

The next morning Mr. Desai was shifted into his ward. 

"Why did you do this Dad? Why didn't you tell anyone of us? Was our engagement more important than your health?", Nihaal asked with tears in his eyes. 

"No my dear son. It was just that I didn't want to be a spoilsport on your special day! I'm sorry.", Mr. Desai replied in a low voice and half opened eyes. 

"Shut up now! You better not do this again, I won't spare you I'm telling you!", Mrs. Desai shouted with tears in her eyes and hugged her husband as he was lying on bed. 

They shared a moment of joy. 

"Wait, but how did you all come to know?", Mr. Desai asked. 

"Guess how dad?", Naina's youngest brother replied 

"Ohh! It's obviously the girl hiding behind her three brothers! Isn't it"?, Mr. Desai replied with utmost confidence. 

"Ofcoursee, Kyuki iske pet me kabhi koi baat nahi pachti!"

All three replied in a high tone, as Naina came from behind and hugged her dad tightly and apologized for revealing their secret to everyone. 

"I'm sorry Papa, but this time it was really important.", she said. 

"It's ok my child. And thankyou Nihaal, for once again giving me a gift I shall forever be grateful to you for!", he said and hugged all his children. 

Naina then completed the incomplete rituals. 

"Exchange your rings, Bhaiya Bhabhi, you wanted to do this in front of Dad, know! Now you can do it!"

And everyone was now in extreme happiness. It seemed all their wishes had now come true. 

And this time, Naina's not keeping the secrets proved good for the family! Naina then onwards was never questioned over her this habit. She had become a hero for her family since then! 

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