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Diksha Gupta

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Sweets and Savouries!

Sweets and Savouries!

1 min

1st May 2020


11: 45 PM

Dear Diary,

Hi! I know I'm late in visiting you Today, but what to do today was a super hectic day for me! 

You know today I and Mom made Jalebis and Samosas!


She randomly asked us would you like to have some snacks in dinner, and who would refuse to such delicacies!

Then what! We all voted for the above two, and the rest I'm telling you that this is what we had at dinner! I really loved and was amazed to know how speedily mom made both of these! Yes! It didn't take her even 2 hours complete and the dishes were done!

Although we had to spend another one hour in the kitchen to clean everything, that is acceptable when one is getting such food!

And yes, lockdown! Yes!! Lockdown has been extended to another 2 weeks! Now it'll end on the 17th! 

Phew! Well, I'm still waiting for the day when will this completely end!

Goodnight, for now, a friend!


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