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Diksha Gupta


Cravings Satisfied!

Cravings Satisfied!

1 min

28th April 2020


11:30 PM

Dear Diary,


Today it was a normal day again for me.

We had nothing much to do today. No video calls piled up, no cleaning of rooms that was required and I also had an off day from my study schedule today.

And so, making the best use of this, today we prepared some never had before snacks! Snacks which I wanted to have for long but couldn't!

We tried our hands on Dahi Kababs, (2nd time this week), Manchurian Rice, Suji Tacos and Jalebis!

And all of them were literally yum! After this, I don't need to tell you, that we didn't have any space in our stomach to eat lunch or dinner!

Phew! We ate sooooo much!

And this brings an end to my today's session because as I said, we didn't have anything to do!


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