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Netflix And Chill!

Netflix And Chill!

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25th April 2020


11:00 PM

Dear Diary,

You know what? Today I had become the laziest person one could ever be in his/her life! 

The only good or rather "useful/productive" thing I did was to mop the floor! Yes! Doing Pocha every morning has some what become a part of my daily schedule! I mean I wake up, I brush then I mop and then I take bath after which all other things take place!

And telling you about today, whole of my day went on internet, rather "Netflix and Chill!"

I'm not a huge fan of webseries although, but Quarantine has made me one!

So I finished watching Money Heist, then I watched One and then some Amazon Prime series too!

Even right now, I've just finished watching one and came here to tell you how successfully I wasted this day and what I'll be doing next!

Well, nothing much, just move to mom's room to have some hair therapy done. You know it's Saturday! 

Well I need to rush before my brother does!

Bye!! Take Care!

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