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Diksha Gupta


Taking Passion To Next Level!

Taking Passion To Next Level!

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29th April 2020


11:00 PM

Dear Diary,


Today I have big news to share with you! Well, you know how much I've been loving writing since I was a kid. Be it the interschool competitions or debate shows, be it the role of an anchor or an extempore, I never missed any chance! Because you know apart from dancing, writing is the second thing I can do anywhere, anytime! 

And taking this passion of mine towards the next step, I've been participating in various online contests with prestigious platforms such as Storymirror, Writersgram, and Tripod Stories. 

And you should know, that I have an Instagram page with the name "diaryofawritingfreak" which I try to maintain as regularly as I can, and have a Wordpress blog too!

Now that I've explained to you almost everything, I'll let you know that I'm preparing myself to start with a novel! Yes! It was a dream for me to write my heart out which could reach millions of hearts and so here I am! Well haven't thought of plot because I can honestly not think about something amazing, but once it strikes, you'll definitely be the first one to know!!

Till then you know what I'm going to say!


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