The Eventual Retribution - 2

The Eventual Retribution - 2

9 mins


Dr. Brown, still confused from all the events happening, sat in front of the inspector.

"Where were you yesterday night, doctor?"

"I was in the other city. I had gone for a medical conference. Actually I was supposed to be present there for more than 2 days, but considering the indifferences here, I had to return back immediately."

"We have got CCTV footage of your bungalow." The inspector said, showing him the footage. As Dr. Brown observed it, he couldn't believe what he was watching.

A person in white lab coat and black trousers was seen roaming around inside the bungalow. He had surgical gloves in his hands and in one hand he was holding a blood smeared scalpel.

"We have recovered this from the woods outside your property." The inspector showed him the blood smeared scalpel wrapped in a plastic bag along with his surgical gloves. "These gloves do belong to you doctor, as everyone knows you always use this special brand for yourself. Also, one of the housekeeping staff was saying that you had enquired about a Fire Exit in the far end of the building. You had confirmed that it opened up in a remote corner of the basement. Was it because you wanted to come here without anyone noticing you? Also, one cab driver has confirmed that you had taken a trip back to the city Samuel got murdered "The inspector kept speaking about it.

“You sure doctor you were never present here..?”

“Will you please stop putting these blames on me.....?”Dr. Brown pleaded." Why don't you ask the hospital staff about all this...? "

Considering the options, the inspector let him go.

“Are you taking your medicines, doctor? “Olivia asked him the next day a he reached the nursing home.

"I've never missed a single dose till now... But still I donno why is all of this happening...!" Dr Brown fearfully replied, "I think again old disorder is coming back...!"

He then explained to Olivia about his dreadful past. Olivia was stunned as she never knew anything about his previous background.

"I'll help you with your disorder... Don't worry...” Olivia convinced him.

Dr Brown still never knew what exactly was happening. He was thinking that he had completely recovered from his mental illness, however, after so many years; he had started receiving the same symptoms again. Plus the phenomenon at the hotel, and the recent murder were somehow proving that his illness was coming back.

"Nothing is OK, Olivia." Dr Brown said to her a few days later, "I'm still suffering continuous blackouts. Most importantly, I have no memory of the blackouts. I am doubting whether has my past illness recovered back...?"

"I'll speak to the psychologist. I'll change your medicine. The new medicine may prove of some help to you." Olivia replied with concern.

Dr Brown had started having trust in Olivia. He was alone, as his sons had left him long back. Now no one to take care of him at this old age, he considered Olivia his best friend and daughter with whom he could share anything and everything. Olivia too considered him as her best friend & she already knew a lot about him, including what were his medicines & at what time he took them.

“Ismail, Samuel’s friend is behaving kinda absurd these days..” Olivia informed Dr Brown, “He is quite afraid of you. He’s started fearing you. Had you told him something or had you threatened him sometime in between?”

“Why would I do that..?” perturbed, Dr Brown replied back, “I accept not being at good terms with him but I haven’t threatened him in any way…!”

Later that day, Ismail was called in front of Dr Brown. As he stood, he started trembling looking at the doctor. Beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Before Dr Brown could speak, Ismail, feeling panicked, moved away from him.

This kept happening for some days. In midst of Dr Brown’s blackouts, Ismail used to sweat badly in front of Dr Brown. Once he even panicked and ran away, after looking at him in the nursing home. Dr Brown still never knew what was wrong with him, as he never spoke about his behaviour & nowadays he had almost quit coming to work.

On Olivia’s suggestion, Dr Brown went to Ismail’s apartment to see him in the other part of the town. As he entered, he saw Ismail cornered in one room. The whole room was smelling bad with urine .As the doctor approached him, he reacted back aggressively.

“I am not afraid of you..!” Weeping badly, he said, throwing his shoe at the doctor, “You cannot have me fear you..! You killed my friend…! You cannot kill me..! Get out….Get out from here…!” Looking at his condition, Dr Brown felt pity for him, but he had to leave considering the situation.

That night, Dr Brown again suffered a blackout.

“Dr. Brown? This is Inspector Dennis. Can you please report to the Police Station? One of our officers will receive you outside your home.” The Inspector called early morning the next day. Dr Brown got himself ready and was about to leave when the caretaker of his bungalow came to enquire about him, “Are you OK doctor? Last night I saw you entering from the back gate at midnight, feeling dizzy. What were you doing outside, doctor?” Dr Brown was shocked.

“I was in my room last night…! I had slept the time I came in….I donno whom you saw…!”

“I was in my bungalow last night, Inspector..!” Dr Brown replied angrily when the Inspector asked about his whereabouts yesterday night. “I donno what you guys are telling me…!”

We are asking you all this because Ismail has been murdered..! And your fingerprints as well as traces of your shoes are found near the body..!” Inspector Dennis replied furiously.

This news came as a shock to Dr Brown. He’s been arrested for the crime which he didn’t commit at all.

“There’s one fact to be observed, doctor. Both Samuel & Ismail have been murdered in exactly the same way. Their throats were slashed first, with their wrists slashed later, leading to uncontrollable blood flow. Does that ring a bell doctor..?” He then presented another report in front of the doctor. “Our enquiry has shown that you had suffered a Dissociative Personality Disorder a number of years back & you had committed about 3 murders at that time BUT considering your mental disability, you were released from all the charges placed upon you…is that true?”

Dr Brown was taken aback by the mention. “Of course, is it related to this murder?”

“It is doctor..!” The Inspector shouted, “The method used for killing Samuel & Ismail is the same as the one which you OR your other personality had used to commit those three murders. So we do think, rather, we assume, that are you suffering from that disorder again & your other personality has committed these murders?” The Inspector straightway fired the questions at the doctor.

Dr. Brown was horrified with the connections. “How could anything happen this way…?”

“Look at you doctor…!” The inspector screamed, “You look totally delusional. Lost weight, blackheads below your eyes clearly indicate you are not in a stable condition..! Your other personality in those years never liked criminals and you murdered all three of them. In the same way, you never liked Samuel & Ismail & for that reason, you committed the homicide. You don’t remember anything that you have done…! The cab driver’s testimony, the blood smeared scalpel, the surgical gloves, your blackouts ,the way you shouted at Ismail, the way the murders are done &……most importantly…..” he showed the statements of all the people who had seen him outside the bungalow, “all these people have clearly said that they have seen you escape out of Ismail’s house. Tell me doctor, should I not confirm that your mental disability has come back and your other personality has done all this..?”

Dr Browns could do nothing but only listen. He had no evidence to prove his innocence.

“As per our law, only once can a mental patient be released. But for you doctor, the case is different. Even though you are mentally disabled, even though you are suffering from a mental disorder, still the court will do its work.” The Inspector said ,keeping his reports on the table. “You’ll be first taken to a mental asylum & then you’ll be brought back here to complete your imprisonment.” Placing a hand on the doctor’s shoulder, the inspector said, “I’m sorry, but ,in the eyes of the court ,you are a criminal.”

The doctor was then convicted in court. He had no proper evidence, nor any proof to prove him innocence. He was then admitted to a mental asylum for further treatment.

After 2-3 days of his admission to the asylum, Dr Brown got a visitor. It was Olivia. Along with her was a person he had never seen before.

“Where were you?” Dr Brown almost cried looking at her, “Look what has happened to me…! Please help me come out of this…!”

Olivia was silent for a long time. Finally, she spoke.

“How does it feel doctor when you are convicted or murdered for a crime which you did not do at all…?”

Dr Brown was surprised. Unable to understand, he looked at her with a question mark on his face.

“You never asked my full name, doctor. You know what is it? It’s Olivia Phillip. Does that ring a bell in your disturbed head..?”

Dr Elvis Brown almost felt the floor move beneath him. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes you scoundrel…! I am the daughter of Mr. Phillip, the one whom you had murdered OR your other personality who only hated criminals. But do you know doctor; my father was not a murderer..? The other two people, Peter & Eveson had framed him, because they wanted to escape from their crimes. But you, you being from a medical profession, murdered all three of them…! Ours was a happy family doctor. But you destroyed everything….!” Wiping her tears, Olivia said gritting her teeth.

Now Dr Brown started understanding things. He was framed, perfectly framed by the mastermind. Slowly things started becoming clearer to him.

“That’s right doctor…! I framed you..! I mixed in some medicines in your daily dose which started giving you blackouts..! Then it was my brother, Christopher Eveson…” she pointed to the person with her, who was exactly the same in height & body as Dr Brown. “…who plotted everything nicely. The cab in the earlier hotel, the wine that was ordered, the murder of Samuel….all of it was done by him. IT’s not difficult to look like you, doctor..” Olivia explained everything, “That’s the reason every footage of CCTV showed your presence. My brother had gone disguised as you to threaten Ismail. Well again everything that happened there, including your style of murdering, was done by him…” she pointed at Christopher, who was looking angrily at him.

“You know why we did this? Why would you be allowed to roam outside freely? Just because you are a mental patient? Just because you can destroy anybody’s family, can take out all their happiness? Who gave you the right to do it, doctor?” Crying bitterly, she said, “At some point, I may not be right. I may have done something wrong in the name of revenge. But even you doctor, even you were wrong…!”

As Olivia left the agonizing doctor in the meeting area, she thought to herself, Was what she did was right, or should the mentally disabled doctor should have been left to face the sum of his own actions?


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