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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Varun Anand



Varun Anand


Maya - An Indian Bride

Maya - An Indian Bride

9 mins

Maya was happy that day for her childhood friend; who had been the wife of her husband's cousin, two days back. It was a reception party that night when Maya wore a new diamond necklace–given by her hubby...

Maya and her husband Raju were going to the reception party. Maya rolled her hand in Raju's arm while entering; looked gorgeous they both together that day. 

Abruptly, a girl of around 35, called Raju from their right side. In curly hair, ivory skin she seemed a beautiful lady. Raju fell out of Maya's hand. He paced towards the lady then hugged her instead, shaking hands. They have begun to talk– Maya come beside her husband, caught him as a sign of her appearance but Raju was missing in conversation, so he paid her no heed as; she was an unknown. Maya left them aside but her focus on her husband when Sanjay comes to Raju, she had tiny eye contact with Sanjay from 20 steps far away. Sanjay also left them after 50 seconds, to meet others In party. Suddenly, Maya called Sanjay by touching him, from his left shoulder. Sanjay turned, broaden eyes he said," you are looking fabulous today, Maya..., I would propose you if you were not my Bhabhi." She didn't respond, just whispered 'meet me on the third floor in the bridal room. He nodded. 

After 25 minutes, Sanjay knocked on the door. "Come in" Maya cried from inside. He pulled the door and looked her, she was alone in the room, sitting on the bed; Prone head, staring at her own feet even Sanjay had come in the room. She was still staring on her feet at a lose. Sanjay sat upon the chair, looked her for a while then asked in a soft voice," what happened? Panjabi Ji..., What is wrong...?" 

Maya yelled,' What the hell is going between my husband and that bitch?' Maya's patience was at its lowest ebb and she was ready to burst.

Sanjay knew that she was serious. 'Look, Maya. There is nothing going on, between the two of them. Just a little bit of healthy flirting, I'd say.'

'Flirting? Healthy flirting? Really Sanjay... .' she rolled her eyes in disgust. 'That's what you men call it? There is nothing healthy about flirting, Sanjay, not for a married man.

Healthy flirting is a term introduced by perverted men who want to lend legitimacy to their extramarital dalliances. Suddenly, she stopped, turned back, looked at Sanjay and asked, 'Did my husband sleep with her? You are his friend. Did he ever tell you anything about it?'. 

'Shut up Maya.' Sanjay exclaimed, speechless for a while then spoke,' she was just our teacher in an institute where we would go to learn spoken Engish, one more thing, Raju also met her as an old student only. 

Maya gave him sarcasm glance then spoke," really, oh', why didn't you meet her as an old student?" 

'Come on..., I went there to meet her even I invited her to the party after so long' He spoke. 

"But your meeting was natural not so similar to my husband. He is talking with her as a sticker." Maya answered him.

Sanjay told her to come to the party again and should have examined her husband. He spoke in a rotten temper, then left the room, banging the door.

Maya thought twice over it, reached on a conclusion that it might be a misunderstanding what she considered, then she came back in the party. 

Raju still taking With the lady. Maya came to them. Raju asked Maya,' Where were you, honey? Meet with Nancy she was my English teacher.' Maya shook hands with Nancy then saw Raju, rolled eyes. ' she is your teacher even you are calling her by name?. Maya asked Raju. A grudge can be seen in her voice. 

'Ohhhoo, jealousy hun...' Raju acclaimed, then made eye contact with Nancy with a smile, said again,' actually, she doesn't allow me to call her ma'am.' 

Just listened that line Maya burst out there, snatched her necklace, cast it on Raju's hand, turned and paced with warm eyes. Perplexedly, Raju held her hand, cried,' what the hell of drama is this?' Maya turned again, she is not only your teacher. I can see and you should have told me before our marriage that there was already a bitch in your life. Nancy interrupted,'to who are u taking?'

Maya answered, "I'm talking about you. I know better, kinds of ladies like you."

'Disgusting' Nancy spoke then left from there. Raju didn't say anything but his face seeking Sanjay in the rabble. The silence of Raju at the movement was substantiating Maya's strong doubt.

She rends again on Raju,'Please, leave me, Mr. Raju.' 

He still didn't say anything just stared at Maya she spoke in a calm voice," rather marry with a dog would have been better than you. You are really worse than a dog Raju even your family."

Raju slapped her tightly, then said, "go to hell."

Sanjay wasn't there that time when Maya came outside and hire a taxi to her father's house. 

She reached her home spoke everything to her mother. Her mother telephoned Raju 27 times but he didn't pick. Maya wrested mobile phone from her mother after it.

Maya's father was out of town that day so only her mother and sister were there. She was constantly crying and her mother and sister were trying to console her. Around 1 am her phone rang, picked up the phone. " hello this is Nancy. Listen carefully, there is nothing between me and your husband." Maya answered, I've seen what is nothing, thank you to saw my husband's reality. 

Nancy said, uhh, I'm sending you a video on WhatsApp. Just checked it out once then speak anything. you 'mad girl'." hang up.

Maya got that video, but she took about 30 seconds downloading. These 30 seconds were like 30 years for her. It was around 7 years old Raju's birthday party video. Raju spoke in the video, listen, everyone, it's my birthday today this is the first time in my life when I'm giving an occasional speech in the English language. And it could be possible for me due to the hard work of my teacher Nancy ma'am, Who made me a gentleman. It's my birthday but I want you to ask for anything to me today. I'd like to give "Guru Dakshina" superiority. She said in the video," "just one thing; call me by name in future." Nancy asked for. Raju answered, front of hundreds of people In Video, It's hard for me, but my tong value will give me the power to call you direct Nancy proving that you shall always meet me as my elder sister in future. I've no sister so would you like to be ...?" Nancy thought a movement, when she about to say, Raju interrupted in a funny voice, 'I'll give you more important than my future wife in front of her if you say Yes. Then smiled." Nancy echoed, smiled too. Nancy twisted his ear when the video stopped cause teardrop of Maya which fallen down on phone's screen.

Panic into, Maya called her dearest husband to say sorry with warm eyes. She tried three times but the phone was ringing only. He didn't pick the call. She cast the phone on the bed, about to go into the washroom to change clothes. There and then, her phone rang, it was an unknown number. She picked the call, it was Sanjay on line who informed her that there was an emergency. She should have come to city hospital gate number two. She asked what was happen but Sanjay hung up. She called him again but he didn't respond. She threw the phone on the bed, carried her dress but vary negative thought begun to come in her mind., so she didn't speak to her mother about it. Left the room to reach a city hospital as soon as possible without carrying anything. There was no taxi on the road, therefore, she has begun to walk.

Thousands of thoughts were runnings in Maya's mind at the same time, she remembered. on-road that her mother might have called her from the balcony when she was going out from home. First, she thought to go back home and get some money, mobile phone and bring mother. She turned to come back home. After walking 20 steps towards her home. Suddenly, a deadly thought came in her mind, only one line was resounding there in her mind, ' come at city hospital gate number two'. 

She turned again, the hospital was 6 km far from there it was around1: 40 am, therefore the way of the hospital was not safe for her but the thought to lost her husband was the most fearful for her that time. she kept on walking, seeking a taxi but no taxi there. After 20 minutes of running, her thoughts begun to be worse. She ran fastly from there. Everyone was watching her who was appeared on her way. One person tried to help her, he excused her, she didn't stop. The man followed her perhaps he thought that the girl is in big trouble. He made her stop. She thought the man was a flippant person. 

The man spoke to her " ma'am if you are in any trouble so I can help you. It is not a safe area for a girl who is running unconsciously. Look at yourself once you in Pyjama–t-shirt, your face is jam-packed by tears. What is the matter?"

She stammered,'Ma..mahh..my husband... I'll have to reach a city hospital as soon as possible." 

He said, 'OK, be calm first, I would make you reach there.' 

"How can you make me reach there?" She questioned. 

Suddenly, a police jeep came there for patrolling. A policeman came to them and hold the arm of the person who came there to help her. The policeman may think the man was an eve-teaser. Maya runs from there at random. Another policeman followed her. She took a sharp turn on road when got unbalanced; flopped back on road. A policeman helped her to stand again.

She had some bruise on her arm. She wept on circumstances. The policeman had known there was something wrong. 

"Please, don't be afraid ma'am. What is the matter?" Policeman asked. 

She answered haltingly, I have to reach a city hospital, my husband is there, I don't know what happened to him." 

The policeman gave him lift up to city hospital at gate number two. She saw Sanjay at across the road at nearby a restaurant when she ebbed from police gypsy. Cried Sanjay, he wondered to watch her attire. Maya was gasping, asked sanjy where Raju is? Isn't he normal?" Raju just came out of that restaurant, she sat on the same place where she saw Raju, felt relief to see him, Raju paved towards her so quickly. She wept unconsciously. Her eyes were saying sorry, hugged Raju tightly then said,'sorry my world'. Raju didn't speak anything only coated her the necklace. They both were lost in the eyes of each other. 

Raju told her that he lost his mobile in the party when he moved to meet Nancy and told her about everything then nancy called her. Luckily, the old video she could find on her phone. and Sanjay asked Maya to came to that place because it was the same place where they met the very first time. 

Then again they met first time with as much strong feeling of belief on each other.

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