Heroes Of The Universe

Heroes Of The Universe

9 mins

Today was not a good day for me. I had got less grades in my class test. I don't know what my mom would do when she gets to know all the about my grades. Do you want to meet me? If yes, read on.

I am John Henderson I love to solve riddles and explore new places.

Andy Dyne- he is a book worm but also helps us in studies.

Andrew Liver - he belongs to a rich family and has a smartphone which he owes.

Steve Scout- he is a fit guy specialized in sports and outdoor games.

Edward James- he is a fat boy and has a hobby of eating.

we all live in planation city.

My vacations were starting in two days but i could not think about all this. How I'll get safe from my mom? I was even scared to ring the doorbell. I gathered up all my courage and did that. When she asked about my marks,I told her the truth, but I was surprised to see that mom had no reaction. She called me in her room.

My fear was not yet gone. I entered the room and just after the first woed from her mouth, the doorbell rang again and a familiar tone spoke'' Hello Mrs, Hendersob and John. You have grown up so much since the last time I saw you. There is a letter for you '' it was the postman. He has been coming to our home since I was five.

He handed me an envelope. I was very curious about my letter till i read it:

"Dear John

I know you have lots of question in your mind about this letter. I have a very important reason for writing this but I can't tell it now. You'll have to come on Mt.Hoodoos. If you've not heard this name before, I am giving you the address: Oxford streeet, Sector & Cinco city.

Please don't ignore this letter and remember you'll be accompanied by your friends. Thank you for reading."

I waseven more curious after reading it. Who has send me such a strange letter? But for nowing , I had to keep aside all my questions. Just then i saw that mom had forgot about my grades.I was feeling safe seeing that. Next day when I told my friends about the mysterious letter I received yesterday, I got to know that all of them had got the same letter. Perhaps, they arethe friends who'll accompany me. We decided to go there as Cinco city was not much far from Planation City. There was no option left for our vacations. I took my dad's permission to go there and he permitted me. It means he had much faith and belive in me this was safe too.

Onthe big day, I has called my friends to my house beacause my dad had told me that he'll drop us with his car. We all had our bags packed except Edward, he had a super bag packed. then it was time to leave. I said a warm goodbye to my mother. I will miss her on this mysterious adventure.

I had brought my riddle book and the last and most difficult one was left which I am trying to solve for the last one month.:

If you look at me , you see you.

And if you hit me , you hit you . Say who am i ?

Soon I fell asleep and all others too except dad who was driving .

"wake up kids! It is time for you to go" dad woke up us.

When I saw the mountain., I was amazed with the beauty. It was a colorful. Savannah at the bottom, a dense forest in the middle and then snow. I was sad that dad would be unable to accompany us.So, I said goodbye and left.

We started a nonstop trekking till the end of the Savannah. "We shouldn't go in the forestas there can be very dangerous animals in it. I think we should have a camp here." Suggested Andy . So, we set a camp there.

Now we needed fire. "I can bring dry sticks and twigs in no time" said Steve. When I took a view down, I saw our car and dad standing there. I did not belive my eyes and so I did not pay much attention to it . After that the most difficult task came, buring fire. We tried it with many different techniques but it didn't burn.

Then after half an hour, Edward said, "I have a lighter and think it will come in handy ." "Couldn't you say a little bit early ? " 'I replied. I was very angry . We had some can food which everyone had brought. "I'll put on alarm in my phone so that we could wake up early and set for the rain forest but I'll have to save the battery for this, "said Andrew. After that we all went to sleep in ur sleeping bags. This was our daily routine for two days till we reached the peak of the mountain.

I was very happy to see the peak because our hard work for two days had paid this happiness back to us.Just as we kept our foot on the peak, a very gigantic space craft appeared and a man welcomed us in. Then he started indroducing him when the plane strted to fly "My name is George Frederickson and I am the owner of this one and only inter-planet-national flight named Spacirates which is only manufactured in planet called united Karat Spacirates where I live. In this you'll get 5-Star air conditioned rooms and you'll have whtever you want to eat, read, play, solve or shop. And you know you will get all this free! This plane takes tourists and passengers from one planet to another. I had sent you the letter which you recevied."

We cleared all are questions with him 1 hour with George and at last he said "I've called you here because I need your help. there is a man named Sanforche Stent. He wants to rule over the whole universe and is destroying all the planets for making its people slaves. There are only a few planet which he has nit visited yet in which mine and yours is also there. He has a power of converting anyone in a statue. He also has an army of Demons." 'I saw my dad standing in the same position from morning to evening in the Savannah. D you think Sanforche has turned him into a statue ? i asked'.

He replied “yes, Sanforche must have done it and this means he has gone there but destroyed earth.” We all discussed and finalized that we would fight against that Sanforche and save the universe. Frederickson thanked us and then invited us in the grand feast. Now Edward was in heaven seeing all the food.

After we relished the delicious food, he showed the way to our rooms. It was the best room I have ever seen. It had more than 50 news features. But it was very Late to check all the of them. I changed my clothes into the clothes provided by the plane. Then I went to sleep and all others too in their rooms.

The next morning, we were there almost there at the home planet of Sanforche named Arkenstone. It was a 3- day ride from Mount Hoodoos for a normal jet but due to the ultrasonic Spacirates we were there in less than one day. Our plane landed in a forest. We somehow managed to get to the palace of Sanforche without getting noticed by the demons who were all around. But as we were going inside the palace due to Edward, we again got caught. His foot slipped and he fell making a loud noise.

Now we had to fight the demons before Sanforche gets to know.

We all fought with the demons as they were very light in weight and foolish. But then the king of the demons came out which means Sanforche. He first turned us into a statue and then was coming to kills us with his sword. Now I thought all is over. I was remembering my parents, God and friends. Just then a miracle occurred. An angle appeared and stopped the time except we six and so sanforche also stopped. Frederickson told me he was the god of the universe, Angelo. He first changed us into man and then spoke “John’ you will fight with Sanforche with Sanforche with Mighty Sword of the Tiger, and, you will have to cut the stone mask on the face of Sanforche if you want to win ?” “why only me?” I asked. He replied , Because you will have to solve a riddle to find sword –

If you look at me, you see you.

And if hit me, you hit you. Say who am I ?

This was the same riddle of my book. I thought and thought and thought and finally got the answer. “It is the mirror” I said and a mirror appeard in front of me. I shocked to see that i could heavy sword , the angle disappeared and the time also resumed. I put my full power to fight and to cut the mask but he was too strong. I fell and when he was towards me ,mistakenly his mask got cut and he also fell. I did not understand anything.

When Frederickson saw Sanforche’s face, he was shocked and said, “You are my brother , crederickson but you left home 30 years ago . How are you ?” he replied” Yes George , I am your brother and I left home because Detox , the king of the evil had put on the mask on my face which controlled my mind and therefore I came at this stage . Sorry for the Destruction I have a caused.” Then again Angelo appeared and said , “ I have done everything normal and Detox is also caught by the star force.” “ In a way of thanking you , you all can spend one more day on Spacirates.” Told George . How can we leave such a golden Opportunity ? So , we had fun for one more day and it was time for leaving .

“Thank you once again for helping us, Heroes of the universe and please do not tell anyone about this plane”. I was very sad to leave them and remembered this request . I said a last goodbye . Andrew called dad to pick up us .

I wrote my wonderful memories in my diary so that I could never forget it . What an incredible adventure .

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