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Jitesh Jain



Jitesh Jain


Can There Be Peace in Revenge?

Can There Be Peace in Revenge?

6 mins

Like every day, it was a busy day for the residents of “Philip city”. Few People running to catch their daily shuttle while few making way amidst traffic. In the middle of this busy but yet wonderful, big city there was a confidential meeting of city's high ranked government officials going, on the 50th Floor of "The States" Building. They were discussing about developing a nuclear project which can give their country abysmal amount of electricity and position to trade the same with other countries in turn of money, resources etc.

Everybody seemed so indulged in the meeting, that they lost track of time. Suddenly sometime in mid afternoon, guards came running to the meeting room and informed that there has been a bomb blast in 23rd Avenue Street. It was sad news for everyone except Mr. Neal Burke who went in shock for a second. He asked the guard to repeat the address and his answer was same “23rd Avenue Street”. He ran like hell towards that address and found cops/medical teams outside it. They prevented him entering the crime scene, then Mr. Burke said it’s my house, please let me go inside. I need to see my wife and daughter. He entered the house, but there was nothing left except pieces of furniture. He asked the medical team about his wife, daughter, they stood silent. Then one of the doctor said we are sorry but no one in this house survived the attack. His face became like a corpse.

He gathered all his confidence and didn’t shed a tear. He was full of revenge and just wanted to destroy the person responsible for this attack. He started gathering all the information using his official, political power about the person responsible for this. After many sleepless nights and lots of search he finally got a name “Linus Red” responsible for all his sufferings and of course the attack.

Now, Linus Red was a person of interest for many people who were assisting Neal in finding this man. Everyone in touch with Neal was digging information about Linus. They found that Linus is one of the wealthiest persons in world and own various electricity generating plants in “Alas city” with no prior criminal record. Neal has now got the person’s name but still he didn’t know the motive why Linus attacked his house.

He then, tracked few of Linus informants/sources and after bribing them he got to know that Linus got information about the Philip city nuclear project from his informants. If Philip city will complete this nuclear project, then they will generate abundant amount of electricity with very less resources and thereby will export the electricity to other countries in a much cheap rate which in turn will hit the Linus’s business badly and will bankrupt him.

Thus, in order to save his Business, Linus planned to kill Neal, key resource of nuclear project team. Linus made a plan to blast a bomb in Neal’s house when only he will be present in his house. But unfortunately, the timing/planning was not perfect. On the bomb blast day, Neal secretly left for the meeting from the back door and his family returned suddenly that day and became victim of the blast.

After hearing all these things, Neal was filled with anger and decided to take revenge from Linus. He gradually fond out the key resources, delivery points, clients etc. of Linus’s business and started to weaken his business by acquiring some clients, hampering the delivery points. He also offered lucrative government jobs along with heavy bonus to the key resources of Linus business. All these steps affected the Linus business badly and the irony was Linus was yet not aware who is hindering his Business so badly.

While Linus was searching for the person responsible for fall of his business, Neal kept destroying Linus's business. He bankrupted Linus and his family. Now, Linus's economical situation became horrifying and he was not able to pay his debts and even he had to sell his wife’s ornaments and transfer his kids to a less expensive school. Who would have imagined, a billionaire will face these days!

But that’s how life can be !! Neal has now destroyed Linus business but still he was not satisfied, the revenge rage was still fresh and burning. He was continuously thinking and trying to harm Linus in one or the other way.

One day when Linus was worrying for his family, one of his subordinate called him and gave the identity of person who is impeding his business which was Neal. After hearing Neal’s name, Linus felt very guilty and decided to meet Neal and apologize to him but Neal refused to meet with him.

Then, after getting repetitive refusals for meeting from Neel, seeing no other way, couple of days later Linus broke into Neal’s house and he settled himself in Neal’s study room and started waiting for Neal to meet him. He kept waiting for hours but Neal didn’t show up at his house. He didn’t have any option except waiting. So he took one book from Neal’s shelf and started reading. Hours passed by but Neal still didn’t arrive at house and Linus lost hope that he will be able to meet Neal today. However, Linus kept reading. He was so indulged in the book that words seemed to carve on his eyes. His eyes paining, he tried to look out of the window and saw two fierce red eyes looking at him. Startled, he suppressed his urge to scream. Very softly he spoke 'I was waiting for you!'

Finally Linus was standing in front of Neal. He struggled for words to apologize to Neal. He said he was tempted to the money and he is very sorry for what happened to his family and he has deep regrets for that day. He never planned to harm his family, but unfortunately they became victim.

Please forgive me – Linus said to Neal with his hands joined and teary eyes. But Neal was so full of rage that he didn’t listened to Linus and said he can’t forgive him and what he has done to his family. Linus then explained poor condition of his wife and kids to Neal, this gesture of Linus made Neal a bit of emotional, but still Neal was not convinced. He mentioned that his wife has sold her ornaments and his kids are going to a cheap school. They are not getting proper food and suffering a lot. After hearing all this and seeing the wet eyes of Linus, Neal said he can help his family, because he doesn’t want his family to suffer because of his deeds. But Neal said he can help his family only in one condition, if he will confess all his wrong works in front of legal system and if he agrees to get punishment as decided by legal system for his wrong activities.

Linus agrees for this, as he loved his family very much. Linus confessed everything in front of local jurisdiction and in return Neal promised Linus that he won’t let anything happen to his family and will protect them and will support them financially as well. He purchased back the ornaments sold by Linus wife and gave them to her as a gift. Neal also sent Linus children’s to their previous school and supported their studies. Also, he arranged all the logistics for Linus’s family and secured their future.

After doing this, Neal made peace with the past and immersed himself in the nuclear project development.

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