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Grivances Mann Ki Batt

Grivances Mann Ki Batt

16 mins

Some queries letter to the government, my querries, my grievances, complaints in the website of my gov. In 

First querry__ manki batt with PMJI

Secularism is above all thoughts of nasty politics, why I wrote like this because whatever services the cabinet ministers want to do for the betterment or development of the society it should not be compared with the nasty politics of ridiculing the other party because whatever changes cabinet ministers want to bring in the policy that project had been introduced before as one initial step in the beginning but not in a very refined way. Currently, media social networking help to highlight the projects more elaborately, now some projects can influence or motivate the people of India easily. People are aware of day to day affairs or incidents easily through social media. 

Some crucial issues like the war in border or Loc where the frontiers of two countries face each other, not in the sense of enmity but in the protection of their individual countries. The armies are deployed in the frontier, they do their duties in the freezing cold or perching hot without suspicion, they are not playing conspiracies or games violating any command of their commanders in chief. Here, the politicians play nasty games in between themselves in the parliament, giving unnecessary slogans against each other party, internal strife and conspiracy is more dangerous than border or frontier war. 

Frontiers war or struggle against other countries can be resolved through negotiations, confrontations, bilateral discussions, dialogues and peaceful agreements which the countries have been doing from 1957 till now through peaceful agreements, negotiations and so many confrontations, whoever in the government or in cabinet ministers along with the help of army chiefs or admirals they settle the external problems. What about internal strifes which are being played among political parties in party politics continuously accusing or assaulting the idealisms of each other. They do not forget in criticising each other projects in the name of Kashmir issues, ladak issues citizenship amendment acts like Hindu Muslim division, India Pakistan conflict, so many issues are created on the basis of religion. 

Always the conflict starts with the right of hinduism versus muslim sentiment, racism or unsecularism principles raise their heads instantly. The sentiment of hindu muslim come forward as internal strife among religious feelings, hinduism feels they had been oppressed by mughal emperors or sultans for 100 years, so hinduism is insecured , it should predominate over other religions as they have got majority in India, again muslim feels insecured as they are minority in India so such type of racism or racial feelings creates confusion in the minds of citizens. 

They become violent in killing or destroying hindu sentiments , demolishing or destroying temples. We can use our insights to introspect all political conflicts in the context of rationalizing the facts that, we the citizens of India should not be the target of political leaders party politics ,nasty politics of assaults , they manipulate their political motives, using votes banks to citizens through so many notes whatsapp messages, nasty videos which donot prove the biodatas or history of political families like Neheru or Mahatma Gandhi , Narendra Modi or Amit Saha like leaders. Social medias , technologies are used in wrong purposes, in stead of solving the problems of citizens it just highlights nasty political propagandas or assaults against each other. 

History of glorious India.

If we talk about other civilizations then it comes Aryan, indus valley , Budhism and Jainism civilizations , Gouttam Budha ,sidhattha king of kapilavastu was born in Lumbini village of Nepal, eastern part of India , Mahabir Jain thirthankar, guru belonged to India, so it is precisely known the buddhism spread or originated from India , it was spread all over Asia, Japan China srilankan all places, one great religion of India.

Mourya dynasty chandragupta Mourya, he had driven away salucus the greek king from India, then the great king Ashoka belongs to mourya dynasty in 273_ 232 BC ,then comes kushan dynasty kanishka was the greatest king, then come guptas dynasty, 320 to 550 AD, the chandra gupta dynasty time great dramatists, poet, mathemeticians, scientists surgeon were like kalidas Bannabhat, Aryabhatt Varahamihira and sankarachrya were born. 

The golden era it is called as, then come Vardhaman harsa's vardhan dynasty rajput ruled from 650 to 1209 AD

If we talk about our golden history now we must introspect the events of medieval history the Mughal empire each 100 years we can count on the contecxt of hindu and Muslim relationship, religion, culture and herritage. Babur invaded India and defeated Ibrahamlodi at panipat, here he brought Turkis and Persian languages, then he defeated Rana sangha mewar, next come the 2nd battle of Panipat here the Afghanistan Afgan rule ends, Mughal rule starts now. 

I want to say the geography of India today as we are perceiving was totally different during the rule of Afganistan rulers, now consecutively three wars the mughal emperors fought with the hindu kings, they defeated them badly in ending hindu dynasty 2nd battle of panipath, battle of Talikot battle of Haldighat Akbar defeated Ranna Pratap singh the brave Rajput. 1564 AD then 1576 AD, battle of palassey in 1757 AD, 

The English under Lord Clive defeated Suraj Uddaula, it brought muslim rule an end to Bengal, foundation of British rule in india, third battle of Panipath. Ahmad sah adali defeated maratthas Maratha power came to end, then battle of Buxar 1764 AD Britishers defeated muslim now onwards the battle of Tipusultan starts against britishers. He defeated British army 1970 AD, fourth mysore war then Maratha war two times. 

The best development during the period of mughal reign was Akbar the great, Akbar was the son of humayun, he had captured all kingdoms of India through conquests and alliances, his brother mirza hakkim was his rivalry. 1560 AD Akbar conquered the fort of chittor from Ranna Uday singh of mewar, he had defeated rannapratap in haldighat. He had conquered Gujrat Bengal and and Odisha. Akbar showed religious tolerance, he was patronising more to hindus, he extended trade with central asia persia. Akbars son Jahangir granted trading right to portugeese later to english. Aurangjeb has assasinated sikh guru tezbahadur, he had destroyed hindu temples being one despotic ruler like Allhaudin khilzi who defeated Ratan singh of Rajasthan, rajput cunningly who had bad eyes in the beautiful queen Padmabati of Chittor. Padmavati along with other widowed women after the death of the king sacrificed their lifes in fire. 

Prithivraj Chouhan defeated Muhmmad Ghori in 1191 battle of Tarain, Muhammad ghori killed Prithvraj again ending rajput dynasty, how the muslim kings invaded india, obviously it is not Pakistan kings who invaded India. 

Pakistan was the part of India along with Afghanistan, 

Bangladesh and some part of China Srilankan also. It is the Arab , Arabian who invaded india sultan Muhammad Gazni attacked temples of india, 17 times somnath temple was destroyed, then came the rule of Muhammad ghori who ruled in north India defeating Punjab king Prithiv raj chauhan, the best period of mughal empire. It is the rule of Babar, Sahajahan, and Akbar, later in the succeeding period. 

Aurangzeb was the despotic cruel ruler who also tortured the Indians, specifically hindus, he was revengeful against temples and hindu religion, my purpose of writing is India was ruled by various dynasty each dynasty or rulers ruled for 200 years the vast Indian territory which was half of Asian countries, 

System of government should be changed

Once the system of government is changed ,we can get our success over monopoly corruption despotic rule of bureaucracy which dominates over mass media , journalism and innocent public lifes. It is not the sentiment of party feelings like hinduism or non hinduism. 

It is not based on parliamentary discussion or procedure of law makings, so many policies like anti corruption policies or demoneytization policies, beti bachao policies, it is one awareness within the mass or voice of public, voice of India which can bring a tremendous change in administration as well as system of government. Though many innocent guys have sacrificed their lifes, it will not go in vain. In real the bureaucratic system of government, laws in parliament are manipulated or governed by a handful of politicians in the center, they legislate all laws which is favourable to their political system to get votes or public faith, the riddle is complicated to be solved. 

They work according to sentiment of public, they manipulate the sentiment, emotion of public making certain projects or awareness like beti bachhao, beti padhao, kissan yojna LPG gas connection, dhana jana bima yojna , Ayushman yojna in real those are weapons to play with the sentiments of lower middle class society.

3rd querry 

Our business and commercial dealings or markets have changed dramatically why__ 

Who are biased or manipulated easily. It does not make any difference in higher or middle class families because they know how to use their source of money. They can maintain smart phones or laptops with broadband recharge. 

They can upload so many apps internet banking system, UPI transfer of money from one bank to other bank easily in internet banking system of mobile or laptops. 

They can make so many transactions in credit, debit goggle pe, pay tm, phone pe so many online payments through internet banking from wallets to various apps. It is the time of digital transactions, shopping with various advantages and discounts, various mobile recharge options by mobile internet broad brand services with the advantages of multiple payments , shopping options of commercial apps as well as banks which are linked with various commercial apps with their on line shopping platforms like amazon, flipcart, paytm, myntra and snapdeal. 

Even these apps are promoting to various brands like trendz reliance, ajio, srusti, max fashion , fab collection viva in one online marketing platform. Eventually the middle class market is dominating over the so called real shopping centers or virtual physical market, we can observe the time is changing so fast, highest competition in the field of digital e_commerce, electronic marketing. Physical concept of marketing is going to be abolished ,it is going to be converted in to internet on line marketing. 

Henceforth it is not at all a difficult task for the middle class or rich class people where as in case of daily labourer class, they cannot manipulate their bank accounts using internet banking system remembering their logging pass words, so many codes, IFSC codes, bank accounts numbers to transfer their money in any commercial merchants accounts so easily. 

They need to be trained for that finance related education , basic networking digital knowledge which is not so easy for workers who are not so educated. 

Government can assure them for so many insurances, so many health schemes as well as agricultural yojnas but they feel comfortable dealing with cash payments, direct dealings of money in give and take process. They do saving in more trustworthy banks with direct process of saving in passbooks but they donot depend on google pe, paytm, airtell, freecharge, phone pe and amazon pe procedures of payments through digital transfer of business. 

They donot want third party system in their business like farming or consumer's deal. Government should think of majority population, their facilities in stead of focusing more on middle class or higher rich class facilities, their advantages of commercial business dealings. The poor or lower class groups under poverty line, they are the 

Real strugglers in our social

Economic changes of Indian life style. Our pattern of life style should not be changed so rapidly. These group falls in majority below 60% of population who strive or struggle hard to survive. They donot rely more on digital mode of payment or transactions. 

One thing loksabha election is done in every five years so, definitely it is very important to know our sentiments, evaluation, logic everything thoroughly before we cast our votes. It is true two powerful or potential parties are contesting against each other now they are congress and BJP. One thing, majority people in India who come under the statistic of lower middle class and under poverty line people obviously they cannot differentiate among all symbols , those who are illiterate they cannot read the names also which are written in English in the developed modern equipment or electronic device. 

My worries is, we cannot teach people through digital media also that how to recognize our own candidates, their relevant symbols. Next come logical thinking of choosing a correct candidate or contestant to the parliament, who is representative of our locality or ward to parliament, who can really work for the overall development of my state as well as my country in connection with all round development, farming, education, health, technology all. It is natural and practical that political parties will try to pull each other leg in ridiculing their inability or inefficiency to get more votes influencing the people. Yes, people judge honesty, sacrifices, changes in democratic government. They want revolutionary changes abolishing some stereotype forms of government, their strategy of governance, neither they like dictatorship nor communism or monarchy. They want liberty, freedom of speech changes, honesty, no bureaucracy, no corruption, one idealism in governance. Sixty percent of population come such category of socialism, they want equality, the main objective of the government to maintain equality among all classes of people. Equality in economic socialist government. No discrimination among various classes, honesty in political party, no corruption, corruption free government. Do they find all such features or relevant qualities in their cherished government? We cannot answer such querries why because political parties , their propaganda cannot satisfy the querries of public or common men. 

Obviously the minority group of higher economic class donot bother about political parties, their administration. They know who rules over them. They know the bitter reality, that ministers of parliament they implement rules with majority approval which takes a long time to be implemented going through various procedures of democracy in a long way, time taking execution of laws which are implemented very slowly. Prime minister along with cabinet ministers also are guided by top level IAS officers who guide them as expert advisors or advising committee of senior rank officers like governor of RBI, supreme court judges, other chief secretaries senior officers who are the real administrators. Ministers are experienced but lack knowledge of administration in government affair without gaining adequate knowledge. So those 40% people never cast their votes in election. They are neutral always. Now people under poverty line what do they want? They want socialist government but they donot understand anything about politics, political parties, their objectives, their political games , propagandas etc. Some are influenced by religion religious dogmas , biases , prejudices like hinduism or Muslim religion, actually the political parties play games in the name of idealism religious superstition to influence the mass. They support all secretly behind the screen. They Support to minority, caste reservation, religious differences, demoneytization, GST, all such dramas they do to influence majority who seriously seek for socialism, anticorruption sentiments, they are 40% of our population, out of 70% of population who ⁶seriously cast votes, now 40 % are biased influenced by socialism or anti corruption government. They are controlled by any party easily. They want money during election time to meet their requirements, ways of solving proverty lines being privileged through various prime minister's yojnas. They try to understand but they cannot solve their riddles of querries easily. They cannot understand what are the financial changes, amendments or rules are executed in India or for what purposes ,whether corruption is erradicated or poverty is replaced with various yojnas, they are totally confused. 

Now remained 30% of middle class people who are considered as intelligent and educated groups who really rationalize practically, the utility of choosing a correct government they are more concerned in medias in digital electronic campaignings. They want to verify the truth,whether the party is serious enough to bring changes without being motivated by corruption or grabbing public money, whether they make correct policies in implementing in various fields utilizing the taxes, revenues which are collected from the public. The projects for the infrastructure of the majore cities like construction of highways, roads, over bridges, hospitals, whether it should be used properly through contracts of corporate contractors or private contractors, builders, finance companies, corporate banks,private companies, public sectors ,they want the national fund should be utilized properly. They know private banks, public sectors work efficiently but they can do monopoly , corruption in hiding black money cunningly or manipulating the government easily, all the contracts or deals should be done with proper governance, digital transactions through banks which are globally operated by foreign operators or delegations, 

There it is very important to control all with diplomatic ways. Otherwise country can be hired on debt only. Yes, some projects are started but it takes a long time to be implemented, some private as well as public sectors control the economy of our country, the real market, essential products, requirements of our country are provided by the adequate products to the consumers in the market in their needs along with exporting to foreign countries in their trade business also with maximum retailed price. This middle class group understands the reality of our country, what our country requires truly, what type of government they want which is not verified or examined by their religion, caste creed but they are examined by educational experiences, honesty, family honesty, corruption free and patriotism. This group consists of 30%, but their votes matter a lot what I feel. They are very active in social medias. Now they must be reading my article. They will understand my purpose of writing. Thanks to all readers. 


It is one privillege of our democratic republic government which provides social, economic equality to all citizens that they can contest for any election vidhansabha or loksabha without any educational qualification, lack of practical political experiences as one government job. Yes, that is the only job which politician can be easily elected without any educational background or knowledge. 

Even an illiterate, who cannot read or write, can be a politician if he has abundant experience. That is good. Political experiences, hardworking, social services, "service to men is service to God " They are true politicians. One politician does not give an educational certificate, he gives a moral, ethics conduct certificate to contest in the election. 

Now a days the supreme court has made it mandatory to give a conduct certificate to get a ticket as a contestant of the election, party ticket can be cancelled if the candidate has a criminal background. That is why many young party members are working seriously for the party preaching or highlighting of the mottos, objective of the party principles like racism, Hinduism, caste division reservation , socialism, economic socialism, bureaucracy, industrialism, anti-corruption demoneytization, etc as their ideologies to get votes only, no other objective or motive to do social, economic development of the citizens. That we all know very well. 

Yes each word speaks truth Abp news is trying very cunnigly to tackle their views always alleging or manipulating farmers as they are against government, they will give up protest. Some news channels are foolish like government in parliament because how can they blame farmers without reasons they r terrorists or anything. Jai jawan, Jai kishan, then if jai jawan start protesting who will save country from terrorists, khalisthan formation they allege to kissan , if jawan protest then emergency military rule or president rule will be declared. This government system of democracy will be collapsed to dictatorship of definitely army men. Judiciary will also loose authority over democratic republic government. So allegations are easy to make, government should negotiate with kissan or farmers who are also politically highly educated, they have the³²ir dignity, identification, adhar card, voter card and ration cards. Afterall this government has produced so many cards only ayushman, kissan so many cards and yojnas nothing else. They know kissan only make us survived, our survival during pandamic time. They are not terrorists , they are hindusthanis Indian citizens not Pakistani or Chinese. Barricade, nails fence are so rediculous mockery defensiveness against kissans. Can we barricade parliament house when any session will be going on anticipating or guessing any terrorism or physical attack on ministers themselves where as sometimes it happens like a war field, verbal attacks of words, shouting throwing temper tantrums so many things we have witnessed the parliamentary sessions?

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