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Indira Mishra

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational



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If lord Krishna would not support Pandavas to play all hypocrisies then they might not have won the battle of Mahabharat. 

He had saved the life of Arjuna from Pitamaha Vishma in conspiracy hiding behind Srikhandi to shoot the arrows in vishma's body in several holes. 

Dharmaraj Yudhistira was instructed to say lies of death of Aswasthama, guru Dronna's son which shocked Dronacharya to be deadly in deep sorrow, 

while cunningly he was killed.

Karna was cunningly asked to give up the war, 

he was promised by his own mother kunti not to kill his brothers. 

One more cunningness played by lord Krishna emotionally. 

Thousands died , the bodies were lying on cremation ground, all kouravas princes killed by pandavas. 

Pitamaha Bhisma was lying on the bed of arrows being shot through his body. 

Karna was killed unfortunately by Arjuna when his charriot was stuck on earth, 

One more fact, war never brings peace and happiness through war. 

It satisfies the revengeful mind, false ego for the satisfaction of ego and vanity only. 

Draupadi took revenge of her humiliation by Dusasana and Durjodhana . 

She used to provoke pandavas the humiliation, injustice she had been suffering through out her life for the revengeful war a rebellious mind for the winning back of their kingdom Hastinapur or equivalent possession of lost states indraprastha too. 

Ultimately Bhima was successful in taking revenge on killing Dushasana in cruelty and violence slaying his hands, tearing his heart in blood cleansing the hairs of Draupadi in that blood, 

these are obviously cruelty against one civilization. 

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