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Indira Mishra

Tragedy Action Inspirational

Global Universal Religion

Global Universal Religion

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The best development during the period of the Mughal reign was Akbar the Great, Akbar was the son of Humayun, he had captured all kingdoms of India through conquests and alliances, his brother Mirza Hakkim was his rivalry. In 1560 AD Akbar conquered the fort of Chittor from Ranna Uday Singh of Mewar, he had defeated Rana Pratap in Haldighat. He had conquered Gujrat Bengal and Odisha. Akbar showed religious tolerance, he was patronising more to Hindus, he extended trade with central asia persia . Akbars son Jahangir granted the trading rights to Portuguese later to English. Aurangzeb has assassinated Sikh Guru Tez Bahadur, Aurangzeb was a despotic cruel ruler who also tortured the Indians, specifically Hindus, he was revengeful against temples and Hindu religion, he had destroyed Hindu temples being one despotic ruler like Allhaudin Khilzi who defeated Ratan Singh of Rajasthan, Rajput cunningly who had bad eyes in the beautiful Queen Padmabati of Chittor. Padmavati along with other widowed women after the death of the king sacrificed their lives in the fire. 

Mughal empire, Mughal of Afghanistan, Togloque dynasty, Khilji dynasty chengiz khan Allahudin Khillji, Muhamud togloque they had ruled over India for a long time, they had created Muslim culture converting Hindus to Muslims, they had attacked temples, destroyed temples, they had tortured Hindus, but we had been ruled under their rule or reign for a long time we have never asked the torture tyranny that time for 1000 years.

We Hindus, Indians or Pakistanis lived under their rule, we liked the rule of Akbar the great, he was extremely in favour of Hinduism Hindu temples, patronage of Hindu religion, we loved the great Tipu sultan, we never blamed his administration, we were tortured by despotic ruler Aurangzeb, Muhammad Tugloque .

History of glorious India.

If we talk about other civilizations then it comes Aryan, Indus valley, Buddhism and Jainism civilizations, Gouttam Budha, Siddhartha king of Kapila Vastu was born in Lumbini village of Nepal, the eastern part of India, Mahabir Jain thirthankar, guru belonged to India, so it is precisely known the Buddhism spread or originated from India, it was spread all over Asia, Japan China srilankan all places, one great religion of India.

Mourya dynasty Chandragupta Mourya, he had driven away salucus the greek king from India, then the great king Ashoka belongs to Maurya dynasty in 273_ 232 BC, then comes Kushan dynasty Kanishka was the greatest king, then come Gupta dynasty, 320 to 550 AD, the Chandra Gupta dynasty time great dramatists, poet, mathematicians, scientists surgeon were like Kalidas Bannabhat, Aryabhatt Varahamihira and Sankaracharya were born. 

The golden era it is called as then come Vardhaman Harsa Vardhan dynasty Rajput ruled from 650 to 1209 AD

If we talk about our golden history now we must introspect the events of medieval history the Mughal 

Empire each 100 years we can count on the contecxt of hindu and Muslim relationship, religion, culture and herritage. Babur invaded India and defeated Ibrahamlodi at Panipat, where he brought Turkis and Persian languages, then he defeated Rana sangha Mewar, next come the 2nd battle of Panipat here the Afghanistan Afgan rule ends, Mughal rule starts now. 

I want to say the geography of India today as we are perceiving was totally different during the rule of Afghanistan rulers, now consecutively three wars the Mughal emperors fought with the Hindu kings, they defeated them badly in ending Hindu dynasty 2nd battle of Panipat, battle of Talikot battle of Haldighat Akbar defeated Ranna Pratap Singh the brave Rajput. 1564 AD than 1576 AD, battle of Palassey in 1757 AD,  The English under Lord Clive defeated Suraj Uddaula, it brought muslim rule an end to Bengal, foundation of British rule in india, third battle of Panipath. Ahmad Sah adali defeated maratthas Maratha power came to end, then the battle of Buxar 1764 AD Britishers defeated muslim now onwards the battle of Tipusultan starts against britishers. He defeated the British army in 1970 AD, the fourth Mysore war then the Maratha war two times. 

Gandhi Ji never took revenge, he said, war, violence, bloodshed, killings cannot bring peace

We salute to the spirit of Bhagat singh, Sukh dev , Rajguru and Subash ch Bose but, military force, weapons cound not bring freedom.

Ultimately ,philosophy of non violence or peaceful protest can bring freedom, war of non violence, perseverance, penance and sacrifice, the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, which the whole world worship and follow for decades , only this philosophy can bring peace unity integrity among the nations if in future earth exists for global peace and integrity. 

I am not supporting any party but I cannot tolerate allegations in notes of "Hindu times" against Mahatma Gandhi that he was supporting Muslims in Pakistan only, he was responsible for India, Pakistan and Bangladesh partition. 

I want to say, Mahatma Gandhi was a lawyer, he knew the laws, policies with his abundant knowledge. He was neither diplomat nor shrewd like the leaders or politicians of the current time. He was against racist feelings. Gandhiji had written Gita during the period of his imprisonment with his immense knowledge, pioneer of Hinduism, one real philosopher guide of spiritual knowledge. He has explained Gita in a simple sublime way which had inspired Binobaba again the great follower of Gandhiji. Now Hindu political parties are alleging Mahatma Gandhi as the patronage of Muslims only they are playing nasty games of vote banks only. 

He had said, 'I am not happy in separation, I do not want such India', he had fought against caste feelings along with BR Ambedkar, his idealism was to give equality to all citizens irrespective of castes creeds races and religions. He fought for untouchability. He had framed so many idealism and principles that really could unite India as a socialist country till now. Once he advised one Hindu person who had killed one Muslim boy in the roit, agitation, Mahatma Gandhi said, you just bring up a child whose parents are dead in mob and violence, but remember he would be a Muslim child your vice would be diminished you would never go to hell". The angry man who had charged against Gandhi that, for him only there was roit, violence, 

Murder and death, he was suddenly changed he sobbed into tear cried loudly. He could understand his mistake. This truth we all know. 

It is the principles of Mahatma Gandhi who taught us to be the independent spirits of Swadesh, swaraj, hand-woven, Charakh, hasta Tatra all are Mahatma Gandhi's contributions to our country. Swachhata, cleanliness all the principles ideologies have been followed by Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Subsequently, other leaders followed his path.

He was one hard laborious political leader with his bare body one dhoti he was weaving his own clothes, feeding to goats and cows he was cleaning his own house with his own hands Sabarmati, the pilgrimage ashram, desires dreams, the inspiration of youngsters. He could win the freedom struggle from the clutches of Britishers. He had been in jail for so many years. It is not very easy to condemn a saint, Mahatma as a religious fanatic. He had not created war, violence or partition, we Indians must feel proud of him always. Even if we cannot worship him as a god-like Rama or Krishna whom we have not seen, atleast we can regard his sentiments of non-violence and truth. 

Anyway, one cruel bitter reality is only 10% Hindu community exists in the world but the most magnanimous, rich in heritage, universal Sanatan in religious sentiments, it is predicted only Hindu religion can survive in the earth other religions can be abolished with the passage of time because it is most compatible, most broadness, most ideal religion. 

It reflects all religious thoughts,  

Sentiments and philosophies of philosophers, 'basudeva kuttumbakkam,' other religions are chanting hindu mantras, slokas, they are following our positive ideal sentiments. 'Omm ommm bhur bhubasyaha tassyabitur barrennyam bhargo debassya dhimahi dhiyo yonaha prachhodayatt.".. 

They learn yoga, pranayam, omm ommm vibration brings unity spiritushes,

This is not a question of racism if Mother Teresa would be Muslim then also people would be accusing her of a criminal. This is proved as people are ungrateful towards any true saint or angel. This is my view, all these things are happening due to abuses in social media, wrong manipulation of information technology being dominated, manipulated by some media, a sense of racism is being developed everywhere in social media in the name of Hindus, 

Excessive misinterpretation of Hinduism, always.

One thing pictures cartoons even we get in social media plenty in photoshop pictures editing we can make cartoons of PM also with women ministers in his bed room, then picture of Mahatma Gandhi had been polluted in media with her disciple sister Nibedita very badly but truth is they are sanyas and saints without any doubt if opposition parties want to prove they can , these arguments have no end , 

No solid evidences, people write any book on any great leader, phylantrophic, saint , social worker and prophet, it is the nasty outlook of the readers who perceive things from their point of views. I donot want to make dirty of their images. If Mother Teresa had any personal relationship or emotional bondage with anyone we are not elgible to comment on anyone's personal life. If we can serve to any patient in the hospital even Corona also then we can give comments on nurses what I feel. 

We are scared to serve our family members also from any chronic disease how can we deserve to comment on a nurse who was running hospital risking or endangering her own life. Forget about money. Doctors are scared and leaving hospitals during covid19 time. Why ? They donot want to be infected. It is not the matter of money. Some nurses and doctors work breathlessly continuously without food , rest and sleep in USA and India to save the lifes of covid19 patients who are in ICU 

In ventilators. How are they doing, is it only money? No. Better will stop throwing garbage on nurses. 

I felt really bad and shocked reading the note against Mother Teresa that she had earned lot of money which she had saved in UK bank , she was working for missionary to promote christianity, what type of notes people post in social medias really we must be ashamed of such notes. She was not born in India but how she served the 

Indians, on the streets of Calcutta, the leprosy beggars each Indian knows. No one wants to know more about her money or how she utilised it for the service if mankind, hindu or christians, it does not matter.

Gratitude, divineness, immortal is mother Teresa and her body where she was cremated, a divine soul, never ending sacrifices, no one can imagine to be like a mother terreca image, she was like one angel sent by Jesus ,noble prize is not the measure of her sacrifices , it was 

One honor conferred on her, the mother of universe who could serve patients on the streets, taking them to her nursing clinic or hospital which was not the path of her earning for christianity or missionary ,no one can believe, no thesis, no book can write her magnanimity. Yes, christian organisations are devoted, service oriented even if they are higly conmercial but sacrifices of mother Teresa for poor beggars on the streets, no history can write her greatness, devils can find faults or 

Blemishes in any angel or goddess. They rediculed mother Teresa. Whatever money she got, she had used for her medical set up only. She had spent her life in the service of poor, helpless and lonely abandoned people in the streets who used to live on begging.

One movie on the life of BR Amedkar was telecasted on DD National channel, it was really very informative, very nice movie. Where as some 

Bitter truth, facts made me bewildered, so astonishing the truth that Mahatma Gandhi had gone for hunger strike fasting to death with a strong determination of not dividing hindus in special category of reservation, sheduled caste, sheduled tribes reservation. He was against the bold stubborn decision of Dr Ambedkar in connection with special category of reservation among hindus in the name of 

Backward classes. He had seriously denied the definition or categorization of the word 'achhut' or untouchability, the most henious scornful word which was against the race or class system . Where as Dr Ambedkar insisted him to give special reservation to the schedule caste, schedule tribes as they are backward classes economically and socially both as their birth right. He had opposed strongly the opinion of Mahatma Gandhi. Some conversations followed like this Dr Ambedkar said, ' it is not true that one Mahatma can give justice to all classes. He lacks practical knowledge. I want political power, political governance, political authority in parliament directly 197 seats should be reserved for SC, ST backward classes, then only backward classes can prosper in each socio-economic field of life practically. It will take 15 years if seriously and practically implemented as policy or idealism of preamble for the upliftment of SC, ST classes with reservation in all fields socio, economic and cultural. Otherwise the upper class hindus will always dominate over them exploiting their socio cultural background as untouchable race or human category. We have lost our dignity, social respect economic, educational development in the name of untouchability. We are oppressed, tortured by higher caste people." Then very strongly he had opposed the hunger strike of Mahatma Gandhi who was struggling badly starving on hunger strike. Everybody approached Dr Ambedkar to compromise with his demand negotiating with congress party men for one confrontation to find out a peaceful solution. He was very stubborn on his demand , health of Gandhi ji was deterriorating drastically, he was on the bed of his starving then Ambedkar agreed in compromising with Mahatma for 150 seats reservation in parliament for SC and ST candidates in the government. It was finalised. While congress party leaders were deciding to allocate the portfolios among their party leaders that time the generous Mahatma Gandhi, the father or backbone of our nation decided to nominate 

BR Ambedkar as the law minister and chairman of the constitution to safeguard the right, privileges of all dalit schedule caste and schedule tribes without any partiality or conspiracy or hesitation of differentiation of race, caste and creed as he used to say, 'he never finds differences in hindus, no class system, no racial feelings only one race, one class one caste that is humanity nothing else." While Dr Ambedkar had alleged against Gandhi ji like "you have favoured more to Muslim community than dalit hindus, why are you against reservation of dalits? Donot use the method of hunger strike as an weapon to impose your decision." Same allegation now a days some party like hinduism accuse against Mahatma Gandhi. My statement is whether Dr Ambedkar would have achived his goal as he had determined or dreamt of achieving without the help of Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders of Congress. Who made him the protector, caretaker and chairman of Indian constitution. It is obviously the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi. Ultimately Dr Ambedkar the preserver of our Indian constitution implemented certain policies like equality in genders, no difference in genders, race, class ,caste and creed giving justice, liberty, fraternity 

Equality to all citizens bringing socialism equality among all citizens. He was also against the division of a country, he wanted a united nation like Gandhiji. After the death of his wife he remarried to Dr sarda devi. He was in search of true religion in the pursuit of divine knowledge. In the end, he converted himself from Hinduism to Buddhism, in his consideration Buddhism is the right path of 

Divineness ,enlightenment of wisdom ,non violence, no discrimination among castes or class system of race , the best path of spiritual life, attainment of soul's existence. My querry is again to Dr Ambedkar's struggling or rebellious mind, his hatration against class system to establish justice, equality in the constitution irrespective of any caste, creed or religion then why did he go for reservation? He 

Could have achieved it impartially without hatration and revolution simply being converted to Buddhism, his followers also converted to Buddhism in the subsequent period. Thousands of Dalits were converted to Buddhism and Christianity getting facilities of reservation then.


Many whatsapp messages claim that Saibaba was not avatari purush or godly image. 

He cannot be compared with Lord Rama or Lord Krishna. 

Let us evaluate the significance of avatars, even in gita it is written that sri Krishna met to param brahmam biswarupa many times with Arjuna, Sudama and other gods. God takes various forms of Avatar to protect vedas srutis from destruction in the form of Baraha, Kachhapa and face to kill Hiranya kashipu ,They project sincerity, punctuality, almighty , rendering immense faith in people to be worshipped as Gods. 

They create the principles of moralism, they set up behaviours or actions or goals of lives, they set up goals, deeds, duties, sacrifices moralism for a community, village nation or for the whole humanity, human world as a God or prophet or king or messenger. They show the idealisms of their lives as son, father, brother, husband, friend, disciple, guru and king, then they are called gods. Spiritualism defines disciplines in life, it gives knowledge for inner pursuit of soul within through yoga meditation or bhakti, karma gyana yogas. 

Spiritualism is linked with the philosophies of various religions in various ways, Allah, Jesus, Ram, Krishna Buddha all are creators of such sastras or holy books which depict again the spiritual characters or incarnations of gods again, the manifestation of spiritualism or philosophies of ideal lives, before we define Saibaba's role or Avatar as one godly form we must know whether he stands for all religions without any discrimination. We must know Hinduism or any other religion is associated with any religious biases or caste system or discrimination. Why I am writing this because lord Krishna was tied by the love of gopis in a small village, no discrimination of caste or creeds, lord Ram served Sabari and boatman kaibalya, he won the battle with the help of monkey's army, these are incidents of his life who was beyond all castes and creeds, his magnanimity. 

Saibaba was doing Narayan Seva or service to his village if we read his life story, he had some power of miracles which God had gifted him, he could cure diseases through that power. He could be able to teach them or make them convinced through his magical power in persuading the minds of people to follow the path of moralism, which made him leader or guru. 

No one achieve the state of brahma or brahma gyan , it needs practice through bhakti or devotion, knowledge, self introspection, Sai dharma is sanatana dharma, it can save us from religious crisis. His role, his sacrifices is very important in kalliyug...if we believe in god, almighty divineness moralism moral values of lifes then yes we must believe in god or guru or incarnations. Saibaba is the highest divineness integrity unity among all religions to save the world from religious crisis. Now 

Dwarika maii is the holiest place in India where thousands of people eat like Gurudwar in very less price , solar enery is used for cooking gas purpose. All are miracles now also done by gods blessings. 

If we follow paths of spiritualism then we need gurus, who establish morals disciplines idealism of lifes through deeds practices of various yogas bhakti, gyan and karma, they prove all in their lifes without ego selfishness with the weapon of 

Sacrifices. Question is if we discriminate Hinduism as an unique different religion who embodies only mighty, strength miraculous biswarupa omnipotent omniscient like parambrahmam then we have not understood the value of Hinduism, Hinduism teaches us to follow non violence excuses, mercy on innocent helpless humans or animals then embodiment of all castes creeds and religions.

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