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Upasana Pattanayak

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational


Upasana Pattanayak

Abstract Tragedy Inspirational

Life Partner

Life Partner

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Patience plays a very important role in our life, if we are patient in life then we can achieve a lot, even the biggest success we can achieve with patience. Many people have proved that with patience, we can fulfill all our dreams too, but patience also has a limit, patience should not be too much. 

“Patience is very useful in life,

 Brings us great success,

 It never makes us sad,

 It helps to move us forward in life.” – Upasana Pattanayak.

Positivity is a kind of thinking that resides in the heart and mind of a person, there can be no proper definition of this thinking, but if we tell the meaning of positivity here, then it will be such thinking that occurs due to the heart and mind of any person. But no pressure will be felt, this thinking cannot be defined but can be felt, if those who are in any dilemma and have fallen from many types of ideologies, then only those thoughts will be positive which will be positive for both the mind and heart which will give peace to the mind.

In the most difficult times, if a person keeps positive thinking in himself/ herself, then he/ she gets many benefits, these benefits can be both psychological and physical.

This is heart touching story of the conjugal life of Aaditya and Roshni. In this story lots of characteristics of patience, confidence, and positiveness with characteristics of a good husband. 

“I don't want a big and beautiful life, but I want life as long as you are with me.” – Upasana Pattanayak.

There was immense love and understanding between the two. Both were married by law with the help of some near and dear ones. There was no consent of the members of the family of both sides and they did not approve of the marriage. So both of them left home for a happy life. Aaditya's younger brother gave approval to their marriage when others did not. They took a new flat for rent. 

One day after having breakfast in time, they went out with a lunch box. Suddenly Roshni’s health deteriorated. Severe pain occurred in her lower abdomen which was swollen within no time. Due to heavy pain, she was in worse condition. Aaditya immediately took her to the hospital and the doctor advised that sonography be done immediately. It was found from the sonography that the egg had disappeared thick and fast from the ovary, the fallopian tube of the side was inflated because of which the pain started and it led to a serious condition. The embryo did not develop in the uterus but in the fallopian tubes. It is called “Ectopic pregnancy” in medical science. It was a terrible shock of the wretched condition. Roshni was immediately operated on the advice of the expert gynecologists. This news was given to the members of both the families, but the family members of Aaditya did not come to see the patient. But Roshni’s parents were moved by this sad news. On receiving the news, her parents rushed to the spot like a bolt from the blue. Those who accepted both Aaditya and Roshni and their relationship wholeheartedly were sad at heart and bereaved. Before Roshni was discharged from the hospital, her parents brought a lot of household things for the house. 

After a few days, Roshni recovered and started going to her place of work. Roshni was not at all sad about the problem of the ectopic pregnancy. She was stern and optimistic. She was a practical lady with lots of positive attitude and patience. She thought of her future and started taking medicine regularly. After a year, she was about to become a mother again. But after three months, abortion occurred automatically and naturally. Still, Roshni was neither impatient nor sad. Roshni was a very practical lady and Aaditya used to support her at every step and in every path of life. Roshni was under regular treatment. All the checkups and pathological tests were also going on regularly and smoothly with normal reports. In the fourth year of marriage, Baani was going to become a mother again. She was absolutely fine, hale, and hearty. She confronted no problem. The time of pregnancy became a good enjoyment of motherhood with the fetal movement. 

After a period of nine months, the cesarean delivery was done on time. The happiest moments she enjoyed were that she had twins, a son, and a daughter. The daughter resembled Roshni, the son took after his father Aaditya. They believed in Destiny which played a vital role in their daily life. Now those children are ten months old and both Roshni and Aaditya are living happily with their children. 

Reciprocity of love and friendship is seen between the husband and the wife. The happy conjugal life has overcome all the obstacles and vicissitudes. Still, they have never stopped their journey of life, they do not lack courage and patience since they rely on the gift of the unseen.

“Whoever has learned to be patient, he/she has learned a big mantra in life. There is happiness in life every moment and Patience is the only happiness in life.” – Upasana Pattanayak. 

“Whoever has patience, his/her life is kept away from sorrows. Patience is very useful in life which brings us great success.” – Upasana Pattanayak.

Marriage is another name for unwavering faith and dedication, but no one has control over destiny. Sometimes the companion of the life partner gets lost in the middle of the way. 

The word marriage is associated with the beautiful feeling of supporting each other throughout life. While bonding in this relationship, many rainbow dreams are settled in the eyes of young couples, but sometimes these colors of dreams start blurring with time. People do not even have any idea that when and how they went away from their partner.

Everyone should learn from Aaditya. If everyone will be a good, lovable, and supportive husband like Aaditya, then there will be no physical and mental torture to a lady.

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