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Sunit dighe

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Compassion is a muscle of our outgrown-immature humanity without which the world cannot move a soul

What is Compassion in reality? Is it only a sole respect, love or act of concern, yes, in general we do say this, but – is really the world so compassionate about each-other?

A quest or a challenge for the world is to show out their real compassion. Compassion as an abstract is an idea of love, respect, adherence to any person who have a pure soul, even a compassionate person holds a similar rank for all the fortunes and misfortunes in one’s life.

A person learns and educates himself easily with the abstract ideas or meanings of any words. Even if you tell a three year old toddler to by heart the meaning of compassion and repeat it he would do so, But do they really know what actually does this meaning dissipates into or falls into? Does he really know how he can use this compassion in daily life? The answer to this is not at all. Why taking in a small child who is in his learning and playing age, take a fully grown-up man or woman,

What do these adults speak out of compassion? Just Some way to get likes and views on their social media posts by showing compassion to them for a hot second and at the quite next moment they throw them off

IS this really what is Compassion?

In Today’s world, the going on Kali Yuga or the world with black virtue as we say spiritually actually reflects the way it is.

Taking in consideration the case of our community especially, our own loving India, has a portion of people completely fell in Darkness, all these people include the grown-up man or woman which I discussed about in the last paragraph, These people know the meaning of compassion but in reality hate to follow it or just reflect it for their own hunger.

Rape cases in India already has touched its sky limits, somewhere in this ancient India – existed people who forgot their male dominance – a cliché in Kali Yuga and praised women as Devi – Laxmi, Saraswathi.

Men have forgot their gentleman ship and as a result a beautiful country like India gets destroyed.

Due to which foreign countries often are scared of India in the way of tourism.

A Destroyed soul from this, what do they feel, what do they go through no ones knows.

This certainty of rapes is not only present in country like India, every aspect of the world we go in we see such cases.

So what about these rapists how can we stop them. Rather than barricading them off the cells. A true lesson will be teaching them compassion in a true way.

A mother, a creator of world, a person who has a soul gets destroyed as she doesn’t get shown any compassion.

Speaking of mother, our mother earth, which we live in, from which we extract minerals and food to run our livelihood , never gets shown a single bit of compassion.

Day to day toxication of her, even when we use her for our benefits. Just extracting her and never giving her back anything as a gift of compassion.

This way the world shows how well they know what compassion is really.

Compassion is a slice of the pizza which has been served by Karma.

As Karma speaks the language of truth and payback. Compassion is one of the many aspects that help Karma speak the language of truth.

Now take the example of a person who lives besides the house of a rich person on the street.

So, what should that rich person do, help the poor or throw him away from that area, of course the person must serve the poor person by giving him some food water and money to make his own livelihood and the rich person does so. So, what end of the story, no not at all the very next day the same person who was on the road seems to get a Porsche or a really nice car. A technically impossible in a life which runs on a non-fictious language.

What happens to the person the very next second, all the footage of him comes back on the CCTV of the person with richness and the rich person gets in return an honor for catching such a scammer.

This is how Karma gets activated when we add a seasoning of compassion in it.

Compassion can heal our community and planet by serving it in the rightful way. Rather than watching a person until his eyes see black help to save him in any way. Become a part of all his fortunes and misfortunes, Turn out all the possible ways in which you can serve his needs and need not worry about the return back. It always returns to you in a right way at the correct time.

World is a judge, they do on every aspect, anything it be whether your social status, financial or economic. Just a change in character and adding of some compassion to your behavior can create a whole new scenario of you in their mind, forgetting all they just judged you upon.

Concluding, I must say a person or a student is technically studios knows what he has can give but the evil named “Ego” always brings those thoughts to an end and never lets you complete it

Compassion is an abstract you should think about,

Nevertheless, the way you thought it made it awful,

Like finding a piece of coal in diamond which can never be removed.

This thought made it even awful where you failed to know that it was a special abode.

Where you had a chance to keep it, now has flown miles apart,

Compassion about it could have saved you, but sad though you broke apart in tears of black hue

So, think about it where the application of such compassion can save you from breaking apart and in return get back what you did good.

Compassion is not a virtue—It is a commitment, its not something we have and don’t have – Its something we choose to practice


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