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Karma Speaks up the Language of Life

Karma Speaks up the Language of Life

4 mins

        The divine language of the god which only he is able to cast. This divine language has more worth than a diamond that the overlord locks in his briefcase. He also thinks he should never have a chance to cast it. He wants the people out there to obey their intentions and let the overlord complete his challenge. Karma is like a coin that has two sides. Keep your intentions good for yourself or just politely be ready to risk yourself to an overload spelling up Karma on you.

        As you know good destinies are never achieved quickly, it requires super consistency and patience. But if you don't like patience, then you lie on your own risk to cross up to the bad destiny. The overlord never wants you to actually dive into the water of unpleasant, diverse, arrogant, unfortunate, he wants you to be bad, he wants you to see as an open-minded fellow with a crystal clear will and good intention. When you try and walk the wrong way by a mistake, he gives you a chance by placing a wall of Karma on your side, blocking that side with some or other means.

        He requests you to think, ask yourself the foolish mistakes you just created, monitoring your normal day, and mainly rest your life on his chest and just to believe him. So in short he asks you to act wisely, stepping a move by firstly thinking on it and then speed up your action.

       Using Hi, Hello or obeying the poor, respecting the poor is just like eating the top of the pizza and leave the white crust uneaten. To make that white crust tasty help them some or the other way. They will have your back in your own critic days. Poor is not only the one without shelter or home, but it also includes the people who have lost their life's happiness by just a mistake, but they will also hold your back by saying just one thing "Enjoy your life never let it down or lose it even if extreme condition, keep fighting. This is the way karma has spoken its best language as much it could. As I said, Karma isn't always inauspicious.

      But if you overthrew Karma, it will start spelling the cast of revenge. Philosophical Thinkers, take this as a critical language of life. Life is strange if you ram into overthinking about it critically.

     Challenges and revenge make up 80% of your life. You already know, "prevention is better than cure" so it is better to face and pass by this stuff rather than risking it and taking it as a burden. Karma talks about the language of risk here. Sometimes, a challenge you face like you face a sudden overthrown by someone you to do public speaking on some of the other topics. Here you feel an emotion of nervousness. If you face this emotion and taking it in a cool way rather than panicking, Karma speaks the good for you by speaking the language of blocking these worst feelings. 

    The 15% is consumed by your subconscious mind's negative vibes that appear when you had paranormal or depressive situations. If you don't believe in such assaulted thoughts, the whole world respects you. You are the one who can control the language of Karma. If you have a truly beautiful mind Karma will never oppose the hose of your mind. If you feel something coercive you might have or also may not have given this type of feeling to some other soul. This language beholds the control of your mind. Karma speaks up the language by giving you the same feeling when you hurt someone.

    Luckily, 5% of your life, is enjoyed by you the fullest. If you believe in the good intentions of Karma - as I mentioned above - you can even receive a big gift of happiness by the language of returning devotions. Helping charity, even your friends, and never forget your family. Do you now believe in Karma's positive vibes too? If, not I respect your opinion. "Karma only speaks the language of truth whether it be positive or negative". 

   When you ram into the thoughts of truth to be filled in your mind, intentions appear to be good. Dominating over Karma, is never possible, the secret to winning is by never telling lies in front of this divine power.

  Karma's Language of life spoken by the divine overlord can be enjoyed by celebrating the fullest of life. Thus, in conclusion, enjoy the fullest of life.

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