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“Whatever happens, I will not let my Silver retire under any circumstances.”

Neither was this puzzle bar nor was it the last, yet from this morning, the head constable Khan's son Shehyaz had lifted the entire mounted police line on the head. He made upset about himself by mourning and crying.

However, the people of Khan Pathan family were not weak or soft-hearted.

When it came to the animal, it was his tradition to hunt and eat. But this thing was different when he included that Vachera (colts) in Ashwabal(police stable), then Tarun (The young boy) was there, not knowing why and from the beginning he started admiring him, playing him like a friend, when bathing him, as if both were bathing together. Seeing both the Chana and Gud (jaggery) of Government ration together, the entire police staff used to run with laughter.

Shahayaz grew into adulthood and police officer Henry Gomes was inducted into the police force on the recommendation of the father. That is, Shahayaz got the official attitude of living with the horse Silver, Officer Gomes also started keeping him with him.

Officer Gomes had given the name of Silver seeing his distinctive color, the horse Silver had left an indelible mark on his existence, and he was the love of the whole platoon. Be it a day of celebration or a Republic day or a ride on a rod and a sports match, he had got many madels to his platoon. Reval, trot or canter, it was said to sit on it with a full pitcher of water, not a single drop will come out from the pot “बस अश्वार शाहयाझ हो ” (only if Shehyaz is the rider). Officer Gomes who kept the situation, kept Shahayaz at his bungalow for night duty of that day. He knew that if these always living in discipline people could find a reason which they believed to be justified, then it would not take them long to get outlaws.

Anyway, for the eternal peace of the soul of the horse Silver, the entire police force fasted on that day. And in the anxiety of the date of the retirement of the horse, everyone had forgotten that Officer Gomes will also be a retired home person.

By the way, there was a strange tradition of retiring horses in the police force, who speculated on one day from Europe to India, the horses were shot dead at the age of his retirement. Though the Veterinary doctors could inject him and calm him better or someone else for the rest of his life. Salvation could be obtained by giving but that was not available with any government circular, nor any budget to fulfill it.

So the one who comes from the "right" experience was rightly taken care of: by taking some paperwork. 

As Henry entered his eyes moved over the decorated bottle and glass in a special way by Nepali orderly Thapa, at least from the decoration of the house. It seemed that the British did go, but their pride is the same, the wood burning in the furnace was heating the whole room.

There were some haunting trophies hanging on the wall, testimony of his great-grandfather, and his own marksmanship even today. And the large beautifully carving dining table which was once decorated by the host, although now it is mostly heard.

Running the record on the gramophone began to play an old song that was played by an unknown musician, with a peg, Henry looked at the piano in the corner of the drawing-room, which was no longer played.

A layer of dust had climbed up, nothing was available except to put anything on it or a book, but a lot of memories were attached to it and the liquor released from the jam touched the heart of the memory.

The Gomes family was Anglo-Indian, which came into existence in the social ranks of India from the ascendant and social association with the people of the poor forced class, the ancestors were generally British or Portuguese.

But among the common Indians, they were Englishmen, the matter was different in the church or Christian community.

He has the illusion that Sylvia is laughing in front of him playing the piano and Sahmihui si (disappointed and so sad) Josephine was crying in the lobby.

How ironic it was that a church was a community, despite a cemetery, there was a separate existence of all three sections, Sylvia, who was from a pure British family and her place of the community was undoubtedly very up and respectable. Works were blood in et cetera.

Third place was of Indian Christians such as Josephine, who was joined by Missionary or some other and in the progressive section.

Josephine, who sang a good church and carols songs, was honorable in all three categories. As for himself, he was a good shooter, hokey player, and horseman. But some education was very weak, due to some incident, it was not considered trustworthy at all in trios.

He used to die on Sylvia just as Josephine used to die on them, but Sylvia considered her an Anglo human standing down a notch like he considered Josephine an ordinary Indian Christian girl.

When he used to greet Sylvia for good piano playing on the church steps, she used to show tantrums but did not forget to say 'Anglo'. Meaning it was very clear and something like this happened with Josephine when she appreciated something, Henry would not forget to call her "Indian".

And one day Sylvia left all of her and flew happily like a fairy with her dreamy prince, all of Henry's dreams were broken.

He was then shown the same buzz that Josephine had to add to his broken heart.

But Josephine's answer was sensational, Henry believed that I loved you wholeheartedly, but now, my love has become for you, where the infinite love of God is going to become me, if you give me a little If you want, then do not come to me as a demon wall.

In the Portuguese antique wooden clock on the wall, a twelve-faced wooden bird came out and started to do Chi Chi.

It was time to shoot Silver the horse for eternal sleep, in the sleep of the dead.

It was a strange time, the time was already spent, yet they were saying something like the pages of the past, all of them are the same as the Union was flying the tricolor instead of Union Jake but the hands giving salute were the same.

Like Silver, Officer Henry Gomes would also be retired. Neither did he have anything left to make any prior preparations. 

Dhadam… Hearing the sound of gunfire from the Diwankhand orderly Thapa and Shehyaz Khan ran hurriedly into the drawing-room, but…..there was only Officer Henry Gomes bloodied dead body with open eyes saying something.

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