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Lakshay Sharma

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Lakshay Sharma

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Finding the Meaning of LOVE!

Finding the Meaning of LOVE!

5 mins

I woke up today, had my cup of coffee, then ordered some waffles and brownie with some fries. Now the reason I am telling you this is to tell you, where I am coming from. I am a teenager, who just did whatever he loves and now he is writing about love.

For a long time, well at least for 3 or 4 years. Love for me was nothing but a chemical reaction happening inside my body. You see someone, if they are attractive some hormones resonate to their beauty and that is love.

And then I met a girl and everything changed.

This line, you should’ve heard for most of the times in movies or in romance novels. A guy meets a girl, both are broken but slowly they give their fragments to each other and complete each other. No matter how cliché this sounds this is indeed true, for me at least.

It was a sunny day for I remember the sun shining in the sky radiating it’s amber ambiance into the world. When I first saw her in my school corridor. That reaction in body I told you about, well that was happening inside me. And the thought of it being totally normal was not occurring to me at that moment. She was smiling while talking to some of her friends and I was just standing in front of my class. She passed me and her brown hairs covered the left side of her face, which she delicately moved behind her ears. All of this was enough to make me fall for her but, still for me it was just a reaction to her appearance and not who she was.

Years passed and this reaction kept repeating itself every time, the product was similar every time but the reasons were different. Sometimes it was their way of talking I like and sometimes the smile behind which they hide their feelings. No matter what the reason was, it kept happening, love kept happening. And love for me was just that, you notice someone then get to know them with time and that was it. Relationships, heartbreaks was all part of it.

The thing was, I kept trying to find the meaning of love at the surface of it and never got the chance to know love for what it was. Then one day I was sitting in my room alone wondering about the possibilities of my life when someone knocked on my door. I opened it and saw a guy similar to me in appearance but his eyes was different, there was a light in them a bright hope maybe.

I was shocked for a moment and he invited himself inside my room. He entered pushing me backwards not with his hands but by his movements. And sat on the chair next to my bed and asked me to sit on the chair near my study table and then he asked,

“ How are you?”

“Fine, who are you though?” I asked

“Your friend, well… kind of a associate” he said smirking

“Your name?”

“Well I do not have a name but a definition, some say that I am a feeling, some say a moment , some think of me as a person and you think of me as a chemical reaction”


“Aah this again… I am not a person who you can name I am an essence”

“I can’t understand”

“No doubt about it. Do you remember the day when your dad hugged you, when you passed your exams or when you met her.” He said pointing at her photograph lying at my study table.


“And you felt?”

“Um… a kind of assurance and belief in myself, and…. a heart warming feeling”

“You can say, I am that”

“So you are proud?, or Empathy? or something similar to these”

“Nope neither, I am not something to be explained by words”

“Well explain to me then, in words”

“You see, I am not a particular feeling but a bunch of them, I am not always pleasant but sometimes like a punch to them. I come anytime I want when I see something interesting, and leave my host alone requesting, for love for care, and If they do dare, I let them be with someone for sometime and then see them forgetting everything, I see how once in love, the word they invented, forget themselves and their ambitions. It’s stupid how small their dreams are living without any condition.”

“And…” he continued

“ Before you move on, let me say some things inside my head” I said interrupting him,

“You said we are stupid for falling for someone, For we easily abandon,

 Our dreams our ambitions, waiting for someone. But mister dare you speak again of this, for you are right but only to some extent.

We do lost ourselves for someone, but we find something worth more, It’s a easy deduction, you haven’t fallen for anyone before,

We humans are indeed stupid but we are smart too, as by loving someone we make them ours for eternity, we make connections to lower the ambiguity.

Of this world and this life, you know it’s easy to be alone than to be alive.

“And is this love?” he asked

“I don’t know, but this is what I want” I replied

"Well then, would you like some coffee?" 

"Only if you are making it" I said smiling.

Then we waited till the sky turned black and moon drifted sun out of its way, As I fell on my bed to sleep, he put a blanket over me and left. Maybe I found what love meant, at last. 

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