Indira Mishra

Drama Tragedy Action


Indira Mishra

Drama Tragedy Action

Women in love

Women in love

13 mins

 Four women are present in interview. The interviewer welcomed them with cheerful smile and gratitude as if they have made interviewer’s event so successful attending her interview today. Yes the interview continued as so many episodes or serials, anyway tv channels are clever enough in sponsoring some events without more effort just demonstrating the real stories adding more spices.

 interviewer---- ‘welcome : welcome all to my studio I am so grateful to you all , I can not express my gratitude ,my joy knows no bound to express it. Yes I am going to share your precious experiences with my viewers . I feel proud for that.’ 

 All women at a time said, ‘it is okay, we too thankful to zee ,sony and sahara all television channels or studios for calling us for our interviews which we want to share with our viewers’  

‘I will request first to usha ji to share her experience with us’ said Indira , the intelligent interviewer. 

Usha---love , a sense , a sensation of multi colour rangoli which we pour in lover’s minds , lord Krishna was able to motivate his lover for such divine love. The body thrilled in love his sensation of flute he plays or the appearance he gives to his lovers. I was scared while I had been engaged with the groom who was forty five years old when I was only thirteen years old. I was sent back to my parents house after marriage. When I was matured and got periods then only I again was married in my in laws house and I was accepted as a bride. I was physically able to spend my fourth night or honeymoon there then. Do you think I was mentally ready for such day? No, I was shivering like a deer in tiger’s hold when I met him first. He just lifted me up shamelessly to his bed while I was sitting on the floor. He was my father’s age that time. I just could feel regard for him nothing else. How can I sleep with a man who is my father’s age, I could not imagine. Yes my mother, sister and friends all had consoled me . They had described me about marriage and honeymoon. Still then I could not reconcile the fact that. how can I sleep with my father age. I touched his feet, he laughed shameless way . He asked me ‘ hey, what are you doing, no need of praying me as a god. I am your husband only. Come on to bed. I want to love, care and kiss you. Nothing else’. Nothing else I could not get that time. But when I was in her hold, he caressed me, he loved me, he kissed me slowly, slowly he unclothed me there started the struggle of my mind. I hesitated to open my saree. I could not see him in shame I hid my face. He forcibly pulled me . He forcibly opened all. Then I felt pain in my body and mind both. While I was screaming in pain for the pain, it was my first delivery when I was fourteen years old. Nurse came to my in laws home who washed with hot hot water fomentation and dressing in cloth, the small newborn baby was besides me. Special note—[The whole conversation was presented like a picture scene wise, the marriage event, the fourth night scene, then the time of delivery of her first child when she was fourteen years old. Again they all turned in to the interview scene.]

Ushaji-----‘ I could not think of my life. What it is! It is blessing or curse of god who gives birth to a girl life. The sex and duty both together, we need to carry on along with the kid’s upbringing. I did not know how to hold a child and feed her breast feeding, my breast too getting wet with milk. I had to remain there being cutoff from all like one untouchable mother as if I did a crime . No one touched me. I slept down with all dirty clothes and sarees. It is the custom. After twenty one days passed away, we both mother and baby took bath and led normal life. At night we were allowed to sleep in bed. I was shivering in fear because my husband expected me to allow him to be close with me. Though I tried to avoid with so many excuses, at least I got a chance to escape in the name of my daughter but no after one month he felt restless. He was angry for small small things, there I had to take care of ful family, cooking, all house hold works, cleaning etc. We had to look after the baby. After six months, I was again pregnant.                         

Indira asked, how was your health condition? were you ready mentally for the second pregnancy?

Ushaji----There was no question of willingness or self control on such natural things then, they considered it as vice if we deny to be pregnant. If one wife avoids or disagrees to do sex that was only reason of menstruation time. The wife cannot be pregnant as long as she feeds the child but due to my health problem, I weaned the breast feeding so soon, the kids depended on outside cow milk so that, I became pregnant frequently in each year gap, like this I gave birth to eight children’.

Indira----- ‘Here the main point I ask you.Had you ever fallen in love with anyone as to your choice?’

Ushaji-----‘yes, obviously I was in deep love with when I as at the age of thirty two years old ,the real time of my true romance and search of a loving partner, I was always in search of a love partner . May be the reason I never find love image in my husband, I respected him as one elderly person and I was doing sex as a duty to carry on my family life. My co-sister’s son, who is the real son of my husband’s first late wife, who was at that time thirty five years old, when we both loved each other so much. He was in need of both motherly and lover’s love what he found in me after my marriage, he was very close to me. He used to help me in all house hold works , he was bringing up my children, his brothers and sisters so lovingly with care and responsibility as if they are his own children. we did sex secretly in the backyard and firm house, where no one comes, we used to meet at night silently when all go to sleep. I used to go pond before morning because, women were not allowed to take bath in the daylight, they were supposed to take bath in early morning. That was a way to escape from house, then we meet in the firm house secretly. I take bath and come back in the morning, my son used to guard me so no one doubts. He also carries water from well. The scene was followed as a romantic scene. The small thatched hut ,one small house straw roof, all side closed, one attached small kitchen. Both mother and son entered the rooms slowly without noise. As sson as usha enters the room , her son suraj takes her lover mother in his hold, he holds her tightly as if she cannot escape from his hold, so tightly he hugs her, then usha feels little nervous , she looks here and there then she kisses her son so intimately and passionately, she kisses his lips his eyes and she feels very excited and thrilled. Her son whispers in her ears ‘mama I love you. Whom do you love me or your own son?’ 

Usha feels weak she says, ‘obviously all but, you are the most. you are my lover son. I am thirsty. I want to drink more. Usha opens her blause and saree. She feels so happy to unclothe her as she was not scared of or she was not shy in front of her son because, she did not regard him as a god, she simply loved him as her lover whom, she had been searching for from a long time, her body was searching the touch , the romantic touch , caring and passionate kisses of her lover, Who can fulfill her desires, her sexual and romantic desires of her body, one nostalgia to feel him more and to explore his young body more. Suddenly she was scared ,she was scared with the imaginary fear of her husband ,if he comes to know the truth, the secret of her love for her son, she started crying in fear. She cried both in pain and fear, no let me go my son, I can not hide any more, it is too late if some one sees us.’ 

The darkness going, dawn falling in the red light of the rising sun, sun will peeps through, he is the witness of our love I will have to go, leave me now, again late night I will come. Then her son slowly slowly becomes normal comes back to the sense,he leaves her from his tight hold again he pulls her towards him and he kisses her passionately on her lips ,eyes, cheek ,chin and her fair big boobs which have nourished her eight kids one by one every year. Still she looks so beautiful so young so awesome with her fair body little fat on her belly and thigh and hands but, she looks very beautiful and sexy ,for her son.

Another lady said, same is my case, my husband died when I was twenty two years old but, my son was small, my brother in law proposed me to marry as he was in love with me that time, he was eighteen years old and studying in college , I waited another five years as widow until he finished studies then we married in temple. After marriage I had four children from my second husband, but I really loved him.

She narrated her life story as a romantic spicy filmy style. I loved my son in law of my co-sister who was ten years elder to me. He was so involved in me, so we had a family quarrel, my daughter and her daughter are of same age. We both were in delivery rooms at the same time, my son in law was very caring, even I had a child from him secretly that no one knew. Though she was my step daughter and son in law but, I never made injustice to them. I always loved them more then my own children, I take care of their needs. They also regard me a lot . My son in law never makes any difference in between my children his small brother and sister in laws and his own brother in law and sister in law. Even he was so much attached with me that, he never neglected me. He loved me more than his own mother and wife. So I was all in one, his mother in law as well as his most wanted and desired lover . He was elder to me because, my step daughter was same to my age. When I was pregnant that time my daughter was also carrying her first pregnancy. We both delivered two sons at our home. I gave birth to two twins. She gave birth to her first son, like this one by one, every one or two years gap we used to give birth to our children. I had eight children .she had also delivered four daughters and four sons. So our children are of same age. They got their company but, they mentioned the relation as uncle and aunty which was very amazing relation. I had to take care of my children along with my step daughter’s children. I had to manage all , otherwise my elderly husband was furious in anger if I neglected any one from my step children side. There was a fear of being blamed easily as I am their step mother. I regarded my husband as a father more than a husband. I was very conscious of all traditions and customs as we are from a very rich dynasty and my husband was the landlord of the village so, all expected me to be the most caring. One devi or angel image woman, one landlord’s wife is a godly image for the villagers. I was tired of my duty while my son in law helped me in my each action like a true life partner. 

She was loving me so intensely so devotedly that, he was behind me in my all actions, decisions and duty.That is why I could be able to manage all without any stress or frustrations. He knew that , I was doing sex as my duty, it was a relation not more then any commitment or duty to both my family in a balanced way. Our love stories became more intense when I went for a religious tour or pilgrimage with my son in law as my escort. It was really one unique story ,we used to stay in ‘dharmasala’ or pilgrim house but, in a single room. When we used to enjoy our sex lifes so nicely so secretly that no one could suspect us. We used to see all temples and spiritual places but, that was not my age of old age or spiritual quest rather I was searching my real true love, real sex partner who can satisfy my unsatisfied sexual desires and all secret mental support or needs of my lonely life. I used to regard my husband as my master or father. I obeyed his command only. I never enjoyed sex but I was carrying out it as my duty only. My son in law was my real sex partner, he satisfied me and he could be so contented with my sexual activity. As I was very caring as well as demanding on his sexual life so, he was very devoted and caring for my sexual needs and demands, he considered it as his duty as a son in law to carry out my order or command but, he more loved me as a true and honest lover in satisfying my sexual desires or needs. He was extra alert and conscious of my needs as he was having the feeling of injustice that god did to my fate or life being married to one aged person of my father’s age. 

So we enjoyed our sex nights so nicely everyday as if life had given us a chance to live ten times more in one limited span of life or fixed period of time. I lived triple times more my life, the desires of my life. Yes I was pregnant of his child but, it was a vice so, we were forced to abort the child then ,other would also suspected us wrongly for our mistakes. Whole day and night we were in dharmasala not wasting our precious time, we were just busy in sexual and love making. We just went two three times to visit the temples otherwise we were imprisoned in the room whole day and night just spending time in sex and love. 

Even we ate together, we shared all together, not a single moment we spent uselessly except love making. Whenever we feel like we were doing sex in any condition or mood. We made the mood quickly feeling that, if we would get such chance again or not. So almost all the time we were busy in love making the time. 

The time they spent in the dharmasalla was shown as one episode in filmy style how they did romance there, one month stay or pilgrimage’s exploration of life, beyond all moral and spiritual search, one unique life. The bed was decorated with scented colorful flowers and I was dressed with colorful sarees and makeup ,kajal, powder rouse and lipstick instead of white saree and spiritual make up with chandan or kumkum because, I was forced to obey all sanctity, spiritual rituals and obligations of my life as one old aged mother where as, I had not reached at that age of oldness, I was only forty five years old that time, while I had given birth to eight children all gown up stage so, it was natural that I was considered as seventy years old woman who was supposed to observe all divine penance and rituals. As my husband was eighty years old during that time and I was thirty five years smaller to him. I was forced to observe all rituals against my wish or willingness.

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