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Indira Mishra

Children Stories Drama Action

Sukannya, the nurse angel

Sukannya, the nurse angel

14 mins

Hurriedly I packed  my daughter’s clothes, luggage then, we called a vehicle immediately we shifted to near by hospital ‘sevenhills’ intensive care section ‘ICU’ ward , my daughter got dehydration , more then ten times she had been vomiting without any break, doctors and nurses were little worried as they could not be able to get the veins of my daughter through which they can inject , the thread like veins in her weak, feeble stick like thin hands, nothing was visible, how can they inject, they were worrying, if saline is not given within one hour then she will undergo severe dehydration, eyes were sullen, wrinkles on face, lips was drying badly how can she survive now. She was shouting screaming in fear while watching the injection in doctor’s hands.                                                   

All were consoling her ‘do not worry nothing will happen, have patience, cool down, calm down, you will be alright’. She told me crying ‘mama please help me please save me save my life from doctor’s hands, they will inject me, they will inject me. Mama it will pain it will pain mama stop them, stop them giving me injection’. I said, ‘no no my dear nothing will happen, doctors will save your life, doctors will save your life, nurses will save your life how can you be cured if, you do not take saline, and there is no water salts in your body, so how can you survive say? How can you survive? They will give saline through injection only. But it will not pain, once they inject, it will not pain. They will give you sleeping medicine you will sleep forgetting all your pain, just bear with them a little, just cooperate with them a little. I swear, I swear, you will be all right. You are in the best hospital’.                                                                                       

Then she asked her father whether I was telling truth or not. She had more faith in her father then me, she wanted to know the truth, she accused me as ‘I used to tell lies to console her many things’ she knew, so she enquired her father details about her disease, yes her father explained her ‘no need to be worried my dear daughter, it is nothing just a saline will suffice the loss of water, salt and glucose of your body. Now you cannot drink water, whatever you drink, will come out as vomiting so, it is difficult to restore water in your body, your digestive system has gone totally out of order sweety, honey, you must realize the delicacy of your body now, just take saline they will give injection, medicine through saline, once your body’s resistance improves, you can drink water, there will be no sensation of vomiting, then they will remove saline. So cooperate with them dear’. With lot of difficulties she took saline in her veins ahh! it was really painful for her. She lied down on the bed like a thin cloth lying on the bed. I could not see the pain of her body, it was intolerable for me, if little she was shaking her hands injection coming out, blood coming out from her thin veins, again it was a risky work to search for the vein, where they can inject the injection again, she was screaming in pain.                                                                                                              

A dip, dip flowing the drop, the drop of saline through her thread like vein, if in-between it was not passing through the  nerve, then nurses pressed the vein again so, and little blood came out again, kunmun screamed in pain and fear. Like this twelve bottles of saline’s had been injected to her, already five days have passed, no one could feel how fast time was going without our alertness, one saline took more then four hours to be finished up, my daughter was sleeping in the same position, same posture, binding the saline pipe through injection in her nerve, some times she changes her side slowly, nurses used to come to give her hot water sponging. Clothes bed sheets were getting changed and cleaned frequently. She was just lying on my laps for more then three days. I was simply sitting on the bed with the support of a pillow , three nights without sleep. I had to hold her whole day as she was lying on my laps as a support , but I was feeling very happy as if  I could take her pain in my body without sleeping and eating. I could be punished by the god I was feeling like that. I must take her miseries pain in my body so god’s anger will reduce. I would be punished by her, her sufferings would go through me, it might reduce her pain a little, I was feeling like that,                                                          

All were enquiring about kunmun’s health, same type of question ‘how is your daughter now? Did she recover little or not? Has she improved or not?’. I was feeling restless, nervous giving answers to their questions. at last I gave up all hope all result, just left all on god because, when human being  gives up hopes she surrenders to god for the rescue, I said ‘god ,I am not asking any thing, I am not begging any thing even if I beg , I beg mercy to my beloved ,my god, if you want you save her life, it is your desire, your godly divine power whom you want you protects whom you do not want you takes her in to you, but my dear god give me all miseries pain sufferings along with my daughter the pain she is suffering, the same I also want to share with her, so she can realize that I am with her in her miseries’.                                                           

'Even if I cannot save her from danger but can get satisfaction that I struggled for, at my best of my strength. Oh lord jagannath if you want my life, take it, add to her life. If you feel I am not doing my duty, social work neglecting you, and then punish me badly instead of harming to my daughter. You are the emperor of your kingdom this world, which you made, I am your servant, if I disobeyed you, then give me the knowledge, wisdom ,or punish me so badly ,so that, I will never venture to disobey your command as you have made for me. Yes, I know god, my life is to tolerate all vices, hatration, enmity of my enemies, all enemies, evil people, the Satan evil thoughts of the human society you have created yes, I must drink the poison you have made for me so that, good people will get nectar, the nectar you have created for them or the poison I will drink, I will drink from their evil, devil thoughts filling their hearts with nectar, the divine Jagannath love. I accept your entire commands lord but, save my child, save my child lord, I do not beg anything instead of my service, dedication to Jagannath's service. I want to be your debadasis your servant for ever a prophet, a spiritual prophet whenever you observe me, disobeying my job you will punish me brutally’. What happened like a miracle my daughter improved, suddenly improved her health that is called god’s mercy.                                                                                                        

Mmmmm...On the third day of her illness, I was totally feeling very tired, suddenly Sukannya appeared as an angel, in her duty time in the hospital before me. She was totally different from other nurses. She was so loving and affectionate, that she was attracting  all  attention . All loved her for her good virtue. All used to praise her that, she is an excellent nurse, she  cures diseases of the patients with her miracle .Yes she took a lot of care of my daughter, she gave her sponge bath spraying talcum powder  on her body softly. She was giving juice, gripe water, vitamine ‘c’ and ‘D’ in times, in the interval of every hour. I was forgetting but she was not forgetting her duty. My daughter was taking medicine from her hands only. Sukannya moulded her with her soft affectionate words. She impressed her a great deal. There was a new relationship of faith germinated in between sukannya and kunmun. She had got more faith, self confidence in her, due to Sukannya’s consolation. So that, Kunmun  quickly recovered from her illness. She had abundant faith in sukannya then me.                                                                                          

Sukannya looked very upset, I was packing my luggage’s to leave the hospital as doctor had discharged my daughter, doctor said, ‘it is okay you can take her home she is absolutely okay, very quickly recovered from chronic illness, for your excellent care yes, you are a very loving mother god has given you a very sweet, kind heart not a selfish heart, your heart cares for all what I feel’, then I laughed .I said, ‘thanks doctor for your appreciation’. I enquired about the unhappiness, worries of Sukannya, she said ‘madam I am so unlucky woman, all except me, got promotion in our hospital yesterday, they declared result only I was left over. Why madam why, say why? What curse did I get? What is my fault? You have observed me nicely so you say. Do not I deserve promotion? Am I incompetent? Am I not fit for a good nurse? Tell me madam, if you say, I will accept my defeat’.                                                                  


I was in dilemma, totally in confusion, could not understand what would have replied. I took a long breath, then I said, ‘no sukannya you are the person sent as an angel from the heaven by the god to the earth to serve the mankind, service to man is service to god, you are doing the most holiest work in the world  rather, I would say the most holiest work ,your life is fulfilled from the beginning till the end how, say, because, you feel your job as a social work to render pleasure, physical service to your patients ,the human being who needs real service. While you are serving to the human body with love and affection it is just like serving to his soul at his content. The loving, most affectionate words you say, console at the time of his suffering, that is thousand times better than the medicines, injection too. Because the patients need love ,care and affection rather then medicines ,so it is nurse like you, really save the lifes of the patient giving her or him the real mental support, courage care and love’.                              

                                          I explained again as a consolation yes, ‘Your service is most precious then any salary, the hospital administration pays you, it is nothing, some thousands of money is nothing in front of your service. Why are you worried for that? You deserve more then that, promotion is nothing; it is a matter of designation only. You have already got the designation, name, reputation in your career as a good nurse . People, the patients, have blessed you, praised you a lot. That is the endowment, the reward, the honor you have achieved, hundred times better than your official promotion. Remember one thing sukannya; you have got a very kind, devoted heart, which is itself the blessing of god. You got this delicate, precious caring, loving mind and heart due to the blessing of god, it is the holiness you have earned in your previous birth, the action, work we do, it’s good results are stored for the present life and for the next life, simultaneously the result of bad woks and deeds yield to bad result for the present life and for the next life. We suffer, get all miseries due to our bad works or deeds in our present life ,but some people also suffer a lot for the deeds of their past life. So, the vices we do torturing, hurting and scolding others that give all results in return at the time of our sufferings, the same problems we face’.                                                                                          


Sukannya interrupted in between my consolation, she insisted me to know certain facts about the management of the hospital which was totally out of my knowledge ,she said, ‘madam ,do you know, here the management never consider the talent, sincerity, seriousness of service, they never care for the quality of the work ,they want something else. The nurses who can entertain the doctors taking care of their emotional, biological needs are considered as more competent rather than who work hard day and night sincerely. The staff, management and the doctors wants only flattering words; they want loving personal, private secret relationship with nurses. They do not need the nurses, who will take care of patients, who will say loving affectionate words caring the patients more .Yes it is the basic training, education we get for the well being and treatment of the patient, the most urgent requirements are care, loving, affectionate words along with medicines otherwise, the patients loose self confidence in themselves. All these trainings we get but, very few use it practically. We show our anger, frustration, jealousy on patients as they are seemed to be helpless, pitiable patient in our eyes, who depend on our services, medicines and injection, who depend on our sponging and cleaning, yes the nurse loves the rich patient seeing the patient’s financial status not they take interest to serve ordinary common poor patients. It is the trick, way of earning more money from the patient in the name of tips. I have never tried to follow all these nasty games, politics in the hospital. That is my biggest fault. I have never tried to satisfy the biological needs of the management and doctors so, I was considered as an incompetent nurse for the promotion this year. My name was cutoff from the promotion list’, then she started crying loudly.                                                                                                                


I could not understand how I shall console her. I said, ‘no Sukannya not that, how can we neglect our duties, command of our fate, command of our god, the precious duty, the destiny god has prepared for us for such a small failure. We are not failures in our lifes rather I must say, we are the great winners of lifes as we have faced the difficulties, struggles of lifes.                                                                            ‘That is why knowingly we must not hurt or harass a patient who is suffering miseries. If we do unknowingly then it is okay, it can be excused by god, but if we do, taking revenge on our enemies then, it is counted as an offence or crime too, for which we are punished at the time of our sufferings and miseries in a natural way. So remember this quotation always that, ‘never think of taking revenge on your enemies rather excuse your enemies who hurt you, trouble you the most’. 

Forgiveness is the greatest virtue of a human nature. God has sent you to this world for a purpose, unless you perform your duties you cannot escape from the realities, cruelties of life. Your life is to serve the needy, poor, wretched, diseased people who have or who have not money both. So you must obey the command of lord, you are an angel sent by god, that you must not forget. You cannot deny your duties, escape from your duties too. Love and service are two precious virtues you have got by god’s blessings, just distribute, share your love, as far as possible, how long you will be sharing your love, your love will be increased, multiplied day by day, from person to person in numbers. If you stop distributing your service or love, then you will be poor very soon, all kindness, love, service will be taken away by god itself, so never try to kill your virtues, rather try to increase your virtues as far as possible’.                                                                                                              


Sukannya was extremely happy in my consolation .She looked more confident and active as if she was again ready for her duty forgetting all past failures and sorrows of her life. She said, ‘thanks mam, I am so grateful to you for your precious advice, I too have felt a motherly love in you, so I asked your advice, if any time I feel frustrated or neglected then I must go to your house to listen some  consoling words from you, which are pure as sweet as the nectar or honey. Now am taking leave from you as my duty time already started am late now.’ I said , ‘yes, yes, carry on, carryon, your duty, you are an angel in this hospital . you are most welcome to my house any time. May god give me a chance to serve you then.’ But I could not gather the courage to give her some hundreds of money to her hands as her service or tips in return, as her divine, emotional service was thousand times more precious and costly than the money, I wanted to give her. I could not give her money.

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