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Sandwiched .

Sandwiched .

6 mins



It was almost 1:30 in the afternoon; still half an hour left for the lecture to get over. I was sitting with Rimi playing games. It was normal for us to sit on the last bench, playing games in between the lecture.

I still remember the first day of our institute...I was afraid, everything was new to me. The people, their ways almost everything. Then I saw Rimi. I had never talked to Rimi before...but I had seen her in my Chemistry tuition classes earlier. Certainly, she also remembered me and came towards me and said "Hey!!" "Hello", I replied. "You are Sachin, right!" "Yes!! How do you know...?” "Come on! Sarika told me about you".


"Oh shit!!” slipped out of my mouth. I had proposed to Sarika twice, rejected both the times. And now, here she was standing her friend Rimi. Just then it came to me I had seen Rimi with Sarika, so many times. But I had been too occupied with Sarika, that I had hardly noticed her. 

"I know what you're thinking. But Chill!!...It's cool. You don't need to feel embarrassed", she giggled. I faked a laughter and said "No…nothing like that." I later came to know that we were in the same course, and same classroom too.


That day, after teachers briefed us. We hurriedly made a move towards the gate. We rode the same bus. It was a long journey. I was still feeling a little embarrassed and avoiding any eye contact.

Next day, I was running late. Class had started by then. Teacher let me come in, for it was the first time. (Not the last, hehe). I looked for a vacant seat. In midst of so many unknown faces, I found a hand waving, and asking me to come. She was Rimi. I slipped through the classroom and sat with her. 

And from that day, I don't know how, but Rimi and I got along so well, that now we were best friends; in just those two months.


That day also, everything was as normal as every day until she came.


Have you ever felt the warmth of the sun, when it rises? When there is fresh wind caressing your cheeks, your hair...the first few rays of sun, makes your face glow. It makes you happy right? Happy, in an unexplainable way. You get motivated to follow your dreams, your passion.

Prerna, was that rising sun for me.

She looked gorgeous in her blue dress. With a simple hairdo, and a pair of spectacles...she had made my heart beat faster. It was a familiar feeling, but in a strange way. 


Anyway, she entered the classroom and sat in the first row. She started interacting with the first benchers, probably asking for the notes; for she had joined in quite late.


My interaction with her never happened the way I planned it to happen...I tried hard to find ways to how to break the ice. Although I had Rimi, and she could have helped me...but I never asked her to do something like that. Honestly speaking, I didn't want to come across as a desperate guy and also she would have made fun of me.


One day I was very determined to go and talk to her. "Hey Prerna, can I have your notes please?" "I was absent yesterday. “I quickly tried to clarify that. She gave me an I-know-what-you're-trying-to-do look. (Obviously, anyone who has seen me in the class, must know HOW good I am at studies.)

Anyway, I got her notebook that day. And for me, it was a day of victory. After so many planning and plotting, I was able to talk to her. (I know it shouldn’t have been that difficult.)


I was at home. I had her notebook in my hands. It was a typical girlish notebook. Properly covered with a red sheet and her name written on it with the sparkling silver ink. Also an additional plastic cover was wrapped around the notebook.                                                 


I hurriedly, opened the last page of the notebook, in an attempt to know something more about her. The last pages of notebooks of a person are generally a window to her/his real personality.  Last page of her notebook was quite neat, unlike mine which is full of weird faces and my signature-tests; except that she had written a formula marked as 'very imp.’, that too in a very beautiful handwriting. 

Next day I returned her notebook, and thanked her with a smile. Not to forget, she smiled back.

I still hadn't told Rimi anything about what I was feeling. Although, I had mentioned it to her, during a game, that I liked Prerna; to which she laughed. So I never thought she was going to be serious about her.      

Although, I had my boys in my locality. I shared thing with them. And they were encouraging me like I was going to a war.

So, soon we started greeting each other, every day. I texted her on WhatsApp (thank God for we had a class group too) to ask something about studies only (at least she thought that).

In some time, we were having long casual conversations. I and Rimi shifted our base to second bench. Rimi also had started to talk to her. Girls can bond really quickly with each other's.

So everything was going well between us, me and Prerna until Rimi started to behave weirdly. Forget sitting together, she was hardly talking to me. She was now spending more time with her girlfriends. This weird behavior of her went on until I asked her about it. 

"Why are you behaving like this with me? Have I done something wrong? “I asked her. 

"No, no. "She said.” I just don't want to come in between you and Prerna."

"WHAT! Are you mad or what. How can you come in between us! You are my best friend. You are very important to me. "I said in a harsh tone.

After quite a time of explanation, she was normal back again. 

I was happy that matter was sorted.

Next day, I entered the classroom, waved to other friends and Rimi and Prerna. Everyone waved back, except Prerna.

I went to her. As soon as I sat down, she got up from 'our bench'. "Why are you sitting here? Sit with the one, who is more important for you" and with these words she left the classroom without listening to anything. 

I was too dumbstruck to think of anything. I asked Rimi to ask her to talk to me again. (I wonder, why I did that!). 

Prerna started talking to me again after few days of apologies (apologies for a mistake, that was not mine)...but thing had changed.

So from strangers to friends to more than friends to something-could-happen, we were then just friends. Credits to Rimi. Owing to our friendship, I never discussed that thing with her. I didn't want to lose another good friend for one who's already lost.

Soon, our course was over.

Rimi and I kept talking for some time even after the course until she started behaving weird again. She was not replying to my texts or call. I went straight to her house to know what was going on.

"I am okay but I don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to be alone. “She threw her harsh words.

"But, then how come you talk to Prerna and others? “I asked.

"I just want to be alone. I don't want to talk about It." were her last words to me before I felt insulted and left behind the memories and mistakes.


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