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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Kamesh Mahendrawada

Drama Romance


Kamesh Mahendrawada

Drama Romance

Everything For Him - Part 19

Everything For Him - Part 19

10 mins

The sunlight shimmered through the windows, penetrating through the gossamer curtains. It was so cold that I was reluctant to get out of my bed until I glanced at the time on my clock. It was already 08:00 A.M. 

'Oops!' I got out of my bed and rushed into the washroom. After taking shower I wore a lime green sari with a blue border and for a change, instead of a sleeveless blouse, I picked the one with half hands and I ensured to keep the jewellery as simple as possible with simple earrings and a chain. 

I opened my laptop and made a quick rehearsal of the presentation in front of the mirror. At times I was stammering in between the sentences and if I speak in the same manner in front of my clients I will eventually flunk it. I took a deep breath and began once again. After practising for three to four times all the flaws have thinned out. Now I am confident of myself. 

'Ramsay Fabric' is a very important client for the company and Jayanth was instrumental in getting that company. If they are pleased with my idea, all their future advertising campaigns would be given to us and this contract is worth ten crore rupees. I am not nervous about the presentation but my concern is all about Jayanth as he had built many hopes for this client. 

I didn't check my mobile from the morning. I took the mobile into my hand and as I unlocked it I happened to see a text message from Jayanth. My eyes widened in anticipation and a smile alighted across my face and electric tingles filled my body as my heart started beating at a swift pace. I opened the message and there is nothing special in the content except asking me to be ready by 11:30 A.M. The message came at seven in the morning but since I kept it in silent mode the previous night I couldn't hear the sound of notification.

Whenever I think about him I feel a surge of adrenaline coursing through my entire body. With no companion, I usually stay quiet and keep my feelings hidden in the closet of my heart. Day by day no matter how much I try to suppress, my interest in him started getting amplified. 

I don't know anything about his personal details and I couldn't find his profile on Facebook as well. I once remember Sandhya telling me that she saw his profile on LinkedIn. I logged into my LinkedIn account and typed in his full name. The result appeared instantly in the first row along with his handsome photograph, dressed in steel blue blazer with an alluring smile. I clicked and launched his profile. 

I was astonished to learn that he completed his Bachelor's degree from IIT-Mumbai and MBA from IIM-Bangalore and there were no breaks in his education. After completing his MBA he joined the GoldWin Advertising as a Business Analyst and now he is the Vice-President for Indian Operations. Despite having a flamboyant degree from leading premier institutes, he never displayed any kind of arrogant authoritative attitude on people around him. Our past CEO Mr Muralidhar was also an IIT Alumnus but he doesn't have a down to earth attitude like Jayanth and to my madness why am I comparing Jayanth to that idiot. Scrolling down to the end of the contact section, I saw that his birthday falls on March 15th. He is twenty-nine right now and will be turning thirty in March. But still, we have a gap of ten years.  

Today I am going out along with him. I wonder why he didn't ask Sheela to come along? Being a creative director it is her responsibility to deliver the presentation but he didn't invite her. Is Jayanth getting interested in me?

Stop it Ananya! I slapped myself. He is a millionaire and why will he be interested in an old woman like me? If I can dream of it, I would, but there is no use in dreaming as that dream would never become true. I should find a way out to overcome all these feelings that I have for him. I got an idea. I rushed to my desk and opened my journal.

Friday, January 15th, 2019.

Hi Friend,

Literally, I am sunk in an ocean of confusion. The more I try to forget about Jayanth the more I think about him. And today I am going out along with him. I am feeling excited as if I am going out for a date. 

My friend, I feel pity for the younger generation who have completely changed the definition of a date. A date doesn't mean you have to go out and meet someone and it doesn't mean you have to have sex. It's just a date and that means food and romance. A date is a date one should enjoy, chill out and take time to know one another. But people these days all think of sex, all want sex and think of nothing else. A date is not a date when you want this from it. 

I don't know what to call this feeling but I don't want to call it love. I just want to erase all my feelings for him but it is not possible as long as I have him in front of my eyes. Maybe this is the perfect time for me to shift to another company. For how long can I suppress my feelings like these? The moment I get out of the company slowly my feelings begin to fade and I can carry on with the new life as I used to do before. He will definitely feel bad if I am resigning from the company but what can I do, I am just doing this for his sake. I have to focus on discovering my destiny.

Unknowingly while dumping my thoughts I got a solution to come out of this state of farrago, and that is by finding another job. I opened my laptop and updated my resume on all the portals. I adjusted the settings on all the job portals to prevent my profile being searched from my company. Afterwards I started going through my presentation and I kept myself busy in the preparations. I was so involved in the preparation that I skipped my breakfast and moreover I didn't feel like eating anything.

I walked towards my bedroom window and glanced at the temple tower. I closed my eyes and visualized the idol of Lord Hanuman. I prayed to bless me with success. The sound from my mobile pulled me out of the trance. I walked towards my desk and took the mobile into my hands and found that it was Jayanth calling me. 

'Hello,' I said.

'Ananya, I am exactly outside of your apartment. I hope you are ready,' Jayanth said.

'Yes Jayanth I am ready. I am coming down in a minute,' and I disconnected the call.

I packed my laptop, sketches and everything. I didn't get time to prepare my lunch. I locked my door and hustled out of the apartment, climbed into the white Audi car of Jayanth's and settled on the seat beside him. He was dressed in his grey suiting with no tie. It didn't look good upon him.

Jayanth smiled and asked. 'Would you like to drive?'

'Thank you Jayanth but as of now I would like to utilize this traveling time for preparation.'

'No worries!' He started the engine and pushed the gear to the driving mode. 'One thing I have to say Ananya. You really look gorgeous in this sari.' 

'Thank you!' I blushed. This was the first time he complimented me and I couldn't stop myself from getting excited. I was about to say that his suit looked beautiful upon him but then I rolled it back. 'Jayanth, these light color suitings don't look good on you. Blue, black colors fit the best.'

'Even I love those colors,' he said, his eyes fixed to the road. 'The problem was that I didn't get time to give them to the laundry. For the last three weeks I was very busy with the office work.'

I simply smiled and nodded without saying anything. He too didn't make any attempt to strike a conversation with me later. He simply focused on driving. He was adroit in manoeuvring the vehicle and I felt very comfortable with his driving. To be frank he drives much better than me. There wasn't much traffic on the roads today. We reached the 'Ramsay Fabric' office in less than thirty minutes and parked the car in the basement.

'We came early,' he said as he turned off the engine.

I smiled. 'It's better to arrive early than being late. Our client may have a good impression.'

'Let's go and grab that impression!' he said.

We got out of the car and Jayanth inquired one of the security guards about the elevator. The guard escorted us to the elevator lobby. We got into it and Jayanth pressed number three. In a matter of seconds we reached the third floor and the door opened. We stepped out and approached the reception desk. 

Jayanth gave his credentials and the receptionist asked him to display the photo-identity proof. He showed his pan card and she issued a temporary visiting pass for both of us. One of the officials took us to the meeting room and said that the directors and other members would be joining us soon. 

I turned on my laptop and started going through the presentation for one more time. Fifteen minutes later, the director along with five other people, all men, came into the meeting room and sat on their respective chairs facing me. Jayanth introduced me and I started my presentation. 

Jayanth all throughout the time was listening to me intently without pulling his eyes away from me. Whenever I felt nervous, I just glanced at him and he used to smile and blink his eyes with a slight nod. I think he might have understood that I am feeling nervous.

I conveyed the whole idea about the campaign for fifteen minutes ensuring not to miss any sequence. The idea is basically simple. We will show one man dressed in a suit on five different occasions and wherever he goes he becomes the center of attraction. In the end comes the slogan - 'Being a gentleman never goes out of style.'

The director of the 'Ramsay Fabric' stared at me and Jayanth with a disgruntled look for a few seconds. I got afraid of looking at the frown on his face. The way in which he gazed at me it became obvious that he is not happy with the idea. A moment later, bringing both his hands together he clapped and soon the remaining men clapped along with him.

'Amazing! Amazing!' the director appreciated looking at me and Jayanth. 'I really loved the idea! Mr Jayanth as I promised I am going to give all my advertising campaign contracts to your company for two years. I believe you guys will make us popular!'

'Thank you so much sir,' Jayanth told the director. 'We feel it as a privilege to serve you. Thank you once again for trusting us.'

The contract agreement was signed on the spot and I addressed a few concerns raised by the Public Relations head. Overall it has been a fantastic day for me. By the time we completed signing all the agreements it was already 01:30 P.M. 

Jayanth and I reached the parking lot and got into the car. 

'Ananya, Kudos to you. You have really done a good job and I am really impressed,' Jayanth said, as he placed the key into the socket and started the engine.

'Well, I can't take the undue credit for the entire work. Tulasi worked harder than me. I gave only the idea, entire sketching and designs were made by her.'

Jayanth turned his face towards me and looked into my eyes, he said. 'So far I have seen people who take credit of someone else's work. I really feel proud of having honest and hardworking employees like you. Always be like this and one day your honesty will put you at the highest altitude in your life.'

I know the pain of not getting the recognition for hard work that you deserve.

'I feel somewhere deep down in my mind that you didn't get the recognition for the hard work that you deserve. But always keep trust in yourself. Hardwork never fails. Sometimes it may get delayed but ultimately it will emerge victorious in the battle!' Jayanth said. 

Seriously for one more time! How do you get to know whatever I whisper in my mind? 

'Shall we go out for lunch, Ananya?' he continued. 'I am feeling so hungry! I hope you are also feeling the same.'

'Hmm… ok!' I said to him.

'Let' declare war on 'The Paradise' restaurant.'

To be continued... 

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