`The Sound of Waves

`The Sound of Waves

9 mins

Raj was listening to the sound of waves. He was sitting near the shore and listening to the sea talking to him. He could hear the voice of his heart whenever he is alone in the seashore, away from the noise of the society of being correct or incorrect. It was not his fault, he is like that. The sea says, “be as you are, don’t mould yourself because they think you are improper. If will try to force yourself as they want you to be, you will end up nowhere”. He could hear the sound of waves as it gives a message to him, somebody who guides him because rest all doesn’t understand him.

Raj…. Raj….. he heard somebody calling. It was Prabhu, the domestic helper. Raj asked, “Yes Prabhu, what happened?” Prabhu said, “Madam is looking for you. She has asked me to call you.” He said, “Ok, I am coming” and Prabhu left. He said bye to his friend, sea and returned home.

When he entered his Mom said, “Why you need be outside at lunchtime isn’t it hot near the shore. Come on, join us for lunch.” He came and sat for lunch without saying anything. His dad asked him, how studies are going on, and how are your girlfriends. He said, “Dad, my studies are going good, and you know very well that I don’t have girlfriends, then why you need to ask this every time”. Dad said, “Sheela, this is what surprises me most about your son, that how does not have any girlfriend at the age of 21. In my college day, I had so many.” Mom said, “Yeah Ajay, I know very well how many, but my son is not like you, he will have only one, and when he will have he will tell me. Please don’t irritate him for this. It is his choice.” Raj was not interested in this conversation with his parents. He had his lunch and straight away went inside his room.

After an hour, he told his Mom that he is going outside to meet his friend. It was Sunday, so college was off. He went out and again sat on the Seashore. Raj had no friends accept the sea. He was so alone; he needed someone with whom he could express his feelings. He was burning inside, but who will extinguish this fire that was killing him.

The next day he got ready and left for college. The college fest was close and everyone was busy in the preparations for the fest. Everyone seemed to be in the festive mood leaving Raj. There were so many things that were happening for the fest like, plays, games, rock show, solo and group performances, and many more but Raj wasn’t interested in any until Andy approached him.

Andy means Anirudh but he doesn’t like himself to be called as Anirudh so Andy. He was directing a play for the fest, but his condition was the play will be made only by boys. The casting was done, but for the led role, he required a soft looking guy, who would look good in the character. He was suggested to ask Raj for this, but also being told that he is an intro and might refuse for this. Andy said, “Let’s try, if he agrees, well enough”.  

Andy saw Raj sitting alone in the class. His first look touched Andy’s heart and he was stubborn now to cast him as Draupadi, in his play. Andy said, “Hi Raj, how are you?” Raj said “I am fine, thank you. How may I help you?” Andy said, “Only you can help me, darling.” Raj was furious now, “Come on Andy, what’s that darling thing, tell me your work and leave.” Andy replied, “don’t get furious dear, actually I am directing a play for the fest called Mahabharata by boys, so all the characters are male in this, no females.” Raj said, “Very good, keep it up, so how may I help you?” Andy was now hesitating a bit and said, “Actually we are not getting a good cute looking boy for our lead role of Draupadi and every one suggested your name.” Raj got up from his place, “What, me as Draupadi! Have you gone mad? No, I am not doing it.” Andy fell on his knees, “Please Raj, for me, please.” It was the first time in college somebody was actually nice towards him, and he liked Andy. Raj said, “I am not sure if I’ll be able to do, but I will try.” Andy said, “I know only you can trust me.” Andy was holding his hands and they both were looking at each other’s eye. Raj asked, “When is the rehearsal?” Andy replied, “You need to be in the auditorium from today evening by 4pm. I will wait for you, do come soon.”

Raj, for the first time in last 8 years felt good and wanted for something. As if he was waiting for this. His heart was dancing inside. After coming home, he went straight to his mother’s dressing table and wanted to try her new lipstick on his lips. His mother walked into the room just as he was about to apply her new lipstick. She was startled. He was startled. "What are you doing with my lipstick? It's new...I haven't used it so far. Couldn't you have waited?" He smiled and handed it back to her. "I forgot to tell you...I am playing Draupadi in our college production... rehearsals start this evening."

“Oh wow! That’s wonderful son, but Draupadi… Isn’t that a little awkward. You will be playing a female character, why?” Raj was smiling, “Mom, it’s a play only by boys, so all characters are males and I am in the lead role.” Mom said, “Wish you good luck. Hope this makes you feel better. You should get involved sweetie.” Sure Mom, bye.

Raj was getting ready and was looking at himself in the mirror. Today he was feeling happy to himself in front of the mirror. The mirror was not letting him feel low as it always used to. He had his Mom’s new lipstick in his hands, he wanted to apply them but was feeling shy to do so. He kept it in his bag and rushed to the auditorium. He saw Andy there and smiled at him. He heart was pumping fast, he was nervous. Andy came close to him, “Hi, my new friend. Here is your script and all the best.” Raj read his script and after going through it, he went on stage to give a trial. The first time it was a havoc, then Andy came to him, he was holding his hands, “Look Raj, my hopes are on you. Please don’t make me feel low. I know you can do this. Forget about everything, there is only you and me here. You say your lines and I will hear, rest all are donkeys with no brains, ignore them. I want to hear you, please say your lines for me.” Raj got the confidence and he gave his trial so beautifully that everybody got up and applauded for him. Andy was just smiling and Raj smiled back.

Raj was having a good time these days. He was enjoying the play and his role, but his dear and only friend, Sea was missing him. Since the day rehearsals have started, he has stopped going to the seashore. He was enjoying the company of his new friend Andy. Everyone was enjoying, and since all were boys, the fun and excitement were more. Suddenly, Mayank took Raj’s bag unknowingly and threw it on someone as a part of the fun, and the lipstick in his bag fell down. Everyone saw and started making fun of Raj. There were tears in his eyes; he was feeling ashamed as he was standing naked in front of all. He wanted to run away, but Andy came for his support and said, “Raj is a true actor, he had the guts to carry a lipstick for the character, does any of you can. I am proud of you Raj.” He hugged Raj and said don’t worry I am with you.

On the D-day, when the play was going to be presented, Raj draped a beautiful saree and wore her Mom’s new lipstick. He was looking absolutely ravishing and any boy would have fallen in love with him if he was not a guy. His performance at par with his looks and was admired by all. Andy, the director was dancing on cloud 9 for the success of his play and he gave credit to his team and Raj especially. In his Thank you speech he mentioned that “Draupadi was the most difficult role and character of his play, which wouldn’t have been possible without Raj”. It was a great feeling of accomplishment for Raj, and he ran away from the auditorium. Andy found it strange and followed him.

 Raj straight away reached his seashore and was hearing the sound of waves. He was trying to understand what his dear friend was saying. Raj said in a loud voice, “O’my dear friend, till now you were my only friend and I used to hear you every day. I know you must have missed me, but I was preparing myself for this great day to accomplish something. See I have achieved recognition for a role of a female. You only told me to be as I am and not to mould myself. Dear sea, I have loved myself doing this role. I know the world don’t like incomplete people like me, but I am as I am.”

Andy heard everything. He had a doubt that Raj was incomplete, but Raj didn’t know one thing that Andy wanted to confess at this very moment. He went straight to Raj, and he was shaken up seeing him standing in front of him. Raj said, “why are you here, I mean you are supposed to be in the auditorium, what are you doing here.” Andy was just looking into eyes which had so much pain and grief hidden inside. He said, “Up till when are you planning to bury all these inside you. Your heart is bleeding. Up till when are you going to share your feeling with these waves?” Raj was not comfortable, he said, “What crap are you talking, let me go.” Andy said, “Just shut up, enough hearing to sea waves, and now hear me.” Raj said, “Why should I hear you, Andy? I think you have heard me talking to myself. Saying, someone is not good manners. And now when you know everything, what you want me to do.” Andy said, “I want you to know me. I am in love with you Raj, from the very first day when I saw you but I didn’t have the courage to say this to you, as normally considered to be a taboo. I was not sure how you would have reacted, but you don’t know how blissful I am today when I heard you. I have thanked God a hundred times for sending you, just for me.” Raj’s face was shining, he too had same feelings for Andy but he couldn’t express for the same reason. Now, they both used to come together to hear the sound of waves.

Love completes the incomplete soul on the Earth.

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