Joy Of Patience

Joy Of Patience

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A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves a thousand moments of regret” – by an unknown writer.

Having patience at the difficult times is not an easy thing to be demanding but if acquired then could solve hundreds of problems. Patience is about keeping calm and maintaining a good attitude while waiting. The joy achieved after keeping calm at the difficult times is out of the world.

Patience is an emotional freedom of our mind, to set free the anger and impatience from our brain. It's my personal experience which must have been experienced by almost everyone that in the most troublesome period when it’s hard to keep the patience if at that period patience is maintained, then it could stop the hell number of issues before initiating. Patience is one thing that would be tested best on children. Shaping up kids with patience and love could reap much better results when compared treating them with impatience and anger. By now, you need stories for proving my words, so here it goes.

One fine morning in Kolkata, Mr Dutta was jogging in the jogger’s park. But Mr Dutta was very upset with the condition of the park. He saw plastics, mugs, wrappers etc lying in the park here and there. The footpath for jogging was also in a bad shape. He was screaming at the society secretary, that what the hell he is taking care. He called Mr Somesh, who is the secretary of the society.

Mr Dutta: What, Somesh da! Have you ever been to the park until recently?

Somesh: Why? I go there every evening with my wife and enjoy snacks there itself. What’s wrong?

Mr Dutta: Yes! That I saw, the wrappers of your snacks lying on the pavements till now.

Somesh: Why are you so upset? You didn’t have your tea and breakfast I suppose. Come Madhu, my wife makes amazing tea. Come we talk at the breakfast table.

Mr Dutta: No, I don’t need your tea and breakfast. See the condition of the jogging path, it is totally ruined and all garbage is spread all over the park. You should check the maintenance of the park. After all, you are the secretary of the society. We pay so much maintenance, what is the use.

Somesh: What do you mean? I am not eating your money. The cleaning staff will come and clean the park. You people should also take care for maintaining the cleanliness, now I cannot go and pick garbage for you, Dutta babu. I am getting late, I don’t have time to sit here and talk nonsense with you, Namaste (bye).

Mr Dutta was not happy with this behaviour. He was losing his patience. He brought some bags of cement and prepared a mixture. In the afternoon when the park was almost empty, he decided to repair the jogging path. He was evenly spreading the cement on the path. It was a very tedious job and Sun was high. He was tired, hungry and thirsty but still was working on the pavement. He was busy working and was shocked when a little boy came running on the path with his football and spoiled everything. Mr Dutta now could not control his temper. He got up furiously and was about to scream at the little boy. But he saw tears in his eyes, and he was trying to level the footmarks of his shoes. He was overwhelmed by the actions of the little master and controlled his temper patiently. He called him but till now the boy was shivering in fear. 

Mr Dutta: What is your name?

Boy: Arnab…. And he was crying.

Mr Dutta: Why are you crying?

Boy: I have spoiled your hard work.

Mr.Dutta: Oh, so you are feeling bad because you spoiled my hard work. Come here, see from my end… your small feet on the path are looking so beautiful, don’t erase them.

The boy was little relieved now and he asked, “Uncle can I help you”? Mr Dutta said, “sure, why not.” The boy said I’ll come back in few minutes. Mr Dutta thought that the boy just said for the sake of saving himself from his temper, and he is not coming back. He continued doing his work but was surprised to see that Arnab got a team of 15 children with him. Arnab said, “Uncle all my friends have come and we all will help you in repairing and cleaning the park.”

Mr Dutta was so relieved seeing the team of young soldiers who came to help him. The elder children joined Dutta in repairing the path, and others were cleaning the path. They cleaned the park in just a few minutes. Watching children taking the initiative few others in the park also joined Dutta. Together they have changed the appearance of the place in just an hour or two. The Jogger’s park was now named as Dutta’s Dhairya Bhoomi which meant the land of Dutta’s patience. The result couldn’t have been so fast and so beautiful if Mr Dutta has not shown patience and calmness towards Arnab and he received the joy of patience. Patience not only reduced his work but also he was admired and that is the joy of patience. 

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