The Joy Of Meeting

The Joy Of Meeting

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Some joy could be experienced by those who know the value of losing them. An amazing line by Charles Dickens says, “The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again” and is so true.

The real joy of meeting someone comes when you have parted with them with no hope of meeting again. When a person whom you loved part away from you and you have no hope to see him or her back again, it would be painful but the pain is nothing in front of the joy of meeting again. Imagine the joy of a wife or a mother meeting their soldier son after a war, it could not be defined or a mother meeting her child hours after a critical surgery. This is the joy of meeting.

Here is a story of Vishal and Kirti, a very common story. Nothing unusual happened to them but they had to part forever. Vishal and Kirti were madly in love with each other. They wanted to get married soon and they had planned to do so. But, destiny had decided something else for the lovely couple. Kirti was working in a multinational firm away from her family. She belonged to a very well to do family of a small town. Her family was not in favour of her working away from her hometown. So, her brother called her back, as their mother had some serious medical complications and for that, he needed her help.

It was difficult for Kirti to leave her job at this point in time, her career was at stake. But, she had to take a stand and had to leave her job for her family. She was going back to her hometown, and Vishal came from Mumbai to see-off her. They were sure that they will be meeting soon, and they would be getting married soon. They both were continuously talking over phone till she reached her hometown. Vishal was very concerned about her beloved girlfriend. He was struggling in his career and getting married so early was not possible for him but at the same time losing Kirti meant losing his life.

When Kirti reached home, she was given a warm welcome by her family. From the next day itself, everyone was behind her skin care. Her mom said, “Were you roaming in the Sun in Bangalore, see your complexion. You have become so dark, who will marry you.” Kirti got agitated, “What do you mean by marrying. How are you, I think I came to take your care and not for the marriage thing, isn’t it?”

Mom: Yeah, both are the same thing.

Kirti: Can you please explain how?

Mom: See, if you will get married, my 90% of the illness will automatically be cured. Now you are already 24, if we will not search now, then who will marry you.

Kirti: Mom, please! I have told you about Vishal, I want to marry him.

Mom: Kirti! Have you gone crazy? For this day, we have given you so much freedom. How could you even dare to say that will choose your life partner. What will people think, I have not taken care of my children after the death of your father. No, I am not in favour of your words.

Now, Kirti was in shock. She thought she was called for taking care of her mother, but actually, they called her to get married. Kirti then dialled Vishal’s number and told him the scenario in her house. But, Vishal gave her another piece of sad news that his grandfather has expired and he is to going back to Patna. Now, Vishal was not in a position to understand her situation and her family has already decided something for her. But, she wanted to give a try. She convinced her mom after a lot of struggle but she said that she will first match their details and if her priest will agree with the match then only she could think further. This made Kirti very happy and she was on top of the world. She found a hope that their relationship could get a name so she called Vishal to let him know about the latest development. But, he was busy in the final rituals of his beloved grandfather and so was not in a position to understand her. She was begging to give her details and he was not in a position to speak on this topic, so he got irritated and asked her to marry wherever her family wants. Her heart was broken when she heard this. She could not control her emotions and here her mom was pressurizing for the details of the boy. She couldn’t say anything and just replied, “Mom, do as you like.”

And she did what she liked. Kirti was engaged to an unknown person selected by her family and now she was supposed to be in love with his fiancée. Vishal and Kirti had parted forever because of baseless Indian family rituals. None of the family were ready to listen to the voice of their own children and they forced them to choose a life of their wish. It was the most painful period for Kirti and Vishal to part. Vishal realised his fault when he heard about her engagement, but now it was too late. He tried to convince her that he will talk to her mother but Kirti said it was over, I don’t think we could ever meet again.

When you love someone unconditionally, then parting with your beloved is the most painful thing to happen. Love is very sacred and it does not happen again and again. Though Kirti was supposed to love her husband she couldn’t. She respected him as her husband and father of her children but her love was Vishal, she could not forget her even after fifteen years of her marriage. Every morning when she got up, the first image that came to her mind was his, but life moved on.

Even God has a heart and he could not see the two should die in pain of separation for no reason. Kirti got a project for which she had to visit Bangalore where she met Vishal again. Both could not believe that they were seeing each other after sixteen years. They could not take their eyes off from each other. It was the most precious moment for them when they couldn’t even realise to drop a tear. The whole day they spent together and it was the most beautiful day of their life. They forgot all the pains and sorrows after seeing each other. It was a magical meeting, it was the joy of meeting again. Ask the taste of this joy to those who have parted their ways with no hope of meeting again.


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