Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

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At 25, Hannah was an assistant baker to one of the best bakers, Stephenie in the city. Stephenie was the go-to person to make the best wedding cakes. Baking was not just her work, it was her passion, her belief, and Hannah was leaning from the best. She worked too hard for too little admiration.

She was the one who sat on her seat for hours completing every last and minute detail on the cake. She was too consumed by her work and did not have time for anyone, except for Mark.

Hannah met Mark at the gym six months back and had developed a very good bond with him. She never missed the gym and loved having a work out partner. Mark was an Engineer, and was in town only for a year and looked forward to talking to his new friend every day. Together, they would sit on the bench by the side of the road and talk every day about their work, passion, and dreams.

Hannah had worked too hard to get a chance to work with Stephenie and this love could ruin it. 

Mark too felt the same way about Hannah. He liked her sense of humor, her passion for her work, her sparkling eyes when she spoke about her work and everything else. He thanked the Lord for this project which bought him to this town and he could meet this lovely girl. 

John Matthew was one of the best industrialists in the country and had chosen this town to build his next Factory. The factory was soon to be opened, and he had wanted the best cake to go with the celebration. He was throwing a very big party and Stephenie was making the cake. 

Hannah was nervous as this was one of the biggest events in town

"What if I ruin it? what if no one likes the cake?" She said to Mark on the day of the event

"Then, no one will eat it and you will have the whole cake to yourself" Mark laughed

"It's not funny, why am I even talking to you about this". She said and stood up to leave

Mark held her hands as she got up to move and said "Hey, look at me, It's okay to be nervous, you are one of the few people who are so passionate about their work. Believe in yourself Hannah, not because you are scared or anxious, but because I believe in you and even if you mess it up and no one eats your cake we'll both finish the whole cake together".

Hannah laughed, wished him a good day and left.

For the first time in her life Hannah felt important, she did not feel vulnerable when someone looked at her. She felt valued and that she is capable of achieving her dreams. She was falling for him and she knew it.

Together Stephenie and Hannah bought the cake to the venue. This was their biggest cake yet. A six-tier and 5ft tall cake filled with buttercream, chocolate mousse, and hazelnut filling. 

Hannah wore a maroon dress with average heels for the occasion. She looked as pretty as ever. She was just standing in a corner watching people praise the cake when she heard someone approaching her. 

Mark knew Hannah was talking about the same party hosted by the company he worked at and wanted to surprise her.

"Can I buy you a drink or do you want me to help you finish the cake?" He asked

Hannah turned back and was surprised to see him. "What are you doing here?"

What do you mean? You think I cannot be at a party. Oh, do you think I'm stalking you?

Hannah laughed "I'm glad if you are stalking me, I'm bored out of my mind and Stephenie is too busy dancing around".

"I too don't like parties but I kinda worked for the project John is launching in the city".

Oh Mark, why dint you tell me, you knew I was going to be at the party, I was so nervous and you were just having fun looking at me.

"I just wanted to surprise you here and frankly speaking, you look a little lonely."

Oh, you bet.

Hannah and Mark spent the rest of the night talking and laughing when everyone was called for an announcement.

Mark worked very hard to set up this factory and he was one of the few people John trusted. He was hardworking, loyal and his daughter Sofiya's best friend. John knew Mark wanted to be on the board of directors but, he had other plans for him and it was time to unveil them.

John took a mike in his hand and asked Mark to join him - "I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I have an announcement and I'll make it quick. This factory would not have been possible without this gentleman standing beside me, he looked at Mark and smiled. I now want to announce Mark as the new CEO and engagement of my daughter Sofia and Mark.

Everyone applauded and congratulated. Sofia came, took Mark's hand and stood beside him. Mark was completely clueless about this and was shocked.

Sofiya then asked for a dance and Mark could not let her down in front of all these people.

Mark knew Sofiya liked him and had expressed her feelings before, but he had never imagined this would happen. He was blank and also overwhelmed by the fact that he would become the CEO. 

Hannah felt like someone stabbed her in the chest. she felt the shock go through her spine. she saw them dancing together and could not stay any longer and left.

Mark had to do something, he loved Hannah and realized it when he saw her leaving during the dance. He wanted to stop her, to run towards her and to express his feelings. But, he could not even move an inch.

"I hope you liked the surprise, you seem quiet," Sofia asked

"I'm just shocked, you should have given me a heads up"

"Come on Mark, you know I'm in love with you for a decade and you never said anything. I know you have always wanted to be on the board of directors and I thought this was the right time"

Mark did not sleep that night. The talk about marrying Sofiya had come up many times in the past and it never bothered him. Maybe because he always thought he would never find anyone and end up marrying Sofiya. He knew if he denies marrying Sofiya he would also lose his job. He never thought he had to choose between his love and his job.

Mark met Hannah at the gym the next day and took her down the stairs to talk

"Congratulations," she said

I'm not getting married to her, I know I've never said this before but "I love you and I don't care about the job. I'll get another job and we can start a new life".

Hannah could not believe her ears. She was stunned "But it did not seem the same last night"

I'm sorry I did not know how to react. Everything happened unexpectedly.".

"Mark no, I have a life here. You know I've always wanted to learn under Stephenie and I've finally got the chance and I cannot ruin it. You should go get married to Sofia". she said and left

Hannah was agitated. She loved Mark but there was no way she could waste this learning opportunity.  

Mark went to see John

"It was one hell of a party, I've been receiving calls all morning from our partners congratulating us, you must be very happy," John said

Why did you choose me for the CEO position?

"What do you mean?"

I mean did you select me because your daughter loves me or you think I deserve it?

Of course, you deserve it, but you know only family members are allowed to run this business. 

Mark got the answer he was looking for and left.

Mark had made up his mind he texted Hannah and asked her to come to the beach to meet her. 

Hannah got the message and decided to go. She had to end this once and for all.

And there he was standing at the beach and waiting for her to show up. she looked at him from far behind and just stood there. she wanted to stare at his perfectly made face under the moonlight. she did not know what it was about him that was so compelling.

He turned around, "I knew you would come"

I had to. We need to talk. This will ruin my career. I cannot do this.

I know, but I cannot marry her, not after I know there is someone out there who is perfect for me.

"Don't do this. Done hurt Sofiya. She is waiting for her big day. You will not only hurt her but both of your families."

Mark held her hands firmly, pulled her towards him and said "look at me, look into my eyes and tell me you don't want to spend the rest of your life with me, tell me you don't want to wake up everyone morning with me by your side, that you don't want us to grow old together and that you don't love me enough to fight for it".

Hannah stayed still. She was afraid. She knew in her heart how much she loved him and how much it would break her apart if he married Sofia. But, there was no choice to be made. 

"I love you, but not enough to sacrifice my city, my reputation and my work" and she left.

Hannah hated herself for choosing work over Mark. She loved her work as much as she loved him.

Mark had to fix this problem and the only way to do that it fix it from the roots, so he had to talk to Sofiya.

Mark liked Sofiya, she had always been cheerful and fun to work with. She was his best friend and it was going to very painful to break her heart. 

It's heartbreaking when you love someone with all of your heart and soul and they do not love you back. When you are ready to sacrifice every single thing in your life when you put in your efforts and you get nothing in return. Sofiya loved mark for a decade and did not expect anything more than a little love from him.

Sofiya knew what Mark wanted to talk about

"I'm sorry," he said

"Who is she?" She asked

She's a baker the one who assisted Stephenie to make the cake. Sofiya, I love her. I met her just 6 months back and I cannot imagine my life without her, I'm sorry I should have let you know sooner. I was so confused about my feelings and when you decided the engagement everything was just so clear. You are my best friend and will always remain but I cannot let her go" 

It was funny how she wanted to hear all of these things from him, and when he finally said it was for someone else.

Sofiya's love consumed her in a way she never imagined. She loved him too much to let him go. 

She just wanted him to be happy and when Mark spoke about Hannah, she could see that happiness in his eyes and there was no way Sofiya would take that happiness away from him. She had to let him go. 

Alright! Go marry her. Better be happy with her than miserable with me.

Mark hugged her for 5 mins and thanked her. He was relieved that Sofiya understood his love.

The next day he waited for Hannah in front of the gym and confessed his love in front of everyone.

"I love you, I know I have known you only for 6 months but it seems like my whole life was incomplete without you."

"Mark what are you..."

"Wait, please listen to me. Hannah, I'm sorry if I have hurt you. I have never meant to hurt you neither do I want you to leave this town. I'm not asking you to marry me, I know it is too soon decide. I just want us to be together and then maybe one day we can have our happily ever after.

Hannah was overwhelmed. "I'm not mad at you. I have been in love with you for a long time and it was killing me to see you with someone else. I'm glad you came back to me so, let's make this work."

And this was the beginning of their new adventure together.  

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