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Meeting Her Changed My Life

Meeting Her Changed My Life

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"You took me out of all this, if it wasn't you, I would be struggling with my jumbled up life, and it's definitely my good works of past life that brought us closer and gave me a chance to call myself lucky."

3 years back if someone would have asked "Do you believe in love?",I angrily would have denied but it wasn't the same that day. As that was the day that made me fall for him more and more and even today when I close my eyes and remember that day, I end up either with goosebumps or blush on my cheeks.

(4 years ago)...

I, as usual, was arranging my things, as we were on a mission. I've given my entire life in this field by working hard every day and that's the reason that I haven't failed in any mission to date. I've learned how to use a gun, I've tried my hand in brave activities and here I'm holding the title "most wanted mafia", and that's how my life is, full of risks and guns, sometimes touching death and sometimes coming out of it, but I have never killed any innocent being so far in my entire journey. It has now become a routine of my life, the reason I became mafia is another story for a free hour, but there was something that compelled me to be in this very field to make sure that my closed ones are safe. And that's how I've ruled my life from the past 10 years.

But everything went into vain until I met him, I was tough, I was strict, I had no emotions, no feelings, but there was something about him that attracted me more towards him. 

(back to recent time,i.e. 3 years ago)

I, as usual, was on my mission, and we had to kill a person who was hiding from us for 5 years, and we worked hard to finally get his location and to grab him for the curse he caused to my family, and to take the revenge.

It was taking time, so I decided to have a tea in the mid-time, and went in a local tea shop nearby, I was hiding the real me, so people were staring as if I was an alien, but I somehow managed to come out of it. I was freed from those eyes, but there were two additional eyes that didn't shift from me. I accidentally had eye contact and fall for them at that very moment, usually, I'm tough and I don't fall in all these, but it was different that day, something was pinching me from inside to have a conversation and know more about him, but then my mind and heart were battling, and suddenly out of nowhere he sat beside me, I was confused, my heart was pounding fast, my butterflies were racing in my tummy and it was the first time I experienced all at once. Something inside me wanted to interact with him, to know him, and to fall for him. But, he was distracting me from my long project and I couldn't give up so easily and that's when I threw the tea and went directly to the location. He(murderer)was in front of me, and everything came like a movie in front of my eyes, my family, my work and what made me a mafia, and calmly taking three deep breaths, I entered and he died in one bullet. My much-awaited mission finally came to an end. But I guess, destiny wasn't wanting me to enjoy my success, and that's when I saw those two beautiful eyes on me holding a gun, I was scared and had no clue of leading further and with shaky hands, I went out, he didn't say anything but has many questions in mind, but I saw a tea glass in his hand, he brought it for me, as he thought I wasn't comfortable with those staring eyes. But he got a cup of freshly baked news in return.

He gave the tea and left, something inside me wanted to stop me, but it was better to let him go.

And since then, I didn't saw him there.

Days passed by, and there wasn't any news about him, I was confused as he didn't lodge FIR or so, as that was something uncommon for a normal person. But, our paths were meant to cross again, and here he was, those charming big blue eyes were more beautiful now and that smile of his which has power to kill with one look and I already wanted to be the person he kills, I don't know what was happening to me but I just enjoyed the moment and let everything go.

He approached me and asked "COFFEE", every alphabet sounded so beautiful from his mouth and I couldn't deny the offer, so we went on our first date which was scheduled at 7 in the evening , I was excited and nervous as everything was new for me, but I kept his face in mind and started getting ready, I've never applied makeup since my birth and to be honest I hate it, but that day I wanted to look best, so I got ready, he picked me up, and we went to a restaurant, I had mixed feelings about how to start and stuffs, but he took the lead and everything went very well. We had many commons, and we were having a good time, I imagined where I was lacking this heavenly thing, but it's for my best that I met "him" late. I even asked him why he didn't file a complaint rather took me on a date, to which he said "I KNOW THE REASON", I was shocked and surprised at the same time, but he already knew the reason behind it, and he had no problem with it, things went well, it was a nice date, a new experience for me and everything was magical, I wasn't wanting it to end, but protocols forced us to end this amazing time.

Days passed by, and we met every day, and soon we accepted our love for each other and I quitted the mafia job and led a happy life with him.

That was the day and now is the day, I feel lucky and happy to have him in life, as he is the sole reason why " *my life changed since I met him*".

I now believe in love, I now believe in care, I now believe in magic and it's all because of him, he changed me, he gave me a new life, he is the reason of my survival, and he is the reason behind the change in my life.

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