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Tanusha Sanghvi

Drama Tragedy Others


Tanusha Sanghvi

Drama Tragedy Others

The One Who Forced Me..

The One Who Forced Me..

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Hey uncle! Namaste!

How are you doing? Hope everything will be fine. Well! I don't know if it's right to write a letter for you and thank you for making me a person I am today, but I thought why not write a letter to the one who was once reason behind my scars, tears and fears.

I know it's been long and I actually have moved on, and time made me do it because of what you did to me, but don't worry this isn't any complaints or a payback or any other excuse to write, but to thankyou for your great work(in a sarcastic way).

Well, I still remember those moments and they shake me a bit, how you made me sit on your lap, how you touched me badly, how you looked me with those lusty eyes, how you scared me to keep my mouth shut, how you forcefully closed my mouth and forced me to satisfy your thirst. You didn't saw a small girl in front of you who loved you equal to her father, you didn't saw a girl who once was happy for your arrival as you bought her favorite baloon, you didn't saw a girl who had love for you, but all you did was really bad for a man, especially who's a family member.

I cried in corners for hours, I stopped my screams, I went through endless fears at night.

That face of yours haunted me to infinity and I couldn't do anything about it.

I remember that day when mom and dad had to leave for urgent work and handed me in your hands, I couldn't believe my ears and eyes as that was the worst moment of my life.

But, somehow I managed to speak up for myself, I mentioned everything to my mom, I even explained everything to police and that's when you stopped your dirty works.

I honestly couldn't get over those moment, but that day I decided to never look back and lead a life which I'll never regret in future and that's when I learned to be strong.

And now, when I'm a police officer, it feels immense pleasure to actually let karma hit back to those criminals who have harmed innocent girls like me and I take revenge imagining you and what you did to that girl.

But, thankyou so much for showing me the dark side of life so that I can experience the pains of those girls who have gone through it and try my best to offer them justice they deserve.

Well, I guess I should end this letter as there are many people out there, who needs the taste of karma with spices.

Until then! Goodbye!

May your part of karma hits soon...

Thank you!

The one you're idol of..

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