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Satya Narayan Kumar

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Law And Life [#Newyou]

Law And Life [#Newyou]

6 mins

I am Satya. I was a software engineer. I was in prison. It is a reality. How did I become a lawyer as #NEWYOU? It's a long story behind this #NEWYOU.

I am 36-year-old and all my anticipatory bail application was not accepted by the Honourable Court, there was no procedure to accept the regular bail. I was no hope of getting out during my judicial custody for a minimum of 60 to 90 days.

I shouldn't call myself a lawyer, because technically that time I was not completed my bachelor’s degree of law. I was surrender. My life turns in black and white life.

However, in my little world, I reached in State Central Prison from my corporate office life. I was treated as an accused and but fortunately, I found the jail library there and as such spend several hours each day reading books, newspapers, and articles with my fellow inmates with our legal problems. I study their lots of poetry and biography of poets and they inspired me to write my feelings in words. I wrote a few lines of poet and my journey of life.

I read a number of a biography of Indian poets but the biography of late Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji in “Kya Bhooluin, Kya Yaad Karooin” and “Need ka Nirman” is very close to me and his life struggles inspired me to face all the difficult time of my life. The poem was written by the late Harivansh Rai Bachchan “Andhere ka Deepak” which is apt for the current situation, as it gives the message of not giving up. When the dreamed home you built with affection & love, was drowned in destruction, when was it not permitted to pick up little bricks & stones to rebuild a small peaceful hut again in the poetic uplifting words of Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji.

My wife's father is a lawyer and his team, one that represented my wife, who surprisingly, wanted a divorce and filed a false case of dowry demand (false 498a case) and adultery against me and my family. She complained in my office and my college related to this case and I lost my job and it affected my pursuance of law. False 498a cases are very common in society and These days false 498a cases grope all the relative’s father, mother, a sister who may be staying away from the matrimonial home still they become a party to 498a.

In a matter of years, my wife was working as a banker in the government sector. We were happy in our life. I couldn't believe it why she was behaving awkwardly and showing her rigid attitude because of her baseless doubts and blaming me for adultery. I was shocked. I was afraid, I might start crying, there are a lot of tears in my heart, but they are always hidden.

She was my world and I tried to explain to her in many stages of a judicial proceeding, but she was rigid and didn't understand my feelings. Her behavior broke my heart. She refuses to stay with me. I could not understand the thought of her and her family. She filed a divorce case against me.

I'm so lonely. People see me and whisper in my town. I often wonder if I will see myself again, I think, and I will make an effort to settle all this. But unfortunately, we are never going to live together again as a typical wife and husband.

I have far too much time to think about my life after I was surrender. My life turns in black and white life. I reached State Central Prison in the evening and get checked up near the Office of the prison gate. A Campus is a very high-security facility and security personnel takes me to the common ward for the first night, it is known as the Hazat Kaidi ward. There are high walls, electric fences, razor wires and security lookup towers, and a number of security personnel with guns every 50 meters. There is one senior prisoner who is acting as a warden for this ward. He asked my basic details and offense and he asked me for the food in copper plates. I make my bed myself with black mates and used my blankets and bed and pillow covers. There was no man to support your work. You are the only man who is for you there. Life there is much tougher, though I survived without being physically assaulted. The next day early morning at 5:00 O'Clock called for the report the central control room is called Ghumti. They took all the Hazat Kaidi to the hospital for a medical check-up. There are numbers of counselors, managers, nurses and government doctors and all kitchen staff are the sentenced prisoners. After that, they distribute the ward to all Hazat Kaidi. There are 100 inmates in my ward 4'B' and its warden is Mr. Rao, and with a few exceptions, we are a well-behaved group of men. Those who've spent their lives in prison ave finally found the best home free of cost but for my type of people, it was hell. Many of these unsocial elements boys do not want to leave because they are getting a warm bed, three-time meals a day and health care – but for me, it was a heart-crushing moment to standing in food queue for three times at 8:00 A.M., 12:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M and even the food quality is really just like a Prison bread (jail ka roti and sabzi).

There are many men like me who never thought in his life they would day fall so in prison. Men with professions, careers, businessmen, and whole families. There are a number of gangs in central prison and some time they go fight. If you fight or threaten someone, they will have punished them to sleep in the different ward every in a queue until it stopped by the jamadar, is called (chakri). There are a lot of fights happen, mainly over the television and real stories are horrifying. No one wants this place again in his life who never be a criminal or alleged for false cases like dowry, rape, etc.

So, I behave as I counted the days to read the books. Prison life crushes the lifestyle of the person. Because of this, I feel more solitary in my prison life, and I feel more white than black. I enjoy reading books there. It's challenging and keeps me busy. It also keeps me motivated to write and get connected with the beautiful stories of many poets. I will apply my experience in my life when I'm out. It also keeps my legal skills sharp. No doubt I will be future as a lawyer in the State.

I have serious doubts about resuming my developing work in a software corporation in the pending of these suits. I was 69 days in prison and in good health, hopefully. Every day I take a walk alone for self-realization and self-assessment. I got bail by the Honourable High Court.

This is the glance of my prison life. My and my family members' freedom of life ruins by my life partner and her family. The partial law some time sucks innocent life. I swear, I fight it. I become stronger day by day. The circumstance of my life always inspired me to write poetry, story, and quote.

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