Supreet S. Shetty

Drama Romance


Supreet S. Shetty

Drama Romance

The Uncharted Fate

The Uncharted Fate

6 mins

Sushant was pursuing his final year of engineering at Delhi and was the creative manager for organizing a SocioTech event in his college for next month. On the day of the event, Sushant was checking the costumes backstage when he overhead the celebrity guest for the event in panic as she was speaking on the phone

8 years later

"Papa Papa ", Rehyaan kept calling his dad in a very inquisitive tone as he scrolled the wedding Album of his parents.

"Sushant, are you still upstairs with your telescope? Rehyaan has been calling for you, please check with him and let all of us dine, I am keeping the food ready!!" Ankita screamed from the kitchen as she removed her apron and cleared the pizza flour marks from her forehead.

"Papa, Papa"and the voice seemed closer each time, until Sushant came to the door to find Rehyaan climbing upstairs balancing the weight of the Album with his tiny hands at each step.

There you go my baby! Sushant lifted Rehyaan along with the book and whispered, first let's wash our hands and dine else your mom will not miss today's quota of scolding and the boys chuckled in a secretive manner.

Ankita prepares the table and serves all.

"My mummy cooks yummy yummy" Rehyaan gleamed as he savored his favorite pizza.

"That's because its your dad's recipe Rehyaan , loads of spices and love " remarked Sushant as he winked at Ankita and both got lost in time while the kid licked the cheese drooping from his chin and all his small mouth could hold.

As they finished dinner , Rehyaan brought their wedding Album and asked "Mummy Papa, why I am not there in any of the wedding pictures? Not a single one with me !"(with a miffed expression). Ankita mischievously responded, because you were busy eating pizza baby and cleared the morsel from his chin with her Duppatta. (All three smile )

Because Rehyaan, you were born after your mom agreed to wed me and you are our wedding gift from God! Sushant exclaimed as he took Rehyaan in his lap.

Woww! I am God gift! But Mummy, if papa was an actor like you, had you still married him? Else I wouldn't have been born? How you met Papa?

Sushant: Maktub! Rehyaan, it's written; It's all destined with whom we will meet ,spend lives, if not in this space then in a different world, It's the laws of Metaphysics as you grow I will explain more about this.

Yeah that's how your dad and I fell in love. Sushant was in his final year of engineering when we first met at a SocioTech event organized in his college, where I was performing as a celebrity guest.

Your dad everyone thought was a geek as he was very bright and secured 9th Rank All over India, so all of his college friends were surprised to know he is the front lead for Shaimak Dancer group, that's a famous choreographer.

The afternoon, I had to perform in the event when my dance partner telephoned that he missed his flight and I was in panic statw as I sat backstage because my performance was scheduled just after lunch. Sushant overhead our conversation and offered help, at first I was reluctant because our team had practiced the dance moves for a week and now all we had was an hour! But then there wasn't any option either and we had to save the event.

As we set on the stage nervously, Sushant and I realized we just danced into our own tunes as if we completed each other, it was a splendid performance and the audience cheered for once more! Only if I knew that this was just our beginning

After the concert, we exchanged numbers and were in casual touch. All I knew about Sushant was his deep interest in Metaphysics, Shiva, Astronomy, a very intellectual guy so obviously people would be surprised to see a Geek performing as a professional dancer.(Laughs)

 Though we were in touch we didn't meet again until three years later Sushant joined Abengoa firm, Mumbai as a Mechanical Engineer and we planned to meet at a Cafe. I always knew I had a strong connection with your dad but I didn't knew it would be so awkward and funny. Your Dad , entered the Cafe with a T shirt scripted in it, "If you don't believe love at first sight, look at me again! ".

His dramatic entry was enough for us to greet each other with a lunar laughter. We ordered a cappuccino and i asked him jokingly, so Mr. Geek aka dancer did you find your love at first sight? Sushant looked deep into my eyes and said Na but i experienced Koi no Yokan with you. I was like what? What does that mean?

He held my hands and said, Ankita you complete me and I have realized you are my soul mate, would you be mine. Koi no Yokan is a Japanese phrase which means though love is not at first sight but its a premonition of your heart that says you will eventually fall in love with this person! Like in your acting field when the heroine says "Bapuji,  Shaadi karunga to sirf Inse ! ".  

I was stumped for a few minutes to know how to react, I just said I need to think though I knew a part of me always wanted to hear this. It was late and I had a photoshoot .As we gathered to move , Sushant said I will do whatever you want n always keep you happy! Whatever you decide just remember I will love you forever.

 I joked in his ear,  the indian heroine of films also says, "Chand ka tukda la do, so will you get for me?" And we exchanged hugs.

One month later, there were no calls or messages exchanged when one fine day, Sushant surprised me on my birthday with his visit to my shooting for the tele serial. After the shoot, Sushant said, I have a surprise to celebrate, let's go to the same Cafe. As we got ourselves seated after a long drive, Sushant handed me a box and said please do the honors.

It was a Pizza, Sushant had self-cooked! I was happy but I felt he would come with a proposal ring. Yeah, but it was me who had not responded I tried consoling myself while . Sushant insisted to start with the pie.  I took a slice when I found a note hidden. It was a reciept for the land purchased on the moon by Sushant for me. As tears started rolling my eyes, I just hugged him and said "I love you Sushant, will you be mine ".

Sushant did no one had ever done, he literally brought chand ka tukda for his heroine. That's how we fell in love and got married.

"Yeah happily ever after" Rehyaan exclaimed as he hugged his mom and dad.

P.S: This story is a tribute to Sushant Singh , I wish this could be true. I wish he had a different journey and  Sushant would have been alive among us happily ever after.

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