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Drama Romance


Kalyani S

Drama Romance

The Charm Of Hidden Love

The Charm Of Hidden Love

6 mins

It was B.Sc final year Biology class.. The lecturer had asked the students to submit the records for checking.. The class representatives in charge of boys and girls each stood up and went around to collect them.


One boy Vineeth was late to the class. He was asked to help another lecturer in filling up the attendance register, which caused the delay.


When he submitted his record, a host of letters fell down from his book. The Biology lecturer noticed them, picked them and set them aside.

But the whole thing went unnoticed by Vineeth.


Vineeth had a longing crush on one of his classmates, Priya. He was waiting for the opportune moment to express it to her. Though Priya was blissfully unaware of this.


The Biology lecturer read the contents of the letters, all addressed to Priya. Vineeth had poured out his feelings to her in each of them.

The lecturer instead of warning the student chose to remain nonchalant about it. She didn't want to distract the concerned students, given the fact that both were extremely brilliant in academics.


Vineeth was very good at heart. He was loved by his classmates. All his friends assigned him the task of writing love letters.

Which he obliged. The result of his handwritten contents always bore fruit. Every boy had witnessed a success rate in his respective pairing!! Vineeth was abundantly lauded for this!


Soliloquized he to himself, " Fortunate are all the classmates of my class, in establishing a rapport with their chosen partners". “ When will I ever succeed in mine"?!


Every time he encountered Priya, he was ready to express his feelings. He could observe the warm touch of her eyes. But some extraordinary force was acting on his mind. And he refrained.


The college had organized an excursion for their students on certain dates, as it was an annual ritual.


Since this was their ultimate year in the college, the students were buoyed by the outing. It entailed a train journey by superfast Tejas express, from Chennai to Trichy.


They had just one week to go for the journey. Almost all the students had paid the fee for the excursion. Vineeth though jubilant, was disturbed by the thought that Priya was yet to remit the amount.


He didn't have the nerve to approach her directly. Later it was known that Priya too was keen and she'd also paid the amount.

Vineeth's joy knew no bounds. He had butterflies in his stomach. All the students were looking forward to this excursion with great enthusiasm.


The countdown began, with just one more day to go. The students had readied themselves with their baggage. They all had packed a variety of snacks and drinks for the binge.


They had decided to play antakshari and passing the parcel to keep themselves engaged in the train. The d- day arrived. The weather in all its clemency ushered warm sunshine. Everyone woke up to a very early morning that day. As the train was scheduled for 6:15 am. They freshened up, carried lugged their baggage and trooped themselves in the station by 5:15 am.


Their faces radiated warmth. One thing was blatantly amiss. Priya hadn't joined them yet. The teachers and the students were sick worried and Vineeth all the more.

Any number of attempts to reach her via mobile returned a 'switched off' response. In the meantime, the vehicle by which Priya was commuting had a flat tire. It took more than 25 minutes for the replacement and she finally managed to reach the station at 5:45 am.


All of them heaved a sigh of relief and boarded the swanky Tejas, plonked in their respective seats. As the train began moving, all of them thundered in jubilation. Phones went into a frenzy by clicking the best of selfies. Vineeth wanted a selfie click with Priya but again withdrew because of his coy demeanor.

It was antakshari time. All the students participated briskly. When it was Vineeth's turn, he was gripped in fear. yet he chose to deliver a love song directed towards Priya.


 Nobody knew it except his Biology lecturer.


A well deserved roaring applause was what he was treated to. One could trace in him, a very good singer! Among all the students, it was none other than Priya who chose to acknowledge him with a special compliment. Vineeth was doused in a heavy dose of flattery. He had goosebumps and was elated beyond fathom.


Now it was the turn of passing the parcel game. Vineeth picked up a chit, which read, "Go and say a "Hi" to a favorite girl of your choice".


Vineeth's heart was pulsating with happiness. What better moment than this, could he show his interest for her, mused he. He was nervous with excitement. In Priya, he saw a poised girl, for who, he could even dare to walk the sea in its expanse. He mustered all the courage dashed forward to Priya and said, "Hi! Priya!...


Priya was bubbling with surprise, since she least expected this. Though this arouse faint hints about him, Priya brushed aside the thought as it was all part of a game and prisoned it in her mind.


But it was a dream come true for Vineeth and a memorable train journey to be indelibly etched.


They alighted at their destination. A big van had come to pick them up from the station to drop them at their venue of accommodation. Students gossiped and giggled throughout their 2 hours commute.

They refreshed once again went around for sight- seeing, visited the famous Ranganathaswamy temple at Srirangam. Later they boarded a bus back to college and reached their respective homes.


It was now Priya's turn to pause and reflect on the happenings of this tour. She admired Vineeth and treated him to be the garden of her love.


Love is strong, as much as it is tough.

 A quiet love slowly curated in both their minds. But both of them never expressed it to each other.


Time flew rapidly with its wings. Both of them graduated with flying colours. Vineeth opted for pursuing higher studies, while Priya worked as a teacher in a nearby school.


 Both of them kept in touch with each other through phone calls and messages. Their feelings for each other mushroomed. But none forthcoming.

 Love is enigmatic.


The bridegroom search was launched by Priya's parents. She was flustered with fear and anxiety.

Suspense shrouded her.

Unable to bear it anymore, she invited Vineeth for a meet over Coffee in the evening.

At the venue, by the cafe, when skies exuded the purple hues for the evening; Vineeth's eyes met Priya's. Sparks flew back and forth. Their heartbeats perfectly aligned for a love proposal. But neither confessed.


Here was Priya, who all of a sudden and unexpectedly flashed out her wedding invitation to the card. Vineeth was devastated. He sobbed outright with tears welling from his eyes. He was as much bruised as he was intimidated.


Love is unpredictable.

 He paused a bit. Took control of the whole situation. And retorted, " if my love for you is truly genuine, then I'll accept this card and attend your wedding:. " I only wish my sweetheart settles happily in life". What more could I discern for ??


Priya had succeeded in her mission! She had actually chalked out a clever plan to bring out the feelings of Vineeth. She had ordered a single wedding card with her name and a random guy's name embossed on it with a view to hoodwinking Vineeth.


This weapon of hers worked wonders, the moment Vineeth declared his endearing love albeit indirectly!


Love is magical.

 She shared her plan with him and reciprocated her love with a flourish of words.

 Their revelation became the source of unhindered love and they lived happily ever after.

 Love oozes with joy!!


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