A Man Born

A Man Born

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A stranger lived in a village were everyone in the village got afraid of him. He drinks, he smokes and was a very arrogant character. All worst characters he have and no humanity shall be expected from him.

Sometimes he will drag girls and will put them in his shoulders and will go to bushes in forest and will rape them and will leave them safely to the village.

Everyday he walk in the streets with drunken mood and will beat whoever he come in front or anyone question him. But he will never theft anything from the village. No thief shall enter in the village. He protects the village from theft.

Everyone in the village scold him within their heart and think god have to kill him. No one could speak against him directly. He is very tall and muscular. This happens from his age of 18 to 38 of his age nearly 20 years.

One day when he was returning from a town after purchasing few dresses for him, he got a crying sound of a women in the forest. He walked through the sound he gets. When he reached he saw a pregnant women shouting and crying at the time of childbirth. He don't know what to do. Just he watch her by putting his hands in his hip. She cried and shouted a lot. Also she got afraid of seeing him in this situation. Because she know him and his character.

With a big sound of cry and shout she give birth a child. The stranger watched her carefully and understand a child born. He have not seen such a thing in his life. He just take his knife and cut the umbilical cord and make a knot and take the child with blood and gave it to the women.

She was astonished of seeing this doing like a expert. But really he never know, but doing it like a doctor. He take a broken piece of pot and clean in the river and get some water to her to drink. Give his dhoties and shirt to her keep safe the child. His eyes get tears. He understand the small pleasure while he rape and the huge pain of a women giving birth a child. He just put his palm on her forehead moved it smoothly to the head and blessed her and walk away from her. From that day he left all his bad habits and lived happily with the villagers and do help all people to live happily.

A 38-year old man was born

Live to love and Love to Live.

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