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Tender Revelation!Woman's Gift

Tender Revelation!Woman's Gift

6 mins

When a child is born it is a gift. But when that child becomes woman...the gift becomes even more special, because women not only propagates life but also instil beauty in life. This beauty is encountered in many different ways. Right from a woman's vital statistics, to the way she feels, her physical feature, her mental capacity, her ways of perception, her ways of expression, her ways of weaving dreams, and most certainly her emotional superiority. All this together makes every woman beautiful inside and out.

A warm and cozy morning of October 21, full of smiles and sunshine in which conversations like always happens between them ....are supposed to flow like an energy as if they are not forced or coerced but this time it is one way conversation as he was on some page and she was on another page, both of them are having a whole lot to share.

It took her a while till she got used to his passionate confessions and random jokes like...Call out my name...Slowly,but steadily, she opened up to him once she started trusting him. They became good friends. He realised that she is witty and challenged him to bring out his best behaviour. He could never guess where the conversation would land,once she starts speaking. Both of them were poles apart but had a strange connection between them that was impossible to resist. Everything is great for him! "I am engaged!" he exclaimed happily immediately after finishing his lunch and she was lost in her own world.

But this sudden announcement made her smile and she said,"Congratulations". However, she needed to gain control over her thoughts ,and to say to herself,"I am fine everything is Ok". She was on the verge of losing her patience but she remained calm as he might take conversations on the other way round. Even though she had mentally given up,her heart had not.

He wanted to know her reaction for his announcement and he was sitting so close to her that he can analyze every unusual move of her, the way her eye lids moved up and down as if trying to veil something , the way she opened her lips to say something but it seems something was choked up and there's a lump in her throat and tears were about to overflow from her eyes the very next moment if she slightly moved her eyelids . He was unable to conclude, why is she behaving like that as if something went wrong.

He asked her,"What happened?Did I hurt you in some way?....Please tell me". He spoke firmly to assure as if it is his mistake then he is ready to rectify it.

He looked right through her. There was silence in spite of all the chaos near awkward silence ....and sometimes storms comes in whispers when she feebly said," I remember every word you said, like you meant it all, Thanks for everything but remember if you genuinely love someone then don't ever decorate their eyes with tears and their heart with scars." And she started gazing outside in the dark.

After sometime he mustered up some courage and sat next to her as if her declaration blew his heart. She was on the verge of crying and he was feeling heaviness in his heart, both of them were having nothing left to say. This silence fled away when he said,"I know I owe an explanation to you and if you really feel I meant what I said that day, then I won't ever show my face to you".....However this time these words are not enough to soothe her as if she has decided not to accept anything less than that would satiate her sense of dignity. He has experienced her blossoming love for him and just few harsh words are about to sweep her from his life. He looked at her with uneasy eyes and restlessness to say something, but Alas! Everything has been changed as if she reprimanded herself and abruptly came out of his spell.

When she was about to leave he almost jumped in front of her to stop and clasped her wrist and pulled her close towards him. His hands were strong and firm and without saying anything he gazed into her eyes, but the very next moment she turned her face as if this might prevent her to lost in his eyes and she do not want her emotions to be decoded this time. However, she felt that strange sensation on her skin in which he was holding her tightly but she's feeling very lightly. She wanted to elope from there and hide some where as, she was experiencing the oxymorons of emotions....Yes! Oxymorons!

She wanted to push him back but also wanted him to stay for a while so that she may lean on his shoulder and cry. She wanted to hit him hard but at the same time willing to hold his face gently, she wanted to label him like hell out of anything but can't stop herself from praising his tender lovable gestures.....She admonished her body but could not succeed,as his closeness to her is washing off all the regrets and complains.

Some sort of chord must have been struck when he puts his arm around her, and make an intense eye contact, with their bodies turn toward and pressed against each other.It shows he's really feeling it. "You never want to get too close to someone who you're not emotionally close to,"because touch is one way to maintain your connection and provide or receive support. Touch is a good sign...You have to have a bond with someone, and be attracted to them to touch in such a manner...its body language though non-verbal it is that sixty percent of all the human conversation.

She gave him a stern look and asked him what did he want. He tightened his grip and pulled her closer bringing his face close to her. She felt the warmth of his breath on her forehead and then he almost whispered, "I was always scared that someday I will end up hurting you, look at me for once and if I haven't shown it enough, and if I haven't said it enough, I want you to know that I love you and always will. You are smile of my life. It's because of you I felt alive, Trust me!

I do not have words to express my grief for what I have said to you. I'm extremely sorry for what I 've said to you." She was all her ears to him as he continued, "The best love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach more ,that ignites the fire in our hearts and bring peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever."..... his tone is slow, steady and husky. When he completed his eyes were brimming with tears and they both broke down completely with emotions.

It was a watershed moment of their life. He kissed her forehead and gently travelled from cheeks to lips in a blink of an eye. She lost herself in his comforting arms and the warmth of his love tempted her to say, "If I could give you one thing in life I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realise how special you are to me."

They both smiled and hugged tightly each other as they were holding real happiness. They felt light after their ......Tender Revelations!!...which of course can only be initiated by none other than a woman....even a wise man doesn't know what he wants until he is made to explore by Tender Revelation!...A woman's gift to a man.

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