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Nidhi Mishra

Abstract Romance


Nidhi Mishra

Abstract Romance

The Stream Of Life

The Stream Of Life

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It was a warm summer evening when the skies are dusted in rose and peach altogether which makes her believe that she has met a person who looks at her like no one else has before. 

While they together moved step by step fastly to reach the target of their running and were about to slow down before they finished-

He said, "It's been nearly twenty years, do you remember our school days?"

She replied, "How can you miss this calculation, it's since 1992."

He argued, "No! It was 1993."

She said, "Actually I was quite sincere in my class 9th, that's why I insist 1992."

He smiled and said, “I was always sincere in all my classes, it reminds me of my English class in 11th standard."

She giggled, "Yes! You were sincerely lost."

He continued saying-

"Teacher was teaching oxymoron, 

I was 'sincerely lost' 

She was beautiful, 

She realized and asked me to stand up and tell the class an example of an oxymoron,

I said, "I am very modest"

She thought it was a random guess as I wasn't paying attention

So, she asked me for another one.

I said, “I am faithful to all my lovers"

She said, "The example is correct, but you may leave my class".

That day I realized she didn't like brilliant students".

Recalling this conversation, they both had a hearty laugh, few of us have had that one person in their life with whom they can laugh on that same joke for the innumerable number of times.

When she was fifteen she loved penning down her reverie of thoughts. Even today her random thoughts held so much intense passion that they always hit her in memories like Brownian movement. She crossed and folded her arms to hold herself to enhance her strength and say-

"Ever since I met you, I do realize that initially when I started talking to you I experienced that inclination, it places me into the stream of life, I was revived and anxious to take in more."

He waved his hand in front of her eyes, "Hello! Where are you lost?

She smiled and replied,

"Nowhere! Just diving into the stream of life."

With a deep sigh she dropped the idea of giving voice to her emotions, it’s better

This feeling unrevealed!

It lays latent,silent,veiled without any clue,

maybe because this is how it was meant to be!

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